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The Sonic Boom; A Channel Re-Launch


This week saw our community PS4 GameTuber Zack Swader alias Sonic_X49 take to his YouTube channel to make a special video announcement – after 2 years in the running, the Sonic_X49 Channel was getting a relaunch.

The last few weeks have had Swader’s videos gaining a significant number of views than before, for which he extends his gratitude to the Community’s members for its support. His affiliation with Higher Eclectic Ground began in December last year with the intention of widening his viewer base and since then, we’ve showcased videos ranging from the Apex Online Racing Project CARS U.S GT3 Elite Series which he’s been a participant of, to headset reviews & impromptu fun. It’s interesting to note that the Sonic_X49 Channel had once begun with Swader pointing a camera at his TV Screen to shoot videos until the PS4’s Sharing feature arrived.

He seemed particularly thankful of Craig Evans – founder of independent music label and long time community partner, Isle of Bass. The Isle of Bass will now also be officially sponsoring the Sonic_X49 channel, by being the official provider of background tracks in Swader’s videos. This is not the first time the Isle of Bass has picked up sponsorship of Gaming Channels, having done so recently with community member & PlayStation 4 writer/streamer Mike Blundells blog & gaming channel, Mike’s Pad.

‘We’re happy to be sponsoring Zack!’, explained Evans when asked about Isle of Bass’ new-found interest in sponsoring Gaming channels. ‘IOB is always happy to help people out by providing them with music to fit their needs. Hopefully this partnership will help add to Zack’s channel and give him further creative motivation for future work!’ Besides satisfying his EDM fetish, the sponsorship will also aid Swader in avoiding any copyright issues that might crop up from his extensive us of third-party music.

Community readers might remember the mention of Swader’s new Channel avatar in member Digital Artist Kevin Andrews’ recent project announcement, A Tryst With The Humanoid. It is the very same Andrews that Swader alludes to throughout the course of his Channel relaunch video.


Subject_X49, Swader’s Avatar’s first draft from Andrews’ archive.

Unfortunately, the re-launch also brings with it the cancellation of the aforementioned Apex Online Racing Project CARS series. With Swader’s inability to switch camera angles in-game while maintaining competition and glitches breaking the ability to record suitable replays post-race, Zack had come to realize the resultant quality of the videos were far from that of what he’s striving to bring about in his current work; a point our staff had put forward in the past as well.

Regardless, it’s a big year ahead and Zack has big plans too – he promises a significant improvement in quality in the upcoming videos. While as of now he’s only pursuing making YouTube videos as a hobby, he still maintains that he strives for quality material, stating that if monetization comes along with it, it would as an added bonus. As always, one can always keep track of how that unfolds, view his prior work, pair up with him, or send in review or channel requests via his Higher Eclectic Space here on the community.

Also feel free to leave him your thoughts on his work in the comments below.

Member Toby Burn Crosses 100 Subscribers On YT Channel ‘Gaming Now’


Nearly 2 years, 142 videos and 17,909 views later — Community member Toby Burn’s Multi-Gaming Console based YouTube channel, ‘Gaming Now’ achieved its first ever grand milestone in the form of 100 subscribers earlier this week. In celebration, the UK based streamer issued a quick montage of his time on the Channel thus far as seen below.


‘It’s been an interesting one!’, says he when asked about his journey thus far. ‘I’ve enjoyed all the projects I’ve done by myself and with others — I’ve enjoyed every minute of every video I’ve done. I need to thank everyone who helped along the way. I couldn’t have done it without them! :)’

Since its inception on July 10th, 2013, Gaming Now has catered to a wide variety of video gamers over the years — churning out videos and content on mainstream hits and offbeat instalments alone or with a group of like minded, guffawing online collaborators inclusive of community YouTubers Evanzo7 and Sonic_X49What’s interesting is that Burn had previously dabbled in running a multitude of other Gaming Channels prior to Gaming Now — but had failed to have them grow as per his vision due to lack of proper equipment, time or sufficient motivation.

When asked what his plans were for the future, he states — ‘To get to the next 100! Of course, with a lot, lot more variation in content along the way.’ Despite only two of the Channel’s videos being featured on the Community since his joining, it is worth checking out his prior body of work from over the years — inclusive of which is an ongoing Bully series as well.


As the others, Burn is constantly looking for Gamers & YouTubers based on the PS4, Xbox One and PC to collaborate with — and is also always open to any video requests and channels from other members; one of the forthcoming videos on his agenda is that of him playing RAM BOE, an indie puzzle game developed by Community members PointFive Team, in an act of raising awareness towards its Steam Greenlight campaign. To stay tuned to how that progresses, track his work or even get in touch with him — feel free to drop him a comment below, via any of his posts or the e-mail address listed on his Higher Eclectic Space.