My services for game developers may range from, but aren’t limited to, seemingly small yet challenging tasks that take away from crucial programming time such as –

  • Creating/editing developer diaries, newsletters, social media posts and associated public facing content for your games on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis,
  • Creating/editing elements of in-game text, teaser trailer scripts and character monologues,
  • Creating/editing professional literature in the vein of press releases, store page descriptions and other marketing content,
  • Quality assurance, feedback and testing of your game’s alpha, beta and demo builds, along with various aspects of its public persona.

To fulfilling more full-fledged roles such as that of a –

  • Social Media/Community Manager, developing and maintaining activity for your game’s social profiles, maintaining organic interactions and nurturing interpersonal communication with its followers,
  • Press Representative, organically establishing ties with online gaming outlets, YouTube/Twitch based media creator, influencers and co-ordinating all related communications/outreach activities with the press in a personable non-automated manner.

To this end I make use of experience attained through a background in Computer Engineering and an extended fascination with video game journalism. I also employ in my services the relationships with game developers, news outlets and various content creators within the industry that I’ve continued to foster over the years.

My rates are fairly minimal and always open to negotiation. Exploring the profiles of games I’ve contributed to/contributing to via the Catalog should provide you with an in-depth overview of my accomplishments, style and experience, while LinkedIn functions as the most updated copy of my Resume.

Think I could be of support to your game in a short-term or long-term capacity? I’d love to talk.