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Starr Mazer: DSP Kicks Off To A Positive Early Access

In the mere 72 hours since its launch on Steam Early Access, the Imagos Softworks and Pixeljam co-developed roguelike shoot ’em up Starr Mazer: DSP has managed to garner for itself

The Mystic Journey of Atriom’s Music Ranks 15 At AdvJam 2016

From the 6th till the 20th of May ran this year’s Adventure Jam, a Cassie Benter & Stacy Davidson co-organized GameJam that invited avid game developers to


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Will Phillips’ Orchestral Mix Of Video Game Sounds

Thirty-one year old Will Phillips became an official part of the Higher Eclectic Network late last week.

Getting Polandball To The Moon

It’s hard to pinpoint where and how the Countryballs culture emerged but ever since it did circa 2009, the act of hand-drawing comics with country

Breaking Down F-Squadron

There wasn’t much of an explanation given as I was straddled to the seat of a vividly pixelated sprite that, after a few random taps

The (Strenuous) Unravelling of a Cube’s Story

A shallow read of its premise and Thomas Was Alone resonant art style promises an endearing little adventure, while the user denounced difficulty level coupled with its