Want Me to Mumble About Your Indie Game? Okay

Want Me to Mumble About Your Indie Game? Okay

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Ah, like meeting an old friend.

Far before expanding into the realm PR and community-oriented services, I began as a humble freelance games writer/journalist. Holiday 2014 to the Summer of 2015 took me chronologically from serving as staff writer under the Made For Gaming and GamersFTW banners (Dec, 2014 – Feb, 2015) before settling at Throwing Digital Sheep.

My final semester of University study and the subsequent lack of spare time notwithstanding, I was most inclined to stick with the one outlet simply for the creative freedom it afforded me.

It was truly one of the most edifying periods of my life and while I won’t explore my achievements/role at the now-disbanded website here — although if you’re a HR professional or prospective client, by all means, here’s my LinkedIn sir/ma’am — I’ll admit that I’ve secretly yearned to return to a similar outlet of written gaming content.

Setting up the moniker of Higher Eclectic Ground and peddling content writing/community/PR assistance for independent developers since the August of 2015, has naturally meant a lack of space to accommodate the frequency, quality and intensity that a freelance journalism-oriented role demands.

That said, working my way through several taxing full-time job applications through the holidays and the month of January this year, has strangely empowered me to return. In the first of what is hopefully many such modes of outlet, I’ve now begun functioning as a freelance writer/blogger on the One Angry Gamer staff.

Helmed by one William Usher with equal parts snap and snark, as he puts it, One Angry Gamer deems itself a gaming news/information website that I’ve even corresponded with as a PR-person in the past. As of the first of this month though, I’ve already begun contributing daily in the form of blurbs highlighting various independent games that pique my oddball interests.

In fact I’ve transitioned from swooning over Chantal Hories’ concept art for Good Company to talking about Jacob Williams’ mysteriously hovering cat in just a couple of days. You’re most welcome to read both articles though if you’re in a hurry, One Angry Gamer now has a profile on my Catalog which I’ll be using to link to all created articles therefrom; feel free to check-in whenever.

Lastly as the title of this blog post — the real reason you came here now, wasn’t it? — implies, if you’re an independent game developer with an upcoming release that you’d like to have me try out, play and/or cover for the One Angry Gamer audience, my Contact Form is all yours. Let me know how you get along, will you?

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