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Daydream: The Beginning Wins Best Game Art At 2016 IN.GAME


13063461_1071105652953873_2213518807376867488_oThe 2016 iteration of Indonesian independent games festival IN.GAME, concluded with Community members Joyseed Gametribe’s upcoming mobile arcade game, Daydream: The Beginning taking home the award for Best Game Art amid four other competing nominees on the 24th of this month. This was in conjunction with the team also being among the five nominated for Best Audio at the end of the event, which opened its doors to nearly 50 indie game exhibitors as part of the IN.GAME Expo.

Based in the city of Yogyakarta, IN.GAME brings together game development talent from all over the Indonesian island by means of workshops, talks from industry professionals, networking events and even 48 hour game-jams, which culminate in the IN.GAME Expo that sees 5 of 50 exhibitors nominated for the Best Gameplay, Best Game Art, Most Innovative Game, Best Game Narrative, Best Puzzle Game and several other award categories.

Joyseed were seen exhibiting a very playable pre-alpha version of Daydream: The Beginning, offering fans their first look at the game in action by way of the mandatory game-play video needed for their participation in the Expo. The video, seen below, illustrates for the first time not only the game’s minimally designed menus, marketplace and corresponding animations, but also highlights the ‘test of user dexterity’ its game play has been promising to offer since its inception.

13071923_1071105539620551_5965972483357544604_oWhat’s more, the game will now be one of only three seen representing Indonesia in competition for the prestigious Indie Prize Awards that are set to transpire at Casual Connect Asia from the 17th to the 19th of May this year. Asia’s largest gaming conference, Casual Connect lets developers come into contact with like-minded international talent, gain exposure, feedback and potentially develop relationships with keen sponsors.

Among those exhibiting their creations will be nearly 80 talented developers, each of which have been selected by the Casual Connect Committee as worthy contenders for over 10 different categories of the Indie Prize. ‘We’re so happy and excited by both the IN.GAME win and the Casual Connect selection,’ states Joyseed’s ‘Chieftain’ Bernardus Boy Dozan.

‘The plan now though is to continue work on the pre-alpha build of the game for the Indie Prize Showcase, fix a few bugs and finally move towards its completion after Casual Connect. We’re still hoping that a Publisher develops interest in us during the course of the event.’ 

Followers of the game on the Higher Eclectic Community will recall an allusion to Casual Connect during its Editor’s Special on the 25th of February, wherein Dozan had first mentioned the team’s plans of participating in the event before focusing on its final build. The reason, he explains now, is to develop as much of a strong fan base they physically can before the game’s release. ‘If we did win at the Indie Prize Awards, it would be a fantastic addition to the game’s portfolio; Appreciation for Daydream: The Beginning automatically increases, causing more to actually look forward to the game’s launch,’ he confides.


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Set within the fictitious world of Ream, Daydream is intended to be a long-running saga of a young shepherd, Mondo’s quest for Knighthood. Flanked by his friends, Mondo is seen contending at a series of Soldier Recruitment Trials at the Kingdom of Verdante in Daydream: The Beginning for the same purpose; the game will focus on the trials alone, having players race against the timer in commanding the right characters in attack against their correspondingly colored ‘dummies’.

Despite being well into development of their pre-alpha version when stepping onto the Ground on the 22nd of February this year, Joyseed have managed to draw its members and followers into the mobile game’s creative process by progressively documenting its growth from character concept art to as of recently, character animations. This documentation will of course continue as the team gear up for Casual Connect, the progress of which along with everything else Daydream can be found on the game’s Higher Eclectic Space. Be sure to leave the team a word of encouragement for the month of May therein!

Showcasing A Tribe & Its Daydream


With the saga of a young shepherd’s silent battles & dreams to narrate along with those of their own, Indonesian developers Joyseed Gametribe made their debut amid Higher Eclectic Ground’s independent gaming fraternity to considerable response earlier this week. The saga in question of course being Daydream — their episodic medieval themed, current age fantasy drama of a boy’s quest to see himself turn into one among the very legends he’s grown to revere.

Joyseed are commencing this saga by means of Daydream: The Beginning, an endless arcade game that has been in development for much less than a year and which they hope to launch on iOS & Android devices by Summer, this. With a large part of the game’s asset & character development completed ahead of its pre-alpha version release, Joyseed hopes to not only involve the Community here in the progress of it’s coming to fruition but also muster support for what they believe is truly the start of an epic adventure for both themselves and their saga’s leading character, Mondo.


02-loading screen


But just how much of an ‘epic’ can it actually conjure via the endless arcade genre? Set in the world of Ream, inhabited by creatures that exist during the day and those of the night, Daydream will see players participate in Mondo’s seemingly bizarre belief that he’s meant to be a warrior of the DayKnights’ calibre; legendary knights who once put to rest a raging civil war between the day & night creatures of Ream. It is only when the Kingdom of Verdante opens its doors on account of a local soldier recruitment drive will players witness the poverty-stricken Shepherd actually act on that belief, by signing up for them with his best friends in tow.

As one would imagine then, this sets into motion a riveting narrative that will follow Mondo’s rise through the ranks and his subsequent adventures through the innards of Ream. Grand as that might sound, Joyseed reveal that Daydream: The Beginning will focus on only a fragment of that tale i.e. the Verdante trials. As Mondo, players will be tasked with commanding the Shepherd’s friends in attacking a multitude of multi-colored dummies — each designated to a particular character — as quickly as they can before the given timer runs out. Doing so extends the timer which aids players in establishing their highest scores.

Combine this with achievements, leader-boards and a market-place for a variety of costumes to deck Mondo and his characters in  — and one has with them a pocket escapade perfect for those mid-office breaks and bus rides. Fun, no doubt, but begging the question of why such an imposing idea of a tale would be granted such a humble start; as Joyseed Gametribe Founder Bernadus ‘Boy’ Dozan admits, its the team’s first joint attempt at creating a top-quality game with the highest degree of perfection possible. 

Having founded Joyseed Gametribe with a friend in January last year, Boy started off designing several small-scale endless racing and idle games — the majority of which were abandoned soon after his partner opted to quit the company in the months that followed. Disheartened before he’d barely begun, hope would finally arrive in the form of programmer Michael Sudjono, a programmer whose vision & passion Boy found aligned with his. Opting to start off small in scale while preserving quality of concept & art, the duo were quick to draw inspiration from casual action games such as Tower Boxing & Bishi-Bashi — devising Daydream’s universe & narrative within a few weeks of its inception, before establishing The Beginning’s game play mechanic, primary assets, character designs and even an early build.


04-ingame 1


As luck would have it though, real life would throw itself in Sudjono’s way by August 2015, causing the programmer to leave Boy with continuing what the duo had started alone, until friends Joseph Putra Wibawa, Yediya Juan and Tommy Prayogo eventually found themselves on the team by September. Interestingly, Sudjono would indeed make it back months later but only as a freelance musician. ‘As a team, we have a lot to learn which is the primary reason for keeping Daydream’s start small’, admits Boy. ‘With The Beginning, our primary concern lies in delivering the most perfect, highest quality game possible by us  in all aspects regardless of size.  We’re hoping that its success and what we achieve via it sets the tone for the remainder of what we have planned for the Daydream IP.’ 

A quick look at the game’s concept art & other visual material on its social media profiles thus far, will reveal that this claim of pursuing quality seems to be in no way far-fetched. Citing Vanillaware‘s flawless art style as their primary inspiration, Daydream: The Beginning features fully hand-painted 2D art whose subsequent asset form is being programmed using Unity. The art alone in all fairness, only seems to amplify the appeal of Ream’s human dominated, medieval-themed world that has all the makings of modern-era civilization; Cars, Trains, Traffic Lights, Gyms, Barber Shops & the like.

Furthermore, while its no surprise that only a limited portion of it will be making an appearance within The Beginning, Joyseed’s description of Ream’s lore exudes intrigue. With the dominant population of humans serving as its Day creatures, Ream will comprise of up to four large territories namely Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, each with their own legends & history that stem from the planet’s light sources — the sun & the moon.

Now, with 70% of The Beginning’s pre-alpha version fleshed out — the team hopes to complete the game by May before entering it into this year’s Casual Connect Asia’s indie game talent showcase.‘We then hope to release the final game to the public by June — here’s hoping that date isn’t pushed back’, states Boy when asked about the game’s public release. As for its sequel? ‘We still haven’t thought the sequel through yet. One thing is certain though, The Beginning’s sequels will be much larger in scale and will at its core, continue to build on rhythm arcade. We are definitely going to be needing all the luck in the world for that!’

 03-main menu


While one can readily accept the usual onslaught of snippets from their journey on the community here, Joyseed also intend to be walking you through the game’s creative process from the very beginning as it has been doing on social media for a while — beginning with early character art, assets & more to ensure you are fully up to date with its progress regardless of current state. To be certain you don’t miss out on any of that then or should you wish to leave them your thoughts on their game for that matter, be sure to have yourself tuned in to their newly founded Higher Eclectic Space.