Tenebrae Among GTR’s Top 20 Finalists, Prepares For Conference In Germany

Tenebrae Among GTR’s Top 20 Finalists, Prepares For Conference In Germany


Every year the interactive accelerator program of Global Top Round selects up to ten independently developed games to provide funding, development, exposure and publisher networking support via its nexus of industry professionals in return for equity and revenue shares.

Devoted to nurturing sustainable game studios, the entirety of the program is a five stage process that begins with the invitation of applications from America, Europe and Asia based indie games that are 60% of the way to completion with a functional demo.

Among those that partook in this year’s GTR application process back in May was Higher Eclectic Ground member Troglobytes Games, whose upcoming PC/Xbox One tale of Tenebrae: Twilight of The Gods successfully passed the program’s screening process to join nineteen other selectees for its next round at Cologne, Germany.

Spanning the 15th and 16th of August at the city’s Radisson Blue Hotel this year, said round is the Global Top Round Conference responsible for picking out ten of the twenty finalists that are to be fully supported by the program’s six-month Acceleration period wherein game development and launch support is provided. The top five graduates of this tenure will further receive investment and marketing support through the months of March-June, 2017.

Cologne will see Troglobytes Games pitch Tenebrae to a diverse group of professional attendees and developers, before being subjected to a hands-on and voting session responsible for determining the top ten. ‘This year has been about working towards a vertical slice of the game’, explains Troglobytes’ Lead Programmer Luciano Iurino.

‘Post that the plan involves looking for some way to complete Tenebrae given how it has been totally self-funded at this stage. A program like GTR sounded like just the thing we needed — not only for the chance to receive a slight amount of funding, but for all the other perks it offers.’ 

The Conference’s 20 invitees will be granted $40,000 USD with one grand prize winner garnering an additional $10,000 USD.

The last we’d heard of Tenebrae: Twilight of The Gods served to demonstrate the game’s 3D mechanics and AI in action circa April, the completion of the female lead’s design in May, before finally inviting Higher Eclectic Ground’s own Network of developers and artists to a closed test of the vertical slice’s controls in June. This test however is yet to take place, delayed primarily by various business and development subjects.

Rogue_Render_01We had to shift focus towards certain aspects of the game — particularly the loot system and the combat mechanics,’ continues Iurino while also stating that the Vertical Slice is not far from completion.

‘We also had to do an almost total rewrite of the movement and control mechanics since after a bit of play-testing, we realised we weren’t entirely pleased with what we had.’

While Tenebrae now possesses smoother dungeon exploration as a result, one of the biggest conundrums currently consuming the team’s time is if the game’s loot system must derive from Diablo’s style of scattering treasure chest items for players to pick up as soon as they’re opened —

or trigger a pop-up interface à la Skyrim that lets players organise the items they need in favour of greater detail. ‘That and the AI is what we’ll be working on over the next couple of weeks,’ Iurino confirms.

We hope to exhibit all of these features as part of an advanced demo at the GTR conference while the Vertical Slice will arrive in September.’ The Slice will also consist of a portion of the game’s introductory motion-comic that the team alludes will debut somewhere around this weekend; marking the first time a glimpse of Tenebrae’s narrative style is offered.

The Higher Eclectic Ground exclusive Controls Test meanwhile is now scheduled for mid-August post the conference at Cologne, and will let participants test a portion of the game that is closer to its final build. In the interim, which of Diablo and Skyrim’s style of user interfaces would you rather be associated with Tenebrae’s direction of gameplay? Troglobytes Games are listening; be sure to leave your feedback in the comments below.

Troglobytes Games’ PC/XBoxOne oriented Tenebrae: Twilight of The Gods is a 3D dungeon crawling, Metroidvania tale of two warriors forced to confront and unravel the mysteries of the underworld. Learn more at the game’s Higher Eclectic Space.

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