Tenebrae: Character Controls Test Invitation

Tenebrae: Character Controls Test Invitation



With an unscheduled 2017 PC and Xbox One release on its agenda, Tenebrae: Twilight of the Gods is currently en route to its first playable demo release in the month of July, 2016.  Troglobytes Games’ upcoming Metroidvania epic, Twilight of the Gods aims to establish a narrative of two warriors forced into battling the dark, malevolent underworld of Tenebrae while making use of its own unique twists to non-linearity, procedural generation and the like.

In preparation for said demo release however, the developers are now keen on opening up but a small slice of the game to members of the Higher Eclectic Network irrespective of their backgrounds, fields of work or choice of console — hoping to gather feedback on various control-based aspects of its current build’s playability.


GhoulConceptTo Be Tested – Basic Character Controls

Starting today, interested participants are being invited to test an early build of Tenebrae: Twilight of the Gods from the comforts of their home. Devoid of any of the full game’s characteristic game-play elements such as combat and role-playing, the build will comprise of only a simplistic test scene with interactive objects.

In their playing of this demo, users are required to test all potential movements of the character inclusive of –

  • Walking,
  • Running,
  • Dodging,
  • Jumping from heights,
  • Jumping from the ground,
  • The character’s idle stance,
  • Moving up and down ladders,
  • Stepping onto ledges from the left and the right,
  • Grabbing onto ledges from above and below them,
  • Grabbing onto ladders from above and below them.


Platform of Testing

Participants in the test are required to play the build on either of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.  Secondly, all participants must own a gaming controller (Dualshock3, Dualshock4, Xbox 360, Xbox One Controller or any other equivalent) compatible with their choice of Windows OS.


Requirements For Testers
  • Besides the Controls Test’s being open to members of the Network exclusively, developers Troglobytes lay no specific criteria as to the skills or experience of the tester. Everyone with an interest in general gaming is encouraged to participate.
  • Given the test’s emphasis on controller based feedback, the testing must be conducted on the aforementioned Windows based platforms in the presence of a controller only.
  • All testers must maintain a documentation of their experiences with the game, which must then be conveyed to the developers appropriately. This must include —
    • Likes,
    • Dislikes,
    • Comparisons with other games/gaming experiences,
    • Bugs, glitches and other annoyances. All technical errors are best accompanied with a screenshot/video of the same to help the developers understand them better.
  •  Testers must respect that their experiences on the build are not meant for complete public disclosure. While sharing of screenshots from the build is allowed, the sharing of the demo’s files, videos, personal reports and such is strictly prohibited.


The testing process’ best contributors will be granted a larger involvement in Tenebrae’s development henceforth. This includes constant, exclusive updates and even access to future builds as and when they become available.


While there are no rigid deadlines, participants are encouraged to send in their feedback as early as possible before the final week of July, 2016. This more than anything helps the developers incorporate their feedback into the upcoming demo in a timely fashion.

How To Apply

Those members (i.e. those with projects or services that are actively supported by Higher Eclectic Ground) interested in participating in the closed testing of Tenebrae’s Controls build may send us a message expressing their agreement of the aforementioned terms via the Contact Form below. Verified participants will then be redirected to the developers to commence testing.



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