NTK Gaming, The Zombie Chimp Announce RAM BOE Giveaway Winners

NTK Gaming, The Zombie Chimp Announce RAM BOE Giveaway Winners

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Both Need To Know Gaming and The Zombie Chimp‘s hosted giveaways of Point Five Team’s 2016 indie puzzle, RAM BOE,  attained closure on the 17th of this week with the winning entries being picked by each outlet as so —

The Zombie Chimp has randomly pulled out Shawn Oliver, Admir Brkic and Brandon Taylor’s names as winners.

While Kelly Jo Francisco, Donna Kozar and Tracy Shafer lead Need To Know Gaming‘s vast pack of entries. Felicitations to all!

Each of the above individuals are now entitled to a Steam or Android copy of RAM BOE; developers Point Five Team have already begun reaching out to the entrants in an attempt to determine their respective preferences of gaming platform.

Organised and co-ordinated by Higher Eclectic Ground simultaneously, the giveaways with The Zombie Chimp and Need To Know Gaming served to commemorate the launch of Point Five’s website from earlier this year. Both follow Higher Eclectic’s own giveaway of RAM BOE from March, wherein up to seven participants were awarded PC/Android copies of the game.

RAM BOE being the Sokoban-inspired tale of a rock-climbing adventurer turned ram. To learn more of the game itself, revisit its development history and/or reach out to the development team, please visit its Higher Eclectic Space.

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