Play Starr Mazer: DSP With The April IndieBox

Play Starr Mazer: DSP With The April IndieBox


19987651890_21929cb41f_hAs made public on the 15h of April by Creator/Writer/Director Don Thacker on Starr Mazer TV’s customary mid-Saturday stream, fans and followers alike are for the first time being granted the opportunity to get their hands on the much coveted, much hyped prequel to Imagos Softworks’ retro PNC-SHMUP, Starr Mazer. The IndieBox, for those unaware, being a neat little service that sends expressively crafted Collectors’ Editions of a wide variety of independent games to its subscribers every month.

Although the spotlight lies on only a singular game per Edition, hence allowing for its Box to be filled with collectibles, OSTs, developer diaries and more pertaining to it, IndieBox’s do come with their fair share of assorted treats; While the PlayStation 4, MS Windows released 2D sci-fi shooter, Galak-Z is to adorn April’s issue, bundled within it will be a redeemable demo code of the latest functional, pre-alpha build of Starr Mazer: DSP.

Subscriptions to avail of the April IndieBox ends by the 18th of April, 2016, meaning those interested in attaining an exclusive hands-on will have to make haste to book their copy via the IndieBox domain now. And yes, international deliveries stand.

Screen-Shot-2016-04-15-at-1.16.13-PM-1024x618Conceived as a passing feature for a scene in Don Thacker’s 2013 creative feature film, Motivational Growth, and successfully Kickstarted on 21st February, 2015, Starr Mazer is an upcoming retro-modern fusion of the Point N’ Click and Shoot ‘Em Up genres that was originally due for a summer release this  year.

Featuring modern gameplay brainwaves such as the unpredictability of narrative unfolding and sophisticated role playing elements, the tale of a DSP Mk. II pilot — that wakes up amid an intense bout of amnesia in the aftermath of the galactic GREAT WAR and sets out to unravel the mysteries of his universe — was postponed when the fleshing out of the team’s self-developed content creation tool Mazer Maker, consumed more time than was originally estimated.




Screen-Shot-2016-04-15-at-1.24.33-PM-1024x618In order to fill the void while also preparing players for the lore and SHMUP barrage that was to eventually hit them with Starr Mazer’s release, Starr Mazer: DSP was announced last Winter as a collaborative PC/Mac/Linux/Mobile venture with indie game developers PixelJam games.

A prequel, DSP will have players control a squadron of DSP Mk. I pilots in the midst of the GREAT WAR, collecting SK: Ore that functions as in-game currency to equip themselves with better quality weapons &ships, fending off twisted beasts and letting loose a plethora of classic space-flick inspired attacks, all the while attempting to resist an invasion of extra-terrestrials known as the G’ell. The game’s IndieBox demo meanwhile, will make available a ‘vertical slice’ of the game as revealed by Imagos’ social media and Community representative Kazuo Mayeda.

‘Players will be given a short tutorial and then their off to battle the G’ell,’ he explains. ‘They will blast enemies, accrue SK:ore and eventually be able to purchase stronger and more bad-ass pilots to aid them through to victory.’ What’s more, said demo will also feature fleshed out voice-overs for the squadron of pilots, contributing to which are a number of independent game developers local to the team’s base in Seattle, Washington. A short feature on their recording escapades is scheduled to go live on Starr Mazer’s YouTube at 3 P.M PST.


Screen-Shot-2016-04-15-at-1.29.04-PM-1024x618Besides making weekly appearances in progressive builds during the team’s Saturday streams, DSP was also taken to this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco last month, wherein it was shown off to only a few key press numbers. Response appeared to be largely positive, with some such as Destructoid going so far as to deem it as the highlight of their GDC experience.

Right now everyone is a hundred percent in the demo; Crafting dynamic pilot, ship generators and more,’ reveals Mayeda when asked of DSP’s progress and immediate future now that its Summer 2016 release date is barely around the corner. ‘Plus we’ll be heading to PAX East, showing the game with all its updated ships, UI and progress to all those who want to check it out.’ Naturally, we’ll concurrently be getting our own hands on the DSP demo hoping for the first time to jump into the Mazer universe first-hand and seeing what all the fuss around THE GREAT WAR is all about.

Meanwhile, the highlights of nearly 8 months of the Starr Mazer saga’s journey since its hopping on to Higher Eclectic Ground lies documented on its Space; with it being the perfect means to catch up with everything Starr Mazer from the Community’s perspective here, be sure you head down there as soon as you’ve sorted your own IndieBox.

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