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Sam Oz

Assorted Original Compositions


Nova My Light | Uprise OST

Nova My Light | Uprise OST

10th April, 2018

The Brazilian game development and advergames company of Orbit Studios is developing sci-fi action game Uprise.

Set in a retro-futuristic universe that lays emphasis on role-playing and exploration, its narrative follows a small worker Robot from Endeavour City; discarded and exiled for being unable to fulfil its purpose, the sentient machine sets out on a journey of self-discovery in a long-forgotten world.

Sam has helped write the game-play theme for Endeavour City; called Nova My Light, it's based off the Bossa Nova genre while carrying sounds from the piano, trumpet and trombone.

A taste of how it follows the player throughout the City can be had in the video above, that overlays WIP game-play from Endeavour City with Nova My Light.

Uprise was Greenlit late last month, with more information on the same available at Orbit's website.

Sam Oz is also open to creating original music/soundtracks for new and upcoming games. To get in touch, simply mail us at team[at]highereg[dot]com.

Welcome To The Thought

Welcome To The Thought

26th February, 2018

Welcome To The Thought.

Really all Studio Agami's PROCESS wants to do with its original soundtrack is be evocative of zen.

Composer Sam Oz maintains a strong sense of cool throughout, relying primarily on synthesized guitars and vocals in his 11-track album for the memory-reflex puzzler.

His favorite composition from the 11-track OST however is Welcome To The Thought's three-minute number, that invites players to enter PROCESS' Main Menu in its use of the steel guitar and vocals.

PROCESS is now available free-to-play on the Play Store with an iOS release imminent, while Sam Oz's original score for the game may be downloaded at a price of your choosing via Bandcamp.

My Son, My Challenge

My Son, My Challenge

10th January, 2017

Sam Oz's 30-second entry that secured third place at the ADAM Soundtrack Competition held over November, 2017.

With only the attached Charlie Davoli image provided to contestants as inspiration, the musician saw in it an opportunity to create an air of dangerous tension and mystery.

He does this by beginning with the cello, transitioning into Bulgarian female vocals, before concluding with four distinct notes on dual pianos.

Mail sean.b[at]highereg[dot]com should you wish to have Sam develop similar set pieces for your own original soundtracks.

The Seas Dragon

The Seas Dragon

28th November, 2017

Orchestrated and named on a whim, the two-and-a-half minute composition of The Seas Dragon has Sam Oz express a surge of joyful emotion.

Beginning with the violin and transitioning towards the use of French horns, the musician admittedly hit a block with regards to the track's direction after adding in voices.

This is evident around the 1:20 mark which Sam later overcame by adding in sounds of the piano, before bringing together all of the track's constituent instruments for the finale.

Enjoyed what he's created? Let him know, while also taking the chance to get in touch with original music requests for your games by mailing sean.b[at]highereg[dot]com.

Although predominantly orchestral in background, Sam's work has spanned but isn't limited to the Nova Bossa, Retro, Classical, Heroic, Pop Rock, Metal, Ethnic & Electro genres.

Little Big Adventure 2 - Installation music Remixed/Remastered

Little Big Adventure 2 - Installation music Remixed/Remastered

13th October, 2017

Why remix/remaster music from Adeline Software's 1997 classic, Little Big Adventure 2? Nostalgia.

'Little Big Adventure 2 has been my all-time favourite game,' explains Sam. 'It rocked my childhood and I still have many good memories.'

Unsatisfied with the original's MIDI quality of music yet still in love with the game's soundtrack, the artist decided to rework the theme that played during its long setup.

Sam's version of the track (above) includes the following changes --

• The original's bass has been replaced by bells at the end of the track,
• The marimba has been replaced by violins (pizzicato),
• Tempo is now 93 (slower - the original tempo is 108),
• Sounds of the harp have been recorded anew,
• The guitar has been replaced by a piano,

The original by Philippe Vachey.

• An original Oboe score has been added,
• An original cello score has been added,
• Violins have been replaced by vocals,
• Drums have been removed.

Impressed? Feel free to reach out to Sam via the contact form or his forum, linked to the bottom of this page.
The Night Of Miracles

The Night Of Miracles

5th September, 2017

With elements of the ambient genre, Sam Oz considers his work on The Night of Miracles most appropriate for a sci-fi/adventure setting.

The three-and-a-half minute composition starts out quiet, before growing in its use of the drums, violin and piano.

Interested in using the track or a derivative in your own games? Get in touch with Sam using the contact form.

The Kingdom In The Sky

The Kingdom In The Sky

17th August, 2017

In its run-time of two-and-a-half minutes, The Kingdom In The Sky starts out calm before descending into an orchestra of different violins and the cor anglais.

Like with much of his work before, Sam states that the tune's structure was in no way premeditated, rather taking shape of its own as he went along.

If you've enjoyed it and would like to discuss the possibility of his contributing to the soundtracks of your games, please use the contact form on this page.

Video compiled from stock footage by Sean Braganza.

War Memories

War Memories

24th July, 2017

War Memories was created for the Main Menu of a cancelled point n' click game set within the First World War.

Wanting to capture the sorrow of war in his composition, Sam sought inspiration from various sources for several days before arriving at this piano and cello driven piece.

To request an original composition from Sam Oz, who also works within the Orchestral, Retro, Synthwave, Classical, Heroic, Pop Rock, Metal, Ethnic & Electro genres, please use the contact form on this page's sidebar.

Beyond Adventure

Beyond Adventure

4th May, 2017

A little over two years ago, Sam decided to dabble with more orchestral, joyful sounds as part of his continued quest to experiment with new styles of music.

Helping him in this experiment was Sonokinetic: Vivace, a library of orchestral samples that he continued to explore throughout Beyond Adventure's development.

'This track was my first piece of music that makes use of samples,' he states. 'I never really liked them before, but the library helped me appreciate and make use of samples more frequently in my work.

The artist recalls Beyond Adventure starting as a little air of sounds that eventually grew into the form heard here.

Need similar music created for your own games? Reach out to Sam Oz by mailing us at team[at]highereg[dot]com.

For more of his creations, scroll right on this slider or even visit his Sub-Forum.

In The Stars - Part II

In The Stars - Part II

5th April, 2017

Part II of In The Stars picks up where the previous left off; illustrating Sam's capabilities with Synthwave.

Debuted last month, In The Stars is a two-part beat-thumping trip that not only has the composer experimenting with the genre for the first time, but also has him creating the kind of music he grew up on.

One may catch Part I by scrolling right on this slider.

Sam Oz continues to actively look for game projects to commit to; to discuss potential job/commission requests or leave him with any feedback, please visit his Sub-Forum.

Art from the archives of Beeple.

In The Stars - Part I

In The Stars - Part I

23rd March, 2017

With followers and peers often enquiring of Sam's capabilities with Synthwave, the musician recently decided to explore the genre.

The result was a two-part, beat-thumping trip called In The Stars. This is Part I; the composer writes --

'It reminds me of the music I grew up on as a child. I hope now, people see that I can create Synthwave for their games just the same!'

Indeed Sam Oz's actively looking for work; to discuss potential job/commission requests or leave him with any feedback, please visit his Sub-Forum.

Art from the archives of Beeple.

After The Rest

After The Rest

8th March, 2017

'My Computer has suffered; I've tested several things, played with numerous samples and instruments to arrive at the version of After The Rest heard here.'

One of Sam's more difficult pieces, the musician admits that while he nurtured its concept in mind for several years, he could never really record it the way he wanted to.

Finally deciding to apply himself seriously, he'd later go on to experiment with plenty of versions before arriving at a satisfactory result.

'That said, I do believe it's possible to do better,' he writes. 'I do want to create another version of this piece; maybe I'll have the opportunity to do it for a game.'

Think Sam's being too harsh on himself? Let him know of your opinion at his Sub-Forum. Having returned from a brief holiday, he's also back to accepting freelance job/commission requests; please feel free to leave any openings for him at the same sub-forum.

In The Moon For Love

In The Moon For Love

20th February, 2017

'I wanted a track that invoked in one emotions of magic.'

Although composed well over a year ago, In The Moon For Love was never truly recorded by the musician for fear of it lacking in emotional depth.

This was until recently of course, when Sam decided to revisit the track only this time -- adding samples of violins over the existing melody of piano and vocals.

'The music then began to enter another dimension that was interesting, so I continued this way.' he recalls. 'Brass was then added to the ensemble to make it all the more coherent; to have a set that works well.'

Do you agree? Let Sam Oz and us know of your opinion at his Sub-Forum. Although he's currently off work till the end of February, all other feedback, job and commission requests may also be posted therein.

Stock image by Pixabay user marcelo6366

For Honor

For Honor

10th February, 2017

'I like this track, simply because it started from nothing. I had absolutely no idea of the direction it will take.'

Playing with samples of violins, bells and vocals, Sam decided to steer For Honor towards the Epic genre; adding brass on top of the violin samples, the musician believes that although random in creation, the end result turned out fairly convincing.

'I tend to contemplate about what I'm going to compose for a long time before beginning work,' he adds. 'I start with a very specific instrument in mind but here, there was none of that.'

This is Sam's third experiment with the Epically themed/RPG genre of music, A Long Journey Begins and For The Brave being two others that can be heard by scrolling right on this slider.

Sam Oz is unavailable to job/commission requests until at least the end of February. All feedback on his work meanwhile may be left on his Sub-Forum.

A Long Journey Begins

A Long Journey Begins

31st January, 2017

A Long Journey Begins is Sam's second experimentation with the RPG genre of music, making use of the piano, cello, violin and vocals.

Realising that the tune's originally piano-based composition was lacking in charm, the musician was quick to infuse it with sounds from the cello.

'It was gorgeous!' he explains. 'But at the end of it something was missing again, so I added the violin and a beautiful voice. Now this was exactly what I wanted.'

A Long Journey Begins was composed during Sam's stay in China last Spring, making use of a particular piano he loves at his In-laws' home therein.

The tune follows For The Brave, his first Epically themed, RPG-suited music composition that can be heard by scrolling right on this slider.

Sam Oz will be unavailable to job/commission requests until at least the end of February. All feedback on his work meanwhile may be left on his Sub-Forum.

For The Brave

For The Brave

20th December, 2016

With Sam experimenting with Epically themed music suited for RPG use and more over the holidays, For The Brave is the first demonstration of his capabilities within the genre.

'As you know, I love experimenting with various styles of music,' he writes. 'This is my first classical epic tune, put together with the violin, drums, brass and a few added effects!'

Art by Chris Newman. Sam was last seen experimenting with a virtual Belarus piano, Dubstep & Adele's Hello; scroll right on this slider to hear more!

In The Ocean

In The Ocean

6th December, 2016

Composed in the same vein as Alep, a prior experimentation with the piano also showcased herein, In The Ocean has Sam playing with the virtual rendition of a Belarus piano.

Although the track was conceived purely out of contemplation, the musician admits to finding it easier to work with a real piano than with virtual studio technology.

This is not the first of Sam Oz's self-imposed experimentations. He was last seen dabbling in dubstep and even a remix of Adele's Hello; listen to it by scrolling right on this slider!

Art by Walt Curlee

In The Moon (Dubstep)

In The Moon (Dubstep)

21st November, 2016

In The Moon arrives as Sam's first ever experimentation with the Dubstep genre.

Rather than decide to abide by an electronic vibe throughout however, the musician creates a melange inclusive of several of his favourite instruments -- the violin, drums and more.

Voice samples derived from music libraries are also included, causing In The Moon to begin as the musician intends -- a classical piece that suddenly, and surprisingly, turn electronic.

This is not the first of Sam Oz's self-imposed experimentations. He was last seen developing a remix of Adele's Hello; listen to it by scrolling right on this slider!

Art by Los Tomatos

Hello - Remix

Hello - Remix

9th November, 2016

Displeased by the fact that a majority of Adele's tunes base themselves on the Piano, and eager to prove that her voice could be suited to more varied instrumentals, Sam creates his own rendition of Hello.

Making use of the original vocals, the musician's original composition bases itself on the guitar while eventually progressing to use of the violin and other assorted orchestral set pieces.

Illustration by Erick Artriza. Missed Sam Oz's previous composition of Alep? Scroll right on this slider!



26th October, 2016

Alep is the product of Sam's most recent, and perhaps quickest experimentation with the Piano.

While testing the notes on a newly acquired instrument, the musician happened to find two notes and an idea; exactly an hour later, Alep was formed.

'It's strange because normally, it takes time for me to compose new music but this was very fast,' writes Sam.

'I had absolutely nothing to add after an hour of composition -- if only everything was so simple and easy to put together!'

Art from the archives of Beeple.

You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine

14th October, 2016

Sam makes use of Questionably Barbershop, a library of vocals rendered in the style of a classical Barbershop Quartet, to create his own rendition of popular American Country tune You Are My Sunshine.

While all of the vocals are that of the library, the composition's Banjo, Guitar, Violin and Double Bass elements were developed by the musician from scratch.

'It took me about 20 hours to put it all together', he writes. 'In the end, I think it was worth it.'



6th October, 2016

In an attempt to promote the creations of his collective of independent artists The Icehouse, founder Simon Mesnard recently put together the short animation of Moon.

Based within the universe of KIBOOCHAN, French artist Eugénie Bazelis' brand of Japanese anime inspired mixed media art, the video also features Sam Oz experimenting with a variety of sounds and emotions in the creation of its soundtrack.

This is Sam's second KIBOOCHAN-centric composition, having previously developed a Music Box tune for Bazelis that also served to bring his talents to Icehouse's notice.

My Last Friday OST (Full Soundtrack) - The Monster

My Last Friday OST (Full Soundtrack) - The Monster

28th September, 2016

Tense and ominous, The Monster resides on the list of four tracks Sam has contributed to Gadan Games' upcoming flashlight-free horror game My Last Friday.

Meant to play while under attack, its composition had the musician experiment with a variety of themes and inspirations -- including that of the SAW franchise -- before arriving at the mixed bass-infused cello loop that is heard here.

This is the second track from My Last Friday's OST that has been shared by the musician thus far, the first being the game's Main Menu Theme back in May.

While the game was currently in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign at the time, its nonfulfillment currently has Gadan Games seeking investors as an existing playable demo undergoes improvement.

The Black Cube - Surrounded By Enemies

The Black Cube - Surrounded By Enemies

26th August, 2016

Surrounded by Enemies holds the laurel for being Sam's first experiment with music of the Electro genre.

Created for the universe of Simon Mesnard's Black Cube, it sees the musician employ all new software and methodology to conjure what he hopes broadens his musical expertise.

The Black Cube is a series of Sci-fi projects spanning comics, film and even games, to which Oz is contributing in terms of varietal music.

This is the third track showcased from the project with Survive In The Future and Apocalypse being displayed on his portfolio herein previously.

The entirety of The Black Cube's music album can also be downloaded via the musician's Bandcamp with its use governed by the terms listed below.

Editor's Special | The Mystic Journey of Atriom’s Music Ranks 15 At AdvJam 2016

Editor's Special | The Mystic Journey of Atriom’s Music Ranks 15 At AdvJam 2016

4th July, 2016

This year's GameJolt Adventure Jam entries are out with news!

Comprising of a soundtrack composed by our member musician Sam Oz, Luminy Studios' entry of The Mystic Journey of Atriom has placed 36 in a lineup of 163 other entries.

The mystic journey of Atriom OST (Full Soundtrack) - End of Atriom (3rd version)

28th June, 2016

With only three days for the Gamejolt Adventure Jam's voting process to end, Sam shares a version of his third and final composition for The Mystic journey of Atriom.

The Mystic Journey being Luminy Studios' Adventure Jam entry that had Sam compose up to three tracks, each of three variations for the game's OST within a week's span.

End of Atriom was originally composed by means of a harp and flute, before this violin based version was put together by the musician.

'This track didn't really come out the way I wanted; I think I might use the same musical base and create a much more worked piece in the future', he reveals.

'Either way, I hope that people appreciate both the music and the game.' While this marks the end of Sam's tour of The Mystic Journey, be sure to drop by the game's Gamejolt page and play it for yourself via the 'View More' section below.

The Mystic Journey of Atriom OST (Full Soundtrack) - In the Hoods

19th June, 2016

The last we heard of The Mystic Journey of Atriom, Luminy Studios' First Person tale of spiritual enlightenment currently serving as an entry into GameJolt's Adventure Jam '16, Sam had explained how he had picked up the onus of composing up to six tracks for its soundtrack in but a single week.

Stating that he done so with absolutely no knowledge of the game besides that of its genre, he played you the theme to Atriom's Main Menu. This week he brings out In The Hoods.

A 7-minute amalgamation of a variety of music pieces, In The Hoods was composed after much trial and error to be the theme that accompanies players on their journeys.

Having taken three days to reach fruition, its initial version was quickly canned due to the musician's dissatisfaction with it. 'I then started from scratch and worked on it for another 3 days, but I did not have time to do what I wanted,' he reveals.

'I wanted it to span more than 10 minutes, but there just wasn't enough time. Ultimately I was left with only a single day for the an end-of-game track.'

The Mystic Journey of Atriom now stands with five votes as up to 12 days are indicated to remain within the Jam's voting period. Learn more of the same using the 'View More' section below.

The Black Cube - Survive In The Future

9th June, 2016

On the 18th of May Sam introduced us to The Black Cube, a series of sci-fi projects by Simon Mesnard that spanned comics, films and since recently full games.

The musician had explained how he was invited to be a part of Mesnard's universe, by being given the opportunity to compose an entire soundtrack to accompany The Black Cube's various projects, the first track of which was debuted herein on the same day.

Today Sam brings you a look at his second musical contribution to Mesnard's project; a track titled Survive In The Future that possesses calm beginnings to later elevate to intense emotions.

He confesses though that he's not entirely happy with the Piano work within the initial portion of the track; the reason behind this he explains, is the use of a computer generated Piano tune as opposed to the real Piano that is a staple of his original compositions.

'This is how I understand new things and progress in music though,' he states. 'I'm always looking for new experiences and every day I learn something new. Composing this track has allowed me to use new sounds that I hope to better control in the future.'

As is with his previous Black Cube track and several other compositions, the track can be bought at a user stated price from Sam's Bandcamp. Those willing to dive deeper into Mesnard's universe meanwhile can do so via the 'View More' section below.

The Mystic Journey of Atriom OST - The Mystic Journey, Menu Theme

1st June, 2016

Developed for GameJolt's Adventure Jam this year, The Mystic Journey of Atriom is the first person tale of a young boy's journey for spiritual enlightenment.

At the request of friend and developer Juanjo Barceló of Luminy Studios, Sam had picked up the onus of composing three tracks, each of three different variations for the game's OST within a single week. Since the musician was leaving on a vacation soon however, these tracks were composed with absolutely no knowledge of the game itself.

With only the theme of 'Fantasy' to work with then, Sam first wrote and put together The Mystic Journey as the game's Main Menu theme. Making use of the Piano, Flute & Harp, he admits that the tune came together satisfactorily without him really putting much thought into it.

With the rest of the soundtrack currently available as a free download on Sam's Bandcamp, the Adventure Jam's voting process is as of yet ongoing till the 17th of June.

Those interested in visiting its Gamejolt page then can do so via the 'View More' section below.

Black Cube - The Apocalypse

18th May, 2016

Centred upon the appearances of mysterious Cubes across the Universe, The Black Cube is a series of sci-fi projects conceived by one Simon Mesnard.

Starting out as the novel based narrative of an astronaut's spacial discovery of one such Cube, the series has quickly grown to span more writings, a short film titled 2011: A Space Adventure and two Myst-like games titled ASA: A Space Adventure and Catyph -- the latter of which was released earlier this month.

Given how Mesnard is constantly looking to cooperate with indie creators to expand The Black Cube's universe, Sam Oz was recently approached with the proposition of composing a music album for the same.

Sam accepted, conjuring up to four tracks for 'The Day Zero' album with the promise of more when time permits. Each of these four tracks adhere to a theme relevant to the Universe; the first being resonant of an 'Apocalypse'.

Surprisingly, Sam confesses that adapting the amalgamation of space and the apocalypse into music did not come easy. He pulls it off regardless as can be heard here, with the track consisting of three parts -- an intro, the meat of the theme and its conclusion.

While more tunes from the album will be heard soon, be sure to dive deeper into The Black Cube's universe via the 'View More' section below.

Kiboochan - Musicbox Version

10th May, 2016

At the request of friend, artist and Kiboochan founder Eugénie Bazelis, Sam had once put together the dulcet composition of the same name that is heard here.

Kiboochan being Bazelis' brand of Japanese anime inspired mixed media art spanning toys, sculptures, jewellery and illustrations. The reason this theme resonates with the musician's tribute to Studio Ghibli is that Bazelis' project, called The Statues of Ghibli, was also centred on the popular Japanese animation studio.

Unlike the majority of his work though the track doesn't make use of the piano and cello, causing the musician to categorise it as the 'Music Box' version. 'I didn't have the time, hence composed only the Music Box version for her; although I have promised her the Piano & Cello version in the future', he states.

Interestingly the Kiboochan theme would go on to grab the attention of The IceHouse, a France based collective of indie artists for whose upcoming animated short Sam has been hired to work on.

My Last Friday OST (Full Soundtrack) - Menu Theme

2nd May, 2016

Towards the end of last year, Sam Oz had sought for a break from his ongoing musical tribute to Studio Ghibli by opting to try his hand at varying genres for a while. Scouting for independent game studios in need of a composer, he was put in touch with one Gadan Games.

Pleased as they were with his prowess, Sam was quickly hired by the solo game development studio to compose the soundtrack to their upcoming flash-light free horror game, My Last Friday.

While the musician's composed only up to four tracks for the game's OST, over ten more tracks are scheduled to be created once My Last Friday advances in its development. Previewing what's to come, here's the bone chilling rendition of its Main Menu theme from Sam himself.

Currently in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign, My Last Friday is to witness players course through a twisted mind-game as Howard Goodson, who finds himself locked within the confines of an old house. Learn more about the game via it's campaign page linked within the 'View More' section of this update below.

Child of Light Trailer Theme

16th March, 2016

A little over two years ago, Sam Oz had put together one of many tunes on a trip to the land of China.

Unaware of its importance, when the musician was tasked with conjuring the theme to a game's trailer soon after, he would quickly realise that none of his work suited the game's mystical feel as much as the musical piece he'd created on holiday.

Withhimadding in a few new twists by way of shifting the primary audio to stem from the harps and violin, that tune would eventually take the form that is heard here today; The theme to the official trailer of Ubisoft Montreal's 2014 RPG platformer, Child of Light.

Valiant Hearts Trailer Theme

8th April, 2016 As one time musician for Ubisoft, Sam Oz had also the opportunity to work on Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and release on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One to overwhelming acclaim, Valiant Hearts was an emotional, four part episodic adventure following four soldiers' quest to deliver a German soldier to his lost lover.

Sam's tenure on the game involved composing a theme for one of the game's primary trailers, as is heard here. Taking to the piano and drums to add a 'Military' pace, the musician admits that it's definitely one of his more favourite works.

Aloha Beach

3rd March, 2016

Putting together 10 years of experience with the Ukulele and his love for tropical music, Sam Oz conjures 'Aloha Beach'.

Originally composed as part of a commission for a studio, Aloha Beach was altered by Sam over last year's winter break to conceive the Ukulele/Steel drum/ Steel guitar infused sound that you hear here today.

Its inspirations lie in Sam's yearning for warmth, given the particularly cold winter in the part of France he lives in, at the time the idea for this version of the track was conceived.

Hologram Technology - Holho 4 faces pyramid : Souvenirs de saisons

3rd March, 2016

Here's 'Souvenirs de Saison', French for Souvenirs of the Seasons, by musician Sam Oz.

Composed nearly 8 years go on an Athlon 64 (AMD Athlon 64) equipped PC, while the track has all the bearings of Sam's heart moving use of classical melodies, what sets its apart from the rest of his work is its animation.

Created by Sam himself, his original 2D animation of Souvenirs de Saison has been converted into a holographic projection for use with the HOLHO collection 4 Faces Pyramid -- a device that allows one to create & view Holograms on their mobile devices.

Have a listen & if you own a Holho, enjoy it in 3D.

The Division Trailer

15th April, 2016

With 20 years of experience, a fraction of which has been spent creating original music pieces for titles such as Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Child of Light, Assassin's Creed & Tom Clancy's The Division as part of the Ubisoft team, musician Sam Oz is now part of the Higher Eclectic Ground community looking to collaborate with its members.

And he debuts, with a brilliant little number from one of Tom Clancy's The Division's original trailers. Catch the same along with the full introductory article by the editorial team linked below.


An art-loving musician since the young age of seven with a record of professional animation & game-centric music composition dating back to 2009, Sam Oz fosters a constant yearning for the right kind of mood & ambience in his creations. To this end, he is seen making use of a plethora of virtual and traditional instruments to further a craft that ranges across several musical genres.


While being in constant pursuit of novelty and open to all kinds of genres, Oz’s prior work spans the Orchestral, Retro, Classical, Heroic, Pop Rock, Metal, Ethnic & Electro realms to name a few. Although music composition is his primary area of interest, he does dabble in a small amount of sound design as well.

Work Process & Software Used

Oz prefers to discuss project requirements at length in order to develop an understanding of a client’s vision, ideas and goals before formulating a way forward that’s conducive towards creating quality music. He remains highly flexible, adapting himself to their desire, time, budget and other parameters as need be.

While the tools he utilises in his work is dependent of genre, the musician relies on either both or a blend of virtual and traditional instruments such as those of Kontakt, Soundiron and East West type software in case of the former — along with the Drums, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Djembe and Xylophone in case of the latter.


All rates are negotiated on the basis of project particulars such as music exclusivity and budget. Revenue share agreements are fully considered as well with Oz willing to discuss per-song payment or an overall percentage of game earnings as required.

Terms & Conditions

His terms regarding collaborations with teams and individuals in need of his music talent for their gaming projects are as follows.

  • Although open to a variety of proposals, Oz’s agreement to participate in a project is dependent on its quality and his availability.

His terms regarding the free-to-download tracks showcased both here and on his Bandcamp profile are as follows.

  • All tracks are for listening purposes only and are not authorised for use in gaming projects other than the ones they are created for.
  • Those looking to have similar tracks composed for their own games however are invited to request the musician for an appropriate variation.
Notable Clients & References

Additional references provided on request.


10630754_10152678990535865_7762986815143659785_oAs a child, Oz’s interests lay primarily in the realm of drawing. And yet even so his tryst with music came at a young age, learning to play the drums at but seven.

However it would only be in his teens when the Frenchman would finally opt to pursue music for the rest of his life, gradually learning to play various instruments such as the Piano, Guitar, Harp, Xylophone and so forth over time.

Having started composing for himself circa 2006, Oz’s first role as a professional was that of an internal composer at Ubisoft in the time between 2009 – 2013. His task therein was to work with several other musicians such as himself in creating music and sounds for future games.

This would then be used as marketing, presentation and reference material throughout the development of games, before external composers were brought on board to build upon the same. With the role granting him the opportunity to network with global professionals and stay involved in the growth of major titles such as Child of Light, Valiant Heart and The Division, Oz considers his experience at the company to be his most enlightening yet.

In search of creative freedom and expression though, the musician would opt to work as an independent freelance artist thereafter — having gone on to contribute to several independent titles ever since. Despite his beginnings being less than fruitful, he continues to relish the variety and creativity his independence brings.

On Higher Eclectic Ground

Sean Braganza of Higher Eclectic Ground has been serving as a manager and representative of Sam Oz’s music composition services since April, 2016.

Together, both parties have successfully contributed Oz’s talents towards games such as —

  • Run Die Retry. In May 2017, Sam Oz created a single background gameplay loop for Nikola Lajic’s retro/modern mobile platformer.

Making use of his community management/PR services, Sean is also responsible for providing successful clients of Sam Oz with perks such as  —

  • Relentless, complementary press and social media coverage of those games to which Oz has contributed to and worked upon. Have a trailer launch, alpha/beta test or crowdfunding campaign coming up? Sean will issue a press announcement on your behalf across Higher Eclectic Ground’s various channels.
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  • Networking Opportunities. With Sean routinely following the progress of various games Oz has worked upon, he also attempts to service any other freelance personnel needs that might arise during the games’ development.

And more. To get started then, simply use the contact form attached to this page’s sidebar introducing Sam Oz to your game project and describing how you believe he could contribute. Alternatively, you may e-mail sean.b[at]highereg[dot]com for queries and/or requests.


A Tribute To Studio Ghibli
From Up On Poppy Hill (コクリコ坂から Kokuriko Zaka Kara - La Colline Aux Coquelicots)

From Up On Poppy Hill (コクリコ坂から Kokuriko Zaka Kara - La Colline Aux Coquelicots)

15th May, 2017

Admittedly while From Up On Poppy Hill bases itself in Sam's use of a piano as has been with the rest of his Tribute to Studio Ghibli album, the track is also a composition of the clarinet, violin and cello.

Paying homage to both the 2011 film of the same name and its director, the composer attributes his use of the clarinet to its addition of charm, and the use of the violin and cello to their accentuation of the base melody.

This track along with several others from the musician's Tribute to Studio Ghibli album can be downloaded via his Bandcamp. Their use however is governed by the terms listed below.

Need similar music composed for your own game projects? Reach out to us by mailing team[at]highereg[dot]com or via the musician's Sub-Forum.

Kiki's Delivery Service (魔女の宅急便 Majo no Takkyûbin - Kiki La Petite Sorcière)

Kiki's Delivery Service (魔女の宅急便 Majo no Takkyûbin - Kiki La Petite Sorcière)

21st September, 2016

Kiki's Delivery Service, the Hayao Miyazaki directed animated film from 1989, is known to have laid out a narrative of a young witch's tryst with independent living.

Sam's musical tribute to the same attempts to stray away from the use of a Piano, on which the majority of his Tribute to Studio Ghibli album has been built; having tested and fancied the Harp in composition, the musician decided to base this entire track upon it.

'I discovered Kiki quite late, but I loved it when I saw it,' he writes. 'This tune, one might notice, is slightly dynamic in nature as a reflection of the film's protagonist, Kiki's innate personality.'

This track along with several others from the musician's Tribute to Studio Ghibli album can be downloaded via his Bandcamp. Their use however is governed by the terms listed herein.

Only Yesterday (おもひでぽろぽろ Omohide poro poro - Souvenirs Goutte À Goutte)

Only Yesterday (おもひでぽろぽろ Omohide poro poro - Souvenirs Goutte À Goutte)

5th September, 2016

This ode to 1991 Japanese animated film Only Yesterday makes use of only the piano and violin in its composition.

Sam does so to play on the melancholy of the film, which stands centred on themes of childhood and associated nostalgia.

This track along with several others from the musician's Tribute to Studio Ghibli album can be downloaded via his Bandcamp. Their use however is governed by the terms listed herein.

Princess Mononoke (もののけ姫 Mononoke Hime - Princesse Mononoke)

12th July, 2016

Sam's tribute to 1997 anime film Princess Mononoke, might just be the most powerful composition from his Studio Ghibli album.

A deviation from the slow-moving, classical register of tunes that have made up the album thus far, the track makes use of only a few chords on the piano in constant loop.

However it is the musician's first ever use of voice-synthesizing software Vocaloid that most sets it apart from his other work.

'Not many have caught on to the track though, particularly because it strays away from Studio Ghibli's trademark style,' reveals Oz. 'This is a risk I took, but I'm happy not to have done something classic and that I'm offering something different!'

Despite some liking the synthesized vocals while others not so much, Oz maintains that the track will continue to be his most 'special' Ghibli composition.

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (崖の上のポニョ Gake no Ue no Ponyo - Ponyo sur la falaise)

25th May, 2016

When Studio Ghibli's Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea became Sam's then two year old son's first ever animated film, the musician was instantly moved to compose a tribute for the same.

With immense love for Ponyo's world, Sam decided that he'd include all of his favourite instruments -- inclusive of the Piano, Flute and the Clarinet -- within its composition.

'When I heard it take form for the first time I said to myself, It's for Ponyo, this track IS for Ponyo!', he recalls.

Naturally, the track will also be featured within Sam's ongoing musical tribute album to the legendary Japanese animated studio.

Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux

20th March, 2016

In 2015, French art student Gwenn Germain created a two and a half minute short titled “Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux,” or, “Girls and Guys from Summits and Skies".

Narrating the tale of a man attempting to find his way back home after falling into the forest below his town, the short served to pay tribute to the works of iconic Japanese animator, Hayao Miyazaki -- of which our musician, Sam Oz is also a deep-rooted fan of.

Sam was lucky enough to meet Germain recently, following which he sought & was granted permission to create a fan music track for the animated short.

Composing it within a week, Sam saw it as not only the perfect opportunity to make use of his choir effect for vocals, but also one to bring about his own musical style to an existing movie.

The result, is what you listen to here.

Sam Oz's music - Castle in the Sky (天空の城ラピュタ Tenku no shiro Rapuyta - Le chateau dan

24th February, 2016

Laputa: Castle in the Sky; Studio Ghibli's first feature anime film from 1986 and the subject of our member Sam Oz's next musical composition in memory of the Studio.

Sam finds it hard to explain how this particular track came to fruition -- stating that he had already begun to hear the sounds of the Violin & Piano playing together before it even achieved the form audible here today. 'I knew immediately that this would be the tribute to Castle In The Sky'.

This track of course, is part of Sam'z ongoing pet musical project -- a music album, that serves as a tribute to the legendary anime Studios of Ghibli. Up to 7 of the intended 12 tracks for the album have been composed thus far.

Sam Oz's music - Howl's Moving Castle (ハウルの動く城 Hauru no ugoku shiro - Le Chateau Ambul

17th February, 2016

From the man that debuted with one of Tom Clancy's The Division's early themes last week, member Sam Oz, comes an ongoing tribute to Japanese animation studios Studio Ghibli.

From his days as a child, Sam Oz continues to be a devout fan of the Studio; so much so that earlier last year, he took it upon himself to commence an album long tribute to the its entire roster of best-selling, Hiyao Miyazaki directed anime films.

While the album itself is still being developed, Sam brings you its very first track; Titled Howl's Moving Castle, the classical tune of course serves as a tribute to his favourite Ghibli film of the same name.

The tune instilled in Sam a confidence so earnest, that he would go on to compose 7 tracks for the album in but 7 weeks. He intends to compose at least four more before compiling them into a CD release. More on its progress here as it unfolds.


8-Bit Music Compositions
The Mystery

The Mystery

12th September, 2016

Due to the experimental nature of the 8-Bit Music album's fifth track, The Mystery, Sam far from considers it to be among his best work.

As can be inferred from its tune, the majority of the track involves a test of the software that the musician eventually employed in putting together the rest of the album.

Just as the other compositions from the album though, The Mystery is now available free to download for one's personal listening via Sam's Bandcamp.

Welcome Home

21st July, 2016

What is listed as the final track of Sam's retrospective musical album Original 8-Bits Music, was in fact his first composition for the same.

Calling it his first ever experience with retro Video Game music, the musician recalls that its tune was found naturally while trying out multiple others -- leaving him satisfied enough to put together the rest of the album.

The track along with eight others from the album is available free to download for one's personal listening via Sam's Bandcamp.

The Flight

24th April, 2016

Drawing inspiration from the soundtrack of Square Enix's 1993 Super NES RPG, Secret of Mana, this is Sam Oz's 'Flight'.

Originally composed on a Piano as is with the majority of Oz's work, the GameBoy music themed track was put together in but 20 minutes -- causing the musician to cite it as one of his fastest and 'easiest' compositions yet.

It stands at number four on the 8 Bit Musics album's track list.

The Dream

29th March, 2016

Listed third on Sam Oz's 8 Bit Original Music Compositions' album is 'The Dream'; a track that first came to life when the musician learnt his way around a piano over a decade ago.

Now converted into chiptune, The Dream had originally stemmed out of Oz's desire to conjure an Elven melody -- replete with flutes, harps and a surreal voice. While naturally none of that makes its way into the version audible here, Oz does intend to redo the tune with real world instruments in the future.

He admits that the influence of instruments used in The Dream's composition is so profound, that every recording that makes use of a different instrument causes it to sound like a whole different tune altogether.

This track along with 8 others are available for purchase as part of 'Original Music 8-Bits' -- a music album that serves to illustrate Oz's capabilities with retro themed music.


19th March, 2016

'Rest'; Nintendo Gameboy styled music composed by Sam Oz as part of his ongoing pet project, 'Original Music 8 Bits'.

The album's second track, Rest was created with an RPG in mind -- destined to play when a character rests at a tavern or hotel after long, perilous journey; hence its name.

This track along with 8 others are available for purchase as part of 'Original Music 8-Bits' -- a music album that serves to illustrate Oz's capabilities with retro themed music.

Those interested in listening to the album can do so at the link below; however, note that the album is only for personal use only & is not to be applied to any Gaming projects.

Adventure Begins

28th February, 2016

Asked by fans & followers if he's any good at composing retro Video Games music for years now -- musician Sam Oz has finally begun work on his very own compilation of original 8-bit compositions.

Titled 'Original Music 8-bits', the album's primary purpose is for Sam to illustrate his talent & capabilities with retro, Video Game themed music -- while also providing him with a break from his other pet project, an ongoing musical tribute to Studio Ghibli.

Aptly titled 'Adventure Begins', the first track of the 8-Bits album debuts here today. The album thus far, comprises of 8 tracks with Sam intending to include a lot more in the future.

While every track from it will be showcased here on a periodic basis, those interested can purchase the album from his Bandcamp linked below.

Note that the album is only for personal use only & is not to be applied to any Gaming projects.

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