Prove Yourself an Elite Mobile Marksman with Sniper Rust 3D

Prove Yourself an Elite Mobile Marksman with Sniper Rust 3D

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The next instalment in Zatun Games’ sharp-shooting franchise is set to bring the armed militia and a wave of the undead to the App and Play Stores on the 12th of April, 2018.

Whereas Sniper Rust VR offers a globe-trotting Virtual Reality adventure, Sniper Rust 3D will position itself as a multi-chapter mobile experience inclusive of –

  • 3D Environments. Ports, Airfields, Wilderness and more, each featuring a quality of level design inspired by Zatun’s favourite war games. 
  • A Varying Difficulty Curve, making every combat sequence a challenge with multiple objectives and adaptive enemy A.I.
  • Real-world Weaponry, à la the AS-369, AV.90, J49, NSF, RVS and Minigun. 

When not impersonating a lone wolf mercenary over a plethora of stealth-based objectives, players may take to a zombie survival mode exclusive to Sniper Rust 3D for periods of all-out warfare.


Wages for successfully chaining headshots/kills, beating the clock and general finesse in withstanding the bloodthirsty will take the form of coins, which may also be availed of via in-app purchases offering discounted weapons, ammo and health packs.


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Up to four additional chapters, increasingly complex campaign objectives, comprehensive strategies such as Air Strikes and WWII-era weaponry are planned as future updates to the forthcoming release build.

Furthermore installing Sniper Rust 3D from either of the App or Play Store on launch day will reward players with 2500 coins, while VR enthusiasts may choose to try its Oculus Rift-compatible counterpart across the Steam and Oculus stores at any time.


The above press release was drafted by Sean Braganza as an independent contractor for Zatun Games Studio. For images, videos and additional information, please visit Sniper Rust’s  profile here on Higher Eclectic Ground. Press inquiries meanwhile may be forwarded to biz[at]zatun[dot]com.

About Zatun

Based out of Gujarat, India, Zatun is an award-winning mobile, VR, and cross-platform game development/art studio.

It offers external art production and game development services across multiple genres and platforms, including but not limited to PC, mobile and Virtual Reality devices.

In addition, its own stylized, innovative and award-winning IP’s are enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. Visit the company’s profile for an illustrative overview of projects, clientele, and game releases.

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