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Now Available On Steam!

Now Available On Steam!

5th March, 2016

A year since its inception & three months since its joining the Community, members Tiny Atom Games' explosive 8-bit shooter, Story of a Cube was released earlier today on Steam.

Available at a 20% discount till the 11th of March for PC, Mac & Linux, the game also arrives with its Bocuma composed OST as a DLC bundle.

Details & more in our quick announcement

Steam Launch Trailer

24th February, 2016

Story of a Cube gets a Steam Launch trailer!

While core development had reached near completion by December last year, followed by it being Greenlit last month -- developer Frederik Madsen has been spending his February optimizing code, enhancing gameplay and integrating it with Steam's interface.

His efforts have culminated in the game's Steam Community Hub going live, now accessible via the 'View More' section of this update.

Feel free to drop in as he gears up for a full-blown release. Furthermore, Madsen will now be looking to get in touch with Writers & YouTubers within the Community here in the hope of boosting pre-release coverage on the game. More on that as it unfolds.

OST Preview

14th January, 2016

Who doesn't like a bit of Chiptune to get their groove on right?

With their recap of Story of a Cube's development over and done with, Tiny Atom Games have thought it wise to spruce up your evening with a bit -- quite a bit --of a preview of their game's original soundtrack!

Composed by retro-electronic musician Bocuma, Story of a Cube's OST promises the perfect blend of Commodore 64, Nintendo Entertainment System and ZX Spectrum inspired chiptune -- infused with the musician's very own techno, glitchy beat.

To add to it, we've quickly put together images of the game's various developmental stages to ogle at. Have a listen and get tapping

Developer Recap | Wrapping Up

Developer Recap | Wrapping Up

10th January, 2016

'One cool thing about video games is how even a boring game can be made fun by juicing up the visuals.' It is now time to wrap up his saga of Story of a Cube's development recap.

In the saga's last post, Frederik had stated how despite finding the right balance to the game's shadows and performance -- he'd still thought things to be lacking visually.

Towards the end of the game's development though he'd found his solace -- realising that what was then a drab game, could be taken to another level with post-processing, camera-shaking & explosions. Lots of them.

This realization -- finally gave Story Of a Cube the look that it possesses today in its current form. Take a look at the image to attain a quick overview of its journey.

Developer Recap | Shadows & The 8-Bit Style

5th January, 2016

Story Of A Cube may now be Greenlit on Steam, yet developer Frederik Madsen's recount of the 8 bit shooter continues.

In review, Frederik had explained via a gameplay GIF how he'd quickly set about putting together the game's mechanics and functioning in but a couple of days.

What came next of course was work on the visuals. The shadows were the hardest part, explains Frederik, especially finding the right balance between accurate shadow work & high performance .

That balance however was eventually found, resulting in him giving the sprites & particle effects a low-res 8 bit style to complement the game-play's retro feel as seen here.

His work on visuals though, was far from over.


1st January, 2016

While a large part of the world looked out at the fireworks last night -- something spectacular happened to Fredrik Madsen.

11 months of development, 10 days on Steam Greenlight and 735 subsequent votes later - 'Story of a Cube' was finally Greenlit by the community on Steam. As Valve now reaches out to him to have him publish the game on the platform, Madsen has work to do.

Apart form the usual optimization & fixes, various aspects of the game such as achievements & so forth are currently being integrated with Steam's API.

Moreover, while a system for additional language support is being developed -- Fredrik also intends to set into motion the development of a level editor, allowing for Steam users to build & share their own levels within the game.

Watch its Greenlight trailer here, should you have missed it.

Developer Recap | Prototype

29th December, 2015

Madsen's recount of Story of a Cube's development continues; with the game now nearly 90% on its way to Steam Greenlight's Top 100!

Shortly after conceiving the game's first piece of concept art, Frederik quickly set about designing a prototype of the game's basic mechanics i.e movements, shooting and AI functioning in but a couple of days!

He was satisfied, at least satisfied enough to realise that what he'd developed actually seemed like fun and worthy of greater detail.

Soon after, he moved on to ramping up visuals. But not before forgetting to fix what he saw as a flaw in his prototype at the time -- player and enemy bullets kept colliding with each other -- as can be seen in this GIF of the prototype's early game-play attached herewith.

Months later, as he continued to design and add more powerful weapons to the game's roster, Frederik noticed the bullet collisions yet again -- although this time, he didn't plan on removing it. Instead, he realised that being able to counter bullets with bullets actually made the experience much more fun!

What was once regarded as a flaw then, turned out to be a crucial game play mechanic that continues to linger in the game's final build to this day. Cool, innit?

Developer Recap | Concept Art

Developer Recap | Concept Art

26th December, 2015

With Story of a Cube halfway to its spot within the top 100 Steam Greenlight games less than a week since its being uploaded on the service, developer Frederik Madsen figures, why not walk you through the game's journey - episodic style?

Hard as it may be to believe, the riveting trailer to the upcoming retro styled shooter that was debuted on the community here a week ago, was the result of but 10 months of hard work.

Yes, Story of a Cube was conceived back in February '15 - when Frederik, unsatisfied with the arsenal of creative games such as 'Black Dreams', 'In SPAAACE' and 'Bombfall', thought it was time he created a 'proper' feature-packed video game.

It had to be a Shooter, he knew; and it had to be simple, hence based on Geometry. In addition, the hard shadows of the indie puzzle game Thomas Was Alone had only captured his imagination.

Deciding to put all of this into one creative mix, Frederik quickly set about designing the game's first concept art as seen here. It was terrible, he thought, yet that design was enough to convince him that it would work.

What came next? Game play mechanics of course, though more of that on its next post here on Higher Eclectic in a few days. Stay tuned.

Now on Steam Greenlight!

Now on Steam Greenlight!

22nd December, 2015

This geometric 8-bit action-packed joy ride is now on Steam Greenlight!

Oh yes, the news comes shortly after developer Fredrik Madsen debuted it's trailer on the community here on the 20th of December - which also served to announce that the game was undergoing a series of technical updates in its near-finished state.

As Story of a Cube now gathers votes over the next couple of months in preparation for a Jan-Feb 2016 release, Madsen also aims to release an early build of the game to get all of you playing & busy well in advance.

Stand by for more. For now, be sure to pay the game's Greenlight page a visit via the 'View More' section of this update.

Introduction & Trailer

20th December, 2015

In a world far, far away - living, breathing Geometric shapes sustain an existence of their own. All seems round and perfectly square until one fine day, a lowly village of Cubes was attacked by a vicious gang of Circles. Every single living Cube was abducted, or were they?

As if he were a parallel of John McClane and this story, that of Die Hard, a singular Cube manages to not only evade capture, but find himself a mysterious weapon left behind by the band of Circles.

With vengeance now flowing through his edges, this one Cube sets out on a epic journey to rescue his loved ones and bring peace to the village of Squares as he knew it.

This is Story of a Cube; an 8-bit colorful shooter from Tiny Atom Games exuding vibrant graphics, hard shadows, fantabulous music and resounding explosions.

With the game now in a mechanically and visually finished state, Story of a Cube is undergoing a barrage of technical updates, bug fixes and code optimizations in preparation for a Steam Greenlight and Early build release on

And just as always, you're going to be involved in the thick of it. For now, learn more about the game's journey from being but a young programmer's dream to a visceral and strikingly beautiful visual experience in but a year -- via its Higher Eclectic Space here.




Featuring 8-bit graphics, all the makings of modern art and a humongous amount of explosions, Story of a Cube is a colourful shooter set in a world of geometric shapes by Swedish developer Tiny Atom Games.  It narrates the tale of a singular Cube who, after witnessing his village and its residents abducted by a gang of Circles, stumbles upon a weapon left behind by the horde and sets out on a journey to save the remnants.


Drawing elements from both Twin Stick Shooters and Bullet Hell games, Story of a Cube pits players against a plethora of bullet-packed challenges, surprises and bosses in top down fashion — having them shoot, dodge and slow down time in an attempt to uncover the Circles’ true motives over six fast-paced chapters.

Music & Art

Complementing the game’s 8-bit art style is its Bocuma composed OST — a perfect blend of Commodore 64, Nintendo Entertainment System and ZX Spectrum inspired chiptune, infused with the musician’s very own techno, glitchy beat.

The OST can also be availed of as separate DLC.


11872096_449888521871796_4261423906005111310_oPost being Greenlit within only a couple of weeks in January 2016, Story of a Cube was released for Steam-powered Windows, Mac and Linux OS on the 5th of March, the same year.

Work on the game began back in the month of February, 2015. Tired of creating games that lacked proper finish, Developer Fredrick Madsen of TinyAtomGames had finally decided to put down all his energy into a singular game that would for the first time get it right.

A game with all the makings of what would be deemed top quality — a full fledged plot, cut-scenes, achievements, bosses and a simplistic yet gorgeous artistic direction.

Inspired by the ingenuity of titles such as Thomas Was Alone and that of modern UI interfaces, while gunning for twin-stick bullet hell action, Story of a Cube managed to not only have a prototype of its mechanics designed by Madsen within a couple of days, but soon went on to develop an art style that was quick to capture the attention of several on IndieDB and Twitter.

Levels, Bosses and Cut-scenes followed all the way up till the developer met music composer Bocuma, who further offered to furnish the game with a soundtrack. Armed with a brilliant looking shooter with an even stellar musical theme, Madsen needed but one more thing to wrap up his dream — an absurdly challenging boss fight.

Programming know-how gained over previous releases finally paid off, allowing him to render an ending to what he believes is a game people will truly enjoy.

Madsen’s plans now involve subsequently releasing a Level Editor that lets players devise & upload their own stages to Steam’s Workshop. A release date for the same is yet to be announced.

About Tiny Atom Games


2891fc10ddaffab4b6ef52676a3da14bTiny Atom Games consists of 17 year old, Sweden based Frederick Madsen. He best describes himself as so –

‘I played a lot of video games as a kid.  When I was 13 I also became interested in how games are made. I looked it up with a simple Google search and quickly became one of those kids who thought ”I’m gonna make the next big MMORPG all on my own and get really rich!”.

As you probably guessed, it didn’t work out very well. I’m still glad I tried it though, because it introduced me to the world of game and software development, which I quickly fell in love with. After that I spent several years teaching myself programming, scripting – even web development. What I liked best has always been game development, and I quickly ended up making some money from my games.

As I became better at making games, I also became more serious about it. Fast forward to present day, and here I’m with my first big, proper serious game developed.’

On Higher Eclectic Ground

Sean Braganza assisted with aspects of Story of a Cube’s social media growth since December, 2015 to March, 2016.

These have involved —

  • Building social media awareness around  Story of a Cube’s Greenlight campaign between December, 2015 and January, 2016, by creating periodic development recaps.
  • Building social media awareness around Story of a Cube preceding its Steam release.
  • Reaching out to media creators to encourage coverage of Story of a Cube preceding and post its Steam release in March, 2016.
  • Providing quality assurance feedback pertinent to game-play post-release.

Updates, blurbs and press releases generated by Sean Braganza during this time frame, are logged in the Updates section at the head of this page and the Recent Press Releases tab of the sidebar. All press coverage that has resulted from the same meanwhile, is seen embedded under the What’s been Said About Story of a Cube tab of the sidebar.

From Tiny Atom Games

‘As an indie developer, marketing your games can be a terrifying thing. With no idea where to start or what to do, it’s easy to simply let your games fall into obscurity. Luckily, I had Sean from Higher Eclectic Ground to guide me through every step of the way ― not only helping me build an audience and spread the world about the game, but also putting me in touch with reviewers, YouTubers and even setting up interviews.’

‘Overall, I’m very satisfied with all the assistance I’ve received and it is safe to say that Higher Eclectic Ground has had a huge impact on the Story of a Cube’s popularity.’Frederick Madsen, Tiny Atom Games.

Tiny Atom Games
Top-Down Shooter
Now Available On Steam For Windows, Mac & Linux