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Antonio d’Amore – Visual Immersion & Interactive Storytelling Via Multimedia Designs

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Native to the Italian town of Aversa and based within England’s Reading, Antonio d’Amore infuses Higher Eclectic Ground’s roster of professional, freelance art talent with more than a decade’s worth of multimedia and graphic design experience this month; as a digital artist affiliated to the Network, he’ll now be seen offering a plethora of services in the realms of 2D and 3D design towards the development of independent video games via the same.

Property of Media Engineering, s.r.l

Building upon a childhood anchored in the fascination for comic-book, cartoon-fuelled storytelling, the now 37-year old has rendered for himself a career that stands immersed in the creation of illustrations, character designs, assets/props, environments, storyboards as well as animations on a regular, if not daily, basis.

Fluent in the 2D and 3D aspects of both, although admittedly less experienced in the latter, much of this skill-set has been provided towards the production of eLearning applications, serious games, animations, music videos and numerous other small-jobs for various Italian companies on a freelance and full-time basis.

Deciding to fully employ his expertise in the field of video game entertainment in the year of 2016 however, the Italian moved to Reading, United Kingdom where he continues to further a career in game design. Operating as a remote freelancer therein, d’Amore prides himself in being able to carry out tasks in both digital and traditional pen/pencil based media as need be.

Much of his digital workflow is based in the use of Adobe’s Creative Suite; ‘A confident user of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate CC/Flash, After Effects and Premiere, I can start tasks in Photoshop, finish them off on Animate CC, or just the opposite — it depends of the kind of job.’ he states in the case of 2D media.

‘I  mostly use Photoshop for drafts, digital illustrations and for retouching/compositing. Animate CC on the other hand plays various roles — from character designs, environments, props and sprite sheets, (both cutout and frame by frame), to multimedia designs, user interface designs and animations.

With Illustrator used for vector art forms, d’Amore is further working on integrating Spine 2D into his pipeline for sprite animations. 3D Modelling meanwhile bases itself in his use of Autodesk Maya or Cinema 4D, the latter of which is also employed in motion design.

Furthermore while associated textures have involved the use of Adobe CS, he’s gradually begun transitioning towards the use of Substance Painter/Designer for the same. And as if that simply wasn’t enough, he continues to work on building a familiarity with the Unity and Unreal Engines while being an enthusiastic ZBrush user.

‘All my rates are flexible, negotiable and subject to project size; revenue share agreements are also considered depending on a project’s goals and likelihood of being finished in the near future.’ declares d’Amore. A team-player by nature, he naturally seeks to incorporate periodic checks, discussions and exchanges of feedback with his clients during the tenure of an assigned job.

Post attaining a degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design at the Consorzio Editoriale Fridericiana in 2000, followed by a study in Illustration & Animation at the Scuola Italiana di Comix in Naples thereafter, d’Amore moved to the city of Rome to employ his newfound qualifications up until 2016 — following a brief period of employment at Aversa based communication agency, Mau.

‘I was so lucky to work at Mau; the owners are some of the most creative people I’ve ever met and I learned a lot from them.’ he recalls. 

Property of Media Engineering, s.r.l

While in Rome, d’Amore would go on to work at establishments such as that of Pragma (Multimedia Designer & Flash Animator, 2006), XCorsi, StaffMedia, Pubbliedi (Illustrator & Flash Animator, 2007-2008), Biogroup (Illustrator, Character Designer, 2D Animator, 3D modeller and Animator, 2008-2009) and Media Engineering (Senior Designer & Art Director, 2009-2016), even nurturing a freelance career in the years between 2002 and 2005.

‘I’ve truly dedicated myself to my passion for everything related to visual communication; I love to tell stories, aiming to immerse people in them by making them interactive and emotionally-driven through my designs.’ he writes.

While his year in Reading has already involved a brief stint at Nomad Games as a beta-tester and a quick yet intense period at UrbanVoyage as a 2D artist, d’Amore is also currently involved in the re-styling of Android poker game JokerManiac, and the development Italian upcoming casual/puzzle/platformer Tiro al Rosone.

As the artist now looks to documenting his progress with regards to both on his sub-forum on Higher Eclectic Ground, clients, enthusiasts and independent developers of games wishing to reach out to d’Amore with their feedback, job/commission requests and other queries may do so by creating a thread within the same forum.


An in-depth look at his professional services, portfolio of work and relevant references meanwhile, will continue to remain documented on his Higher Eclectic Space.

A Tryst With The Humanoid


Post two intricately crafted Graphic Art projects in quick succession back in October-November last year, community member and digital artist Kevin Andrews had dropped off the radar — resurfacing only intermittently to put on display his written prowess via prompt-based Short Stories.

This momentary break, was largely brought about by the large number of private portrait requests (viewable on his Instagram) from friends & peers that had inundated his personal agenda. Notable among these requests, was that by community member and PlayStation YouTuber Zack Swader alias Sonic_X49, which had Andrews construct an Avatar for the YouTuber’s online persona.

Subject X49


The Avatar, christened Subject_X49 by Andrews, sought to encapsulate the best of Swader’s Video Game streaming personality while also deriving from Sonic The Hedgehog’s characteristic traits; notice the large ears and facial structure. By the end of it though, Andrews confessed that he had pretty much reached a ‘burn out’ phase with his true-to-life portraits — suggesting that it would indeed be a healthy amount of time before he returned to taking requests on the same.

Halfway through Swader’s request though, Andrews jumped back to doing what he did best — challenging himself to a Graphic Art projects centred on a subject he hadn’t dabbled in before; that of Steampunk, Cyborg and Dystopian art based humanoid robots.


Patchwork Companion – WIP #1, uploaded 22nd January ’16.

Inspired by the works of Deviants begemott and bluefley, the Art project — titled Patchwork Companion — will have Kevin take his time through a multitude of weeks, constructing what he describes his first ever attempt at designing a humanoid robot.

‘I’ve Never done things like cybernetic parts before so… it’s slow going’, he adds. ‘I’m probably gonna watch a million speedpaints and tutorials on the subject on the way there.’ The project’s Album on the Community’s Facebook page in the interim, has been set up and will document Patchwork’s development over the forthcoming weeks. To keep track of its progress then, be sure to keep stopping by Andrews’ Higher Eclectic Art Space, which also holds previous art and written projects showcased by him within the community.