Promoting Your Indie Game and Art Ventures Via Sim-Racing.

Promoting Your Indie Game and Art Ventures Via Sim-Racing.

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October 27th, 2015 marked a valuable milestone within the Higher Eclectic Ground calendar. Post a month of discovering the British Sim Racers and their BSRTC Touring Car Championship – an IRacing based, sim-racing Touring Car Championship that has 50 of the racing subscription service’s most talented drivers competing for a slice of the $10,000 prize fund – we’d constructed an elaborate never-seen-before biography of the BSR’s rise from being but a dream harboured between two individuals to being the first IRacing based Touring Car championship to be aired on MotorsTV UK.

Yes, MotorsTV – a name well known within every British racing enthusiast’s home for bringing world-class events such as the World Rally Championship, the FIA World Endurance Championship, United SportsCar Championship, V8 Supercars, British Formula and much more, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to homes across 41 different countries worldwide. The biography set into motion a lot of things for both the BSRTC and Higher Eclectic Ground – we are currently in communication with SimRacer, the world’s first commercially available sim racing magazine, to showcase the article within their January 2016 issue; we’ve partnered with the BSRTC to provide post-race reports of each of their remnant races that take place every Thursday at 8.15 GMT; we’re in communication with IRacing’s News counterpart to feature those weekly reports and now – with barely two weeks left till the end of the season – we are offering our independent video game and art members an opportunity to promote their ventures, on British Motorsport television.

British Television? How Do You Mean?

The BSRTC is near the end of its biggest, most expensive season yet – with 35 races of three rounds each spread over the year that has been and a $10,000 prize fund. Every Thursday at precisely 8.15 GMT, the British Sim Racers’ Touring Car Championship Pro Series takes to a variety of tracks for three rounds of adrenaline packed racing. These races are broadcast live on ApexRacing TV’s Youtube channel – known to be a regular broadcaster of numerous sim-racing events – and IRacing’s official Twitch channel to reach a cumulative racing audience of well over 2,000 based on the stats associated with each video.

In addition, as part of the BSRTC’s partnership with MotorsTV UK this year – every race’s highlights are broadcast live on the motorsport channel two weeks post the actual occurrence of the race. Our partnership that serves to boost their awareness within the mainstream gaming community only serves to help those numbers and well, it’s safe to say that it’s been an eventful one month. With such a solid membership and audience base – a large part of which are video gamers – we couldn’t help but fathom the opportunities this would help provide the Independent game developers and artists we serve to promote and assist with growth every day.

One of the primary contributors to the BSRTC’s success this season has been its elaborate and creative sponsorship structure. Every ‘team’ of drivers is owned by an entity that has thus far, contributed £25 per event. This contribution earns them a team of their name and the privilege of having their name mentioned, associated and reported with their team’s drivers in every broadcast, report and piece of gossip – definitive coverage. With that said, the sponsorship structure’s biggest plus point so far has been its willingness to welcome any additional ‘sponsors’ to the championship at a moment’s notice.

By paying £5 per event – one event at a time – new sponsors can jump into the series prior to any given race and sponsor any one driver, allowing them to have their venture/company logo pasted on the side of that driver’s car. ApexRacingTV’s camera control ensures that the cameras hit the sides of the car when they can, providing these ‘guest’ sponsors with momentary coverage for the duration of the three-round race.

We were blown away. What if – we had each of our independent video game developers and artists sponsor a driver for the duration of a race? Wouldn’t this help with exposure? Not sufficiently, and so we sat down with the BSRTC to come up with additional privileges – a new ‘guest’ sponsor would not only have their logos pasted on a driver’s car, but also attain a mention from the commentary team prior and during the duration of the race.

With that settled, the races held at Donington Park and Interlagos on the 29th of November and the 12th of October respectively had us offer two of our members the opportunity to sponsor not just drivers, but whole teams on behalf of their independent game ventures. On the 29th of November, member AJ Picard and his mobile-based Video Game index EyeGames app sponsored the Engine Oil Direct team – while on the 12th of October Video Game Blogger Mike Blundell and his blog Mike’s Pad sponsored the GT Omega team. Both garnered mentions through the course of the races during their livestreams which carried over to their television broadcasts.

While both were satisfied with the mentions and coverage they’d received – we weren’t. Sure their logos were noticed and so were their mentions, but we began to realise that not only did they seem unnatural but took away from the racing as well – a point the BSRTC made rather aptly. With three weeks to go till the end of their season then, we sat down yet again and make one final revision.

Officially Inviting The Higher Eclectic Community As Sponsors.

And finally – a deal was struck with the both the BSRTC and ApexRacing TV. By paying but £5 per race, ‘sponsor’ would attain –

  1. A logo of their Game/Game Studio/ Product/ Blog/ Venture imprinted on the hood, side and roof of a driver’s car.

A GT Omega Team Car Flying The Mike’s Pad Colors At Interlagos.

  1. A 30 second video slot during the 10 minute breaks between each of the rounds that allows them to have a short-trailer of their creation showcased during the races.

The Current Roster Of Ads Serving As Fillers.

  1. A special pop-up during the MotorsTV edit of the race since the advertisements do not carry over, that sponsors can edit and fill in with a short-quote and logo of their choice to be aired on National Television. About two-three pop-ups will be displayed within a 12 minute segment of the 1 hour MotorsTV broadcast.

The First Ever MotorsTV Stream From August 20th, 2015 At Laguna Seca. Note The Pop-up At 1:20.

With only 2 weeks remaining till the end of the Season – the next two races being on the 23rd of November and the 3rd of December – we are now inviting each of our members to have their independent video game and art ventures promote a driver for one, if not both the races.

Things You’ll Need.

In all likelihood, if you’re reading this post we’ve reached out to you already. Regardless, should you wish to participate in the races as a sponsor you will need –

  1. £5 to cover costs incurred by the BSRTC and Higher Eclectic Ground.
  1. A 25-27 second video trailer to have featured as an ad within the livestreams. Note that these are deliberately kept a few seconds shorter than 30 to allow for us to fly the ‘Higher Eclectic Ground’ banner at the end of the video and announce our support.
  1. A logo that you would like to be displayed on the car and the pop-ups.
  1. A one-liner for the pop-ups.

It is advised to keep the trailer and the quotes as entertaining and explanatory as possible for maximum effect on the 2000+ audience tuning in to livestream and the larger majority tuning in to the television broadcasts.

Schedule For The Final 5 Races.


Remaining Races. ApexRacing TV/ IRacing Livestream Date and Time. MotorsTV UK Air Date and Time Deadline Submission Of Sponsor Details.
1. Sebring. Thursday, 26th November, 8.15 PM GMT. Tuesday, 15th December, 6:23 PM GMT Wednesday, 25th November.
2. Daytona Road Thursday, 3rd December 8.15 PM GMT. Tuesday, 22nd December, 6:23 PM GMT Wednesday, 2nd December.

Only two races remain as per the schedule above – i.e the one at Sebring on the 26th of November and Daytona Road on the 3rd of December. Those interested can opt to sponsor a driver for either one or both of the races. Either way, all details and queries should be e-mailed to [email protected] before the aforementioned deadlines.

The Future?

Unprecedented. There’s a lot we have in the works for next season – and it involves you. All of that will be announced in due time of course but till then – running a crowdfunding campaign, a Steam Greenlight campaign, in need of a few views on your blog/podcast or just looking to have your creation associated with motorsport? Never before has there been an opportunity as such.

Meanwhile, Higher Eclectic Ground is not only covering the last three races of the BSRTC’s Showdown, set to be streamed live on ApexRacing TV’s Youtube channel at 8.15 P.M GMT every Thursday. To make sure you do not miss out on anything, do head down to our Facebook page where all the activity lies and ensure you’re signed up. Moreover, those interested in racing with the BSRTC community or simply hanging out with them by the pitlanes, can do so by signing up to their closed group on Facebook . Those still doubtful about what the BSRTC is all about meanwhile can learn more by viewing our previous coverage of the same which also includes a never-seen-before look at the championship’s rise. 

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