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NTK Gaming, The Zombie Chimp Announce RAM BOE Giveaway Winners

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Both Need To Know Gaming and The Zombie Chimp‘s hosted giveaways of Point Five Team’s 2016 indie puzzle, RAM BOE,  attained closure on the 17th of this week with the winning entries being picked by each outlet as so —

The Zombie Chimp has randomly pulled out Shawn Oliver, Admir Brkic and Brandon Taylor’s names as winners.

While Kelly Jo Francisco, Donna Kozar and Tracy Shafer lead Need To Know Gaming‘s vast pack of entries. Felicitations to all!

Each of the above individuals are now entitled to a Steam or Android copy of RAM BOE; developers Point Five Team have already begun reaching out to the entrants in an attempt to determine their respective preferences of gaming platform.

Organised and co-ordinated by Higher Eclectic Ground simultaneously, the giveaways with The Zombie Chimp and Need To Know Gaming served to commemorate the launch of Point Five’s website from earlier this year. Both follow Higher Eclectic’s own giveaway of RAM BOE from March, wherein up to seven participants were awarded PC/Android copies of the game.

RAM BOE being the Sokoban-inspired tale of a rock-climbing adventurer turned ram. To learn more of the game itself, revisit its development history and/or reach out to the development team, please visit its Higher Eclectic Space.

RAM BOE Giveaway Winners Announced, More Coming Soon

News, Press Releases, RAM BOE

In light of its conclusion on the 9th of March, the seven winning entrants to our giveaway of Point Five Team’s 2016 indie puzzle RAM BOEhave been randomly picked up the development team as follows —

Winner #1 – Sunny Kushwaha, Winner #2 – Tristan Boddice, Winner #3 – Viktor Ryzkov, Winner #4 – Daniel Aguiar, Winner #5 – Angel Santos, Winner #6 – Huey Newis, Winner #7 – Robin Hugy, and in a surprise pick by the team, Consolation – Maarten Ver.

Point Five Team will be reaching out to each via e-mail over the course of the weekend and thereafter to determine their choice of platform (PC/Android), following which all winning entrants will be granted a period of seven days to respond.

Digital copies of RAM BOE will then be delivered accordingly.

The giveaway was organised and scheduled for 1st-8th March, 2017, in celebration of  the launch of Point Five’s all-new website.  For those who missed it, Higher Eclectic Ground and Point Five Team will now be working to organise even more giveaways of RAM BOE in conjunction with a few other gaming outlets over the course of this month.

More on that in due time; to ensure you’re privy to when the next giveaway goes live and/or any other development updates pertinent to RAM BOE, be sure to sign-up under the ‘Receive E-mail Updates’ tab of the game’s Higher Eclectic Space.

For queries, feedback and other interactions with the development team of Point Five, please visit their sub-forum here on Higher Eclectic Ground.

RAM BOE PC & Android Giveaway [Ended]

News, Press Releases, RAM BOE

In celebration of the launch of its newly created website, Romanian game developers Point Five Team are giving away seven copies of their 2016 casual indie puzzle RAM BOE.

2017/03/09 03:00:00
Giveaway Ended

To participate, simply –

1. Visit RAM BOE’s Higher Eclectic Space,

2. Look for the ‘Receive E-mail Updates’ tab on the page’s sidebar and leave in your details using the form therein before the 8th of March, 2017; be sure to check your e-mail for the confirmation message.

3. Follow Point Five on social media using the ‘Find RAM BOE On Social Media’ tab on the page’s sidebar and lastly,

4. Share this announcement with your friends and include the URL to Point Five’s new website — — within your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or other posts.


  • On the 9th of March, 2017, the developers will randomly pick up to seven contestants that will receive either a Steam or Android copy of RAM BOE depending on their choice of platform. These winners will be listed in a separate announcement by Higher Eclectic Ground, conveyed to all participants via E-mail and shared across Point Five’s various social media channels.
  • Point Five Team will then proceed to contact the winning entries via E-mail in the days soon after, to determine their choice of a PC or Android key. Contacted winners will have up till a week to respond before an alternate winner is picked.

Conceived at the 2015 Indie Game Maker’s Contest hosted by Game Dev Fort and sponsored by Degica, RAM BOE is a casual 3D puzzle game by developers Pointfive Team that draws inspiration from Thinking Rabbit’s Sokoban.

While the retro puzzle had players move crates around a warehouse in an attempt to get them to predetermined storage locations, RAM BOE has players control Beauregard Pete, an adventurer trapped within the being of a Ram for ever after a failed duel with a vicious ice monster.

Eager to rescue others from the same miserable fate, Beau (Boe) must pass through 55 levels of brain-bending puzzles, solve them by combining and moving Rune stones that contain trapped souls into a ‘mystical well of revival’ and navigate steep drops — all while the possibility of a second encounter with Thrym, the ice monster, looms.

In addition, the game’s Steam version also features achievements, multiplayer leader-boards, trading cards and a Level Sandbox connected to the Steam Workshop that let’s players build, customise and play on their own levels.

While the game wasn’t up to the standards of the IGMC contest, for which it was conceived with fully functioning mechanics and graphics, the team continued on wards to furnish it in its entirety over the following couple of months.

By November 2015 RAM BOE had earned for itself a Steam Greenlight campaign, following which it moved to Higher Eclectic Ground in an attempt to build an audience around Beauregard’s adventure.

The months that ensued witnessed Point Five engage the Network’s members & audience via a plethora of means — episodic recaps of RAM BOE’s development, Giveaways and more, while an Android version of the game was made available in the month of January. By the 14th of March, 2016, the game was finally Greenlit.

As of 5th April, 2016, RAM BOE was released for PC, MAC & Linux on Steam. A month later the game’s first major update for PC, MAC & Linux devices titled The Awakening of Thrym was taken live, putting into effect game play fixes, 15 more playable levels, a slight narrative expansion and an all-new Sandbox mode.

Efforts are currently underway to bring The Awakening of Thrym to RAM BOE’s Android version, while an iOS build of the game continues to be worked upon. To delve deeper into the game’s development history and learn of recent reviews, visit its Higher Eclectic Space.

For giveaway related queries, feedback and to interact with the development team of Point Five, please drop by the game’s sub-forum.

RAM BOE Giveaway Winners, Member Coverage Roundup


Members PointFive Team’s 21 day giveaway of upto three android copies of their indie puzzler, RAM BOE, concluded earlier this week on the 23rd of February. After subjecting the Steam user ID’s of all participants to a draw, the names picked up by a randomizer were as follows —



Phantom Feather

Congratulations to the winners, each of whom are already in the process of availing their copy of RAM BOE from the Google Play Store.

Developed by PointFive Team as an entry into the Indie Game Maker Contest last year, RAM BOE follows the tale of one mountain climbing daredevil Beauregard Pete, who takes it upon himself to rid the adorable icy mountain tops of an Ice Demon. One thing leads to another and ‘Boe’ finds his soul trapped in a Jotun stone until what seems like the end of time; before a passing ram inspires the rock climber to possess its being. With four hooves and lots of fur, what ensues is up to 40 levels of mind boggling, Sokoban inspired casual puzzles as Boe heads out on a quest for vengeance — rescuing souls that may have suffered a similar fate as his along the way.

While the game itself might have not won laurels at the IGMC, the developers have not relented — having expanded the Contest build to a fully playable PC version in only a few months. With this PC version submitted to Steam’s Greenlight process in the month of November last year, the developers quickly moved to release an Android version of the game in January to rather positive user response.

In the hope of inviting feedback towards the PC version of the game then, PointFive organized a 21 day long giveaway from the 2nd of this month — inviting puzzle enthusiasts from within the Community & beyond to provide them with honest yet constructive criticism of the game on its Steam page. At the end of the three week period, the names of all those that provided said feedback were subjected to a draw — with the first three participants picked up by a randomizing algorithm being offered a copy of RAM BOE’s Android version each.

Feedback again was predominantly positive, with Steam users praising the game’s ‘cute’ art style and progressive difficulty. Furthermore, the team have also been reaching out to writers & YouTubers from within the Community over the past month,  requesting unbiased, creative coverage of the game’s PC demo which resulted in —

A hilarious, Stallone cameo’d recount of YouTuber Toby Burn’s experience with the game despite him being utterly useless with puzzles.

Video Games writer Mike Blundell providing his YouTube following with a quick overview of what RAM BOE is all about.


Aspiring Video Games scriptwriter and storyteller, Kevin Andrews, donning the role of a fairy tale writer to conjure a lighthearted recount of Boe’s woes.

PointFive of course are nothing less than elated with the exposure the month has brought them. Now though, it’s time for our staff to pick up RAM BOE from the Play Store and determine if indeed, it is the cute yet strenuous puzzler it is fabled to be. The progress of that as well as RAM BOE’s tenure on Steam will continue to be documented at its Higher Eclectic Space — which also comprises of an exclusive, episodic view of the game’s coming to fruition.

RAM BOE: The Giveaway | Complete

Giveaway Complete.

Starting today till the 23rd of February, 2015 — community members & indie game developers, Poinfive Team, will be making available three copies of the Android version of their indie puzzle game, RAM BOE.


Originally conceived as an entry into the 2015 Indie Game Maker Contest by Pointfive Team, RAM BOE is the retro puzzle, Sokoban, inspired narrative of one Beauregard Pete — a rock climbing, tree hugging adventurer who decided to spend one weekend attempting to slay the Ice Demon that terrorized the very mountain tops he so loved. Unfortunately, neither his wit nor strength were any match for Mr. Icey — leading to his soul being trapped in a rune stone for the rest of his life.

Or so he thought; managing to free his soul and possess a passing Ram. With four hooves, two horns, plenty of fur and lots of cuddly — what ensues is 40 levels of brain-squashing puzzles that will involve him moving blocks around and into a ‘well of revival’,  in order to free himself and save others that might fall victim to the same fate. While the Android version of the game was released earlier this month at the break of New Year, the PC version of the game has been sitting for quite a while in its completed state on Steam Greenlight.

This is where you come in. For the next 21 days, Pointfive team is inviting Community members & puzzle game enthusiasts alike — to head down to RAM BOE’s Steam Greenlight page linked at the end of this announcement and simply provide Feedback on the game via the Greenlight page’s comments.

On the 24th of February, Pointfive will then enter the names of all those who commented into a draw — before randomly picking three winners, each of whom will win a copy of RAM BOE for their Android devices.  The winners will be announced by the team on both theirs and Higher Eclectic Ground’s Facebook pages.

In the months since their membership within the Community, Pointfive have been it the Community exclusive insight into RAM BOE’s inception and growth. To catch all that and learn more about the game before opting to vote or provide feedback, be sure to drop by its Higher Eclectic Space. 




RAM BOE follows a rock-climbing, tree-hugging adventurer turned RAM on his quest to liberate lost souls over 40 levels…

Posted by Pointfive Team on Tuesday, January 12, 2016