As a lot of awkward millennials born in the early 90’s have, I grew up quiet and introverted with my interests really only being held by video games. In a way then, I always knew they were at least part, if not the entirety, of my life’s calling.

After a relatively bright period of schooling in sunny Doha, Qatar, I opted for a Bachelor’s study of Computer Engineering and spent four years (2011-2015) in the Indian metropolis of Mumbai, my place of birth, working towards a Degree.

The idea was to develop a technical background that would be solid enough for me to break in to the international games industry. Clichéd. Strangely though, I never really developed an affinity for programming; while the rest of my peers spent their final year planning for a Master’s study or a job in the IT industry, I found myself taken up by video game journalism.

From the fall of 2014 to the summer of 2015, I worked on online gaming news outlets Made For Gaming, GamersFTW and Throwing Digital Sheep as a freelancer, mostly pro bono, writing daily news pieces, conducting interviews, reviews, featurettes on the latest AAA/indie games and even briefly serving as Editor-In-Chief.

It marked the beginning of the most creative, albeit frantic, period of my life, helping discover my passion for video games based creative/content writing. Following a first-class graduation, I decided to capitalise on my recent revelation by kick-starting a venture of my own.

I moved back to Doha, Qatar, where I’ve spent the most of my budding life, and founded Higher Eclectic Ground as a social media based community in August, 2015, creating promotional blurbs for indie games, artists and musicians I took interest in across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a rudimentary version of this website.

Around the same time, I also handled Press Relations for an internationally broadcast simulation-racing league, published articles on Sim Racer, while contributing to iRacing.com.

By 2016, this evolved into the provision of highly personalised, tailor-made assistance with PR for games, while helping freelancers manage/build their online portfolios, establish a presence for their services and secure freelance jobs within the industry under the Higher Eclectic Ground banner.

Up until June 2018, this had been a full-time effort of mine ever since with both aspects working together in synergy. Despite securing close to 30 independent contracts for the 15-odd multimedia artists I’d come to represent over time, I decided to settle on writing/PR-oriented tasks as that’s where my primary area of interest lay.

Indeed, the images you see on this page refer to a few of the game projects my managerial efforts contributed to within this span.

Now my days gravitate between contributing articles to online gaming outlets, assisting indie developers with writing/editing/communications errands and searching for full time work in the writing, community and/or PR realms of the industry.

Contrary to what one would generally assume then, the time I’m able to devote to gaming-at-leisure is fairly limited.

Even so my favourite genres might be that of action-adventure, open world role-playing and driving/racing simulation, with a strong affinity for deep, compelling narratives, although I can be rather experimental too. I’m quite retro in my movie/music tastes, once harbouring a strong fetish for popular culture of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Admittedly, this has exerted a considerable influence on my personality as well.

Other interests at this point of my life include subjects of theology, Christology, spirituality, oriental history and functional fitness, and you’ll often find me reading/studying within these realms during my downtime. So far, all of this has been intellectually and creatively rewarding, with my primary goal being that of developing a deep-seated, meaningful connection with life, while empowering others to do the same.

Whether Higher Eclectic Ground ties into this goal, I’ll leave for you to gauge. I hope you find value in what I do in some way or the other; if you have any questions for me, please don’t hesitate to reach out.