TinyWars Gameplay Prototype Now Available For Windows PC & Android

TinyWars Gameplay Prototype Now Available For Windows PC & Android

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Visitors to the Downloads section of the official TinyWars development blog may now avail of both Windows PC and Android versions of its gameplay prototype. An anime-themed sample of the main game’s tower defense engine, the prototype tasks players with protecting protagonist Mary against an onslaught of enemy attack across 15 waves.

They must do so in typical tower defense fashion, strategically placing Melee/Fire units to take down the foe, all while upgrading and/or purchasing new units using procured currency to survive all 15 waves.While specific waves can also be retried upon failure, the prototype also comprises of a Tiny War — a periodic occurrence wherein ‘Dark Magic’ takes over, the level switches to a darker variation of itself and players are prohibited from using the ‘Retry Wave’ feature for a pre-determined number of waves.

‘Don’t let the cute anime girls or fun music distract you, this game is anything but easy!’ writes Lead Developer Andrew Taraba, amplifying a point that has been brought up by numerous participants of the prototype’s preceding closed beta that ran between October-November. ‘Many of our beta testers have voiced concerns that the prototype is too difficult, while those who have had experience with tower defense in the past will find themselves at home with this game.’

‘We have created a tutorial that will help those who have experienced difficulty with our project get past the first 4 waves with perfect HP.’ Additionally, players might also find crucial game-play tips listed on TinyWars’ newly created IndieDB page. It is also important to keep in mind that the prototype is not a complete representation of the main game; all narrative aspects are absent, while technical glitches, bugs and inconsistencies should be expected.

Feedback is encouraged regardless, may be conveyed to the developers directly via the game’s Facebook page and is already being used towards development of TinyWars’ full narrative and game-play experiences. ‘The prototype may not sound like such an exciting thing at first’, continues Taraba. ‘But once you get into the waves and begin to be invested in the integrity of your castle, you will certainly grow excited as you experiment with the waves and try different unit layouts.’

 Expect a closer look at the progress being made by the main game meanwhile over the forthcoming weeks.

This Press Release was brought to you by Higher Eclectic Ground, network for independent game talent to which TinyWars and the Bizurk Software team is currently affiliated.  One can follow up on the game’s progress thus far, learn of what’s been said about its game-play prototype and opt-in for E-mail updates via its Higher Eclectic Space.

To get in touch with the team for any queries, schedule an interview or the like, please E-mail the game’s Higher Eclectic representative Sean Braganza at sean.b@highereg.com

About TinyWars

Developed by Bizurk Software, TinyWars is an upcoming game of the Tower Defence genre for PC, Android & iOS devices.

A journey of growth — both of characters involved and players themselves — its narrative encompasses a Tiny kingdom and its Tiny inhabitants, as they journey through the world and learn about things far greater than themselves while being under constant attack.

Following the tale of one such inhabitant, a young girl named Mary, said narrative will illustrate her pursuit of justice from those that belittle her as she journeys to save her Kingdom for good.

A large portion of 2016 has been devoted to the development of TinyWars’ first game-play demo. This demo, which stands scheduled for a late Q4-2016 release, will serve to help develop the TinyWars game engine while also presenting a playable prototype for public consumption that may not necessarily be representative of the main game.

A closed beta test of the same will transpire a month in advance, before all gathered user feedback is used towards developing a second demo that will be representational of the main game in 2017. Comprising of a portion of TinyWars’ soundtrack and early concept art meanwhile, a pre-gameplay demo is also available for download.

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About Bizurk Software

A privately owned subsidiary of Taracore Enterprises LLC, Bizurk functions primarily as a service provider for clients ranging from Hyundai Motors’ Official Website to popular video games like Yandere Simulator.

TinyWars is its first independent venture into the gaming industry. While CEO Andrew Taraba himself has extensive experience in the world of website & app development, the team itself comprises of both experienced artists, musicians and programmers along with novices alike.


About Higher Eclectic Ground

Founded in August, 2015 by Sean Braganza, Higher Eclectic Ground is a curated network of independent developers and artists involved in the creation of Video Games and Video Game related media.

Higher Eclectic Ground functions by providing developers of independent games with progressive press, web and social media based exposure, QA support and feedback, networking opportunities, organic audience building, PR and related services.

In addition, it also plays agent for various other freelance creators and artists of gaming media – assisting them with building their portfolios, web and social media presence while also working to bring them collaborative opportunities from within the industry.

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