Will Phillips’ Orchestral Mix Of Video Game Sounds

Will Phillips’ Orchestral Mix Of Video Game Sounds


Thirty-one year old Will Phillips became an official part of the Higher Eclectic Network late last week.

Thirty-one year old Will Phillips became an official part of the Higher Eclectic Network late last week, bringing to the fray high quality, orchestral based original music compositions that predominantly aim to create immersive gaming environments.

Beginning with an affinity for the trumpet at the age of 11 that was quick to metamorphose into an ardour for music arrangements, local live performances and the thorough comprehension of musical notes, Phillips’ professional music career comes rooted in the study of Music Education & Music Performance at the University of Kentucky (’04 – ’08).

Of course it would first have to begin only semi-professionally in the year of 2010 before picking up speed, turning into a full-fledged career and immersing him headfirst in the realm of Film & Games.

Now OST’s of recent indie ventures such as that of Oointah Games’ Death By Game Show, Game Samba’s Star Trek: Alien Domain and Bake450’s mobile game trilogy of Bread Kittens, Bread Puppies & Normasaurus Rex populate his portfolio that otherwise remains ridden with compositional work on media such as Australian Zombie short The Curethe fantasy web series of Dagger Kiss, followed by the arrangement and transcription of music for various live-performing, often theatrical ensembles.

All of this, along with smaller scale tasks such as that of creating logo stingers, short musical themes and jingle type audio work derives largely from the Jazz, Latin, Rock and Funk genres — infused majorly with orchestral melodies from traditional instruments and synthesizers if need be.

‘My main influences come from the great modern film composers, like John Williams, James Horner, and Michael Giacchino and of course the pioneers of game composers, such as Koji Kondo, Jesper Kyd, and Nobuo Uematsu’, Phillips adds. 

As one would imagine then, his work process is heavily reliant on layered discussion and careful collaboration with game development clients over critique and constant feedback throughout an employment period.

‘Once a concept is formed over a negotiation of rates, deadlines and if necessary a written agreement, I begin writing,’ he reveals. ‘Once the first track is nearing completion, or there is enough to at least provide some insight into my perception of what the developer is seeking, then I will send out the track (or partial track) for them to make any comments and critiques of the music.’

‘This process may continue until both parties are on the same page. From then on, as each track is nearing completion, they will be sent to the employer to ensure everything is heading in the right direction; Then each track will be produced to full quality once everything is in full swing.’  

This naturally ensues until the entirety of a given task reaches fruition — before finalised music pieces are ideally beamed out to clients at least a week prior to deadline in favour of room for revisions.

Flexibility is also prevalent — with the artist’s negotiable rates varying as per the task at hand, project budget and potential; revenue share agreements are considered accordingly, with the established price of his musical contributions often split between upfront payments and the post-release sales of a game.

‘Music is a huge part of my life,’ elaborates the musician who still continues to perform with numerous local groups despite preoccupations in digital media‘My main performing group as of right now is a 4-piece rock/funk band called Home Grown Head; We perform quite a bit locally and regionally, with hopes to continually expand our reach. I also perform with various other jazz, rock, jam, and even country bands, either playing an integral or background role in each ensemble.’

‘Outside of the musical realm, I enjoy playing games and watching films — which is largely what influenced my decision to pursue game and film music as a career.’  With the Network already having begun its active propulsion of Will Phillips’ music work within independent gaming circles, the musician’s subsequent compositions, an elaborate breakdown of his modus operandi, terms and references will now stay constantly available at his Higher Eclectic Space. Be sure to leave him a comment therein to get in touch.

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