NTK Gaming, The Zombie Chimp Announce RAM BOE Giveaway Winners

NTK Gaming, The Zombie Chimp Announce RAM BOE Giveaway Winners

19th April, 2017

Cheers to everyone who participated in Need To Know Gaming and The Zombie Chimp's giveaways of Point Five Team's 2016 indie puzzle, RAM BOE, last week.

Here are the winning entries as picked by each. The Zombie Chimp -- Winner #1 – Brandon Taylor,
Winner #2 – Shawn Oliver,
Winner #3 – Admir Brkic.

Need To Know Gaming --

Winner #1 – Kelly Jo Francisco,
Winner #2 – Donna Kozar,
Winner #3 – Tracy Shafer.

Each of the above individuals are now entitled to a Steam or Android copy of RAM BOE; developers Point Five Team have already begun reaching out to the entrants in an attempt to determine their respective preferences of gaming platform.

For queries, feedback and other interactions with the development team of Point Five, please visit their Sub-Forum. here on Higher Eclectic Ground.

Win a Copy of RAM BOE With NTK Gaming & The Zombie Chimp This Week [10th - 17th April, 2017]

Win a Copy of RAM BOE With NTK Gaming & The Zombie Chimp This Week [10th - 17th April, 2017]

11th April 2017

Two giveaways, twice your chances of winning.

From 10th-17th April, each of Need To Know Gaming and The Zombie Chimp are giving away three PC/Android copies of the Pointfive Team developed indie puzzle RAM BOE.

Participants may partake in either or both; grab the official announcements and rules, here. Good luck!

RAM BOE Giveaway Winners Announced, More Coming Soon

RAM BOE Giveaway Winners Announced, More Coming Soon

11th March, 2017

In light of its conclusion on the 9th of March, the seven winning entrants to our giveaway of Point Five Team’s 2016 indie puzzle RAM BOE, have been randomly picked by the development team as follows —

Winner #1 – Sunny Kushwaha,
Winner #2 – Tristan Boddice,
Winner #3 – Viktor Ryzkov,
Winner #4 – Daniel Aguiar,
Winner #5 – Angel Santos,
Winner #6 – Huey Newis,
Winner #7 – Robin Hugy,

And in a surprise pick by the team,
Consolation – Maarten Ver.

Point Five Team will be reaching out to each via e-mail over the course of the weekend and thereafter to determine their choice of platform (PC/Android), following which all winning entrants will be granted a period of seven days to respond.

Digital copies of RAM BOE will then be delivered accordingly.

The giveaway was organised and scheduled for 1st-8th March, 2017, in celebration of the launch of Point Five’s all-new website. For those who missed it, Higher Eclectic Ground and Point Five Team will now be working to organise even more giveaways of RAM BOE in conjunction with a few other gaming outlets over the course of this month.

More on that in due time; to ensure you’re privy to when the next giveaway goes live and/or any other development updates pertinent to RAM BOE, be sure to sign-up under the ‘Receive E-mail Updates’ tab of this page's sidebar.

For queries, feedback and other interactions with the development team of Point Five, please visit their Sub-Forum. here on Higher Eclectic Ground.

RAM BOE PC & Android Giveaway (1st-8th March, 2017) | Website Launch Special

RAM BOE PC & Android Giveaway (1st-8th March, 2017) | Website Launch Special

1st March, 2017

To celebrate the launch of its all-new website, Point Five is giving away up to seven PC/Android copies of RAM BOE.

To participate, simply –

1. Look for the ‘Receive E-mail Updates’ tab on this page’s sidebar and leave in your details using the form therein; be sure to check your e-mail for the confirmation message.

2. Follow Point Five on social media using the ‘Find RAM BOE On Social Media’ tab on the page’s sidebar and lastly,

3. Share the official announcement with your friends and include the URL to Point Five’s new website — pointfiveteam.eu — within your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or other posts.


- On the 9th of March, the developers will randomly pick up to seven contestants that will receive either a Steam or Android copy of RAM BOE depending on their choice of platform. These winners will be listed in a separate announcement by Higher Eclectic Ground, conveyed to all participants via E-mail and shared across Point Five’s various social media channels.

- Point Five Team will then proceed to contact the winning entries via E-mail in the days soon after, to determine their choice of a PC or Android key. Contacted winners will have up till a week to respond before an alternate winner is picked.

Good luck! For discussions, feedback, queries and other interactions with the development team of Point Five, please stop by RAM BOE's Sub-Forum.

Update v1.2 Brings Seasonal Pumpkins, The Cloud To Ram BOE

Update v1.2 Brings Seasonal Pumpkins, The Cloud To Ram BOE

3rd November, 2016

Launching RAM BOE on Steam should now have players kept company by seasonally carved pumpkins, brewing pots of potion and other themed populace in their play-through's of the Sokoban inspired, casual puzzle game for the earlier part of November.

Labelled v1.2 and taken live on the 28th of October, the game's latest update not only sets the mood for Halloween themed festivities, but also brings to the fray several minor UI fixes and a Cloud Save feature.

'The game will now automatically backup a save file that contains your current standings in levels and points, so that progress can be retrieved from the Cloud at any time if you change your PC or reinstall the game,' the developers explain.

Although the update is exclusive to the PC/Mac/Linux versions of the game alone, Point5 continues to affirm that efforts to update the Android version of the game with The Awakening of Thrym are ongoing.

Comprised of 40 challenging levels, associated leaderboards and achievements, RAM BOE was released on the Google Play in January, early this year.

While the game's Steam version that arrived on the 4th of April, 2016, was but a port of its Android build, patch 1.1 titled The Awakening of Thrym had served to infuse RAM BOE with additional game-play levels, music, fixes, cinematic pieces and a Sandbox mode on PC/Mac/Linux a month later.

The team has since been working to translate the same patch to its Android version, before bringing a fully updated build of RAM BOE to iOS devices as well. One can expect to hear more on the same soon.

This is the third patch to hit RAM BOE's PC build since The Awakening of Thrym, with versions 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 making possible the amendment of sound plus technical issues, along with the inclusion of added achievements and even a permanent price drop.

RAM BOE is now available on Android for $0.99 USD. It's The Awakening of Thrym enabled build meanwhile can be downloaded for Steam powered PC, Mac & Linux devices at $1.99 USD.

Missed the release of The Awakening of Thrym? Scroll right on this slider!

RAM BOE: The Awakening of Thrym Brings Sandbox, Cinematics & Fixes

RAM BOE: The Awakening of Thrym Brings Sandbox, Cinematics & Fixes

7th June, 2016

Acting upon several issues raised by both us at the Editorial and its own user base, PointFive Team​ have gone on to release the first major update to their casual puzzle adventure, RAM BOE.

From 15 challenging new levels and a narrative expansion, to an all new Sandbox; here's our quick round-up of everything that's new and fixed.
RAM BOE: Greenlit!

RAM BOE: Greenlit!

17th March, 2016

We proudly announce that after nearly a year since its inception & four months on the Community, our members' Pointfive Team's Sokoban inspired puzzle has finally been Greenlit!

The developers announce that they're hard at work to integrate Steam's standard features into the game, ahead of an earliest possible release on PC, Mac & Linux.

A special shout-out goes to members Toby Burn of Gaming Now, Mike Blundell of Mike's Pad & Kevin Andrews for support & coverage lent to RAM BOE.
RAM BOE: The Awakening of Thrym

RAM BOE: The Awakening of Thrym

27th April, 2016

Quite the revelation from PointFive Team, as they bring you your first look at The Awakening of Thrym.

Due sometime around the end of this week, The Awakening of Thrym is RAM BOE's first major update bringing with it a slew of in-game additions that involve --

- A New Soundtrack.

- New Cutscenes.

- 15 New 'Special' Levels

- A Sandbox that arrives with a custom level creator and,

- New Scenery.

As specified by the team's marketing in-charge Jane Arvine, user and editorial feedback from the Community was fundamental in the shaping of this update.

A welcome decision, we might add, given how the patch promises to address a large portion of the issues faced by us in our play through of the game earlier this month.

Stay tuned for an official announcement of the patch's release later this week and in the meantime, feel free to read our Editor's Special, 'Playing RAM BOE' via the 'View More' section below.
Ram Boe -- Puzzling, Good Looking, Infuriating, Decent | Terry Hibberd

Ram Boe -- Puzzling, Good Looking, Infuriating, Decent | Terry Hibberd

7th March, 2016

'I often found myself picking it up, doing a couple of levels then coming back a while later with a fresh set of eyes so to speak.

I passed my phone and Ram Boe to my wife and the better half seemed to whizz through some levels that I found nigh on impossible!

What’s easy for me wasn’t for her, which for me is a sign of a good puzzle game as it can bend the brain matter whilst keeping people interested.'

Higher Eclectic Ground's Fortysomething memberVideo Games writer, Terry Hibberd is back. And this time, he's diving into members Pointfive Team's recently Greenlit casual puzzle, RAM BOE.

Puzzling, Good Looking, Infuriating, Decent; Come read Terry's impressions.

Editor's Special | Playing RAM BOE

Editor's Special | Playing RAM BOE

7th April, 2016

'The soothing use of icy colors, an overall feeling of repose, fantastic assortment of challenges that stem from its unpatterned placement of puzzles,

And the inherent pride that comes from overcoming them, all arrive together to conjure a rather enjoyable casual conundrum in the form of RAM BOE.

However at the same time, its often overwhelming sense of repetition and monotony, useless plot and a lack of player motivation leaves it lacking in terms of a complete gaming experience.'

Post countless hours of picking up and playing members Pointfive Team's indie puzzle, we finally gather our thoughts in constructive study of our experiences throughout.
RAM BOE Giveaway Winners, Member Coverage Roundup

RAM BOE Giveaway Winners, Member Coverage Roundup

26th February, 2016

It's been quite the month of Community exposure for our members Pointfive Team; With them not only organizing a 21 day giveaway of their casual puzzle RAM BOE that ended on the 23rd, but also having our member YouTubers & Writers lend it creative coverage.

Here's us not only announcing the winners of said giveaway, but also giving you a brief look at how our talented gaming members have helped the small team over the past month.

Come have a read.

Slowly Losing My Mind | Gaming Now

10th February, 2016

Because Rams go 'Raa' and Higher Eclectic member Toby Burn of Gaming Now has not a clue of what he's doing.

Earlier this month, the YouTuber paired up with Pointfive Team in an attempt to give RAM BOE's Steam Greenlight campaign a bit of exposure.

As one would imagine, there were parallels being drawn to The Witcher and Sylvester Stallone did not make a cameo. Watch Toby lose his mind.

More on the Gaming Now channel itself can be learnt via the 'View More' section linked below.

RAM BOE - The Tale of Beauregard Pete | Kevin Andrews

RAM BOE - The Tale of Beauregard Pete | Kevin Andrews

9th February, 2016

Earlier this month, Pointfive Team got in touch with member Video Game writer Kevin Andrews to have him whip up a special feature on their Sokoban inspired indie puzzle, RAM BOE.

And what does Kevin do? Adopt the role of a children's story-writer and write his own twist to how the game's protagonist, adventurer Beuaregard Pete, turns into a cuddly Ram. Which he really does in the game. Pete, we mean.

Read the entirety of his tale on his Medium page via the 'View More' section of this update.
RAM BOE: The Giveaway

RAM BOE: The Giveaway

2nd February, 2016

Higher Eclectic Ground and Pointfive Team have partnered up to bring you the Community's first give-away of the year -- three copies of the Android version of their indie puzzle game, RAM BOE are now up for grabs.

Here's how you can participate -- via your Steam accounts --before the 23rd of February, 2016.

RAM BOE: Origins | Episode 7: OST

15th January, 2016

The contemplative tune that's been accompanying Pointfive Team's upcoming indie puzzle game, RAM BOE's Game play trailers? Why, that's the handiwork of one of the Royalty-Free domain's most popular musicians, Kevin MacLeod.

Titled 'The Snow Queen', here's one of Kevin's compositions & RAM BOE's primary background pieces, overlaid on a few pieces of artwork from the game's intro. The intro in question, will be a depiction of BOE's story from adventurer Beau to Ram, thanks to a not-so-friendly ice demon.

While the game is not out on Google Play, its PC release is still dependent on your votes/feedback on Steam Greenlight.

RAM BOE: Origins | Episode 6 - Night Gameplay

12th January, 2016

Pointfive Team may have lost the Indie Game Maker Contest '15, for which their upcoming indie puzzle game, RAM BOE was conceived. But closing the chapter on BOE for good? Never happened.

Infact, the team tells us in this episode of RAM BOE: Origins, that not only did they go onto iron out existing creases within the game, but also add 20 MORE levels to the existing 20 and a brand new Night Mode for some of them.

Why? They thought it looked more romantic that way, they said -- before finally going on to launch the game on Steam Greenlight, where it currently sits accumulating votes.
RAM BOE: Origins | Episode 5 - Main Menu

RAM BOE: Origins | Episode 5 - Main Menu

8th January, 2916

Plot - Check. Character Design - Check. Game play, Level & Environment Design - Double Check.

Having walked us through all the above from their indie puzzle, RAM BOE's development as an entry into 2015's Indie Game Maker's Contest -- Pointfive Team brings us the game's minimalistic menu that made it into the Contest build.

In their own words, the menu is but 'a love story – just Boe and his rune.' Unfortunately, through all of that the game failed to compete with the others at the Contest.

Did this stop them? Uh-uh. The team continued to toil incessantly over the game for the next couple of months, resulting in well - an Android release and a Greenlight campaign.

While RAM BOE is currently available on Google Play, its PC release is dependent on your votes and feedback on Steam Greenlight. To help the team make that final push then, visit their Greenlight page using the 'View More' section of this update.
RAM BOE Now Available On Google Play!

RAM BOE Now Available On Google Play!

5th January, 2016

Pointfive Team momentarily breaks away from RAM BOE: Origins to make an announcement.

The Sokoban inspired puzzle adventure of rock-climbing adventurer turned Ram, Boe, is now available on Google Play for a multitude of Android devices!

Visit it on Play via the 'View More' section of this update.

Offering up to 40 levels of brain-teasing puzzles, the game tasks players with moving 'blocks' into the 'magical well of revival' from stage to stage -- as part of Boe's attempt to free trapped souls form the clutches of the Ice Demon.

Its PC version meanwhile continues to gather votes on its Steam Greenlight page.
RAM BOE: Origins | Episode 4: Level Design w/ Mountains

RAM BOE: Origins | Episode 4: Level Design w/ Mountains

2nd January, 2016

Remember we saw a few days back how Pointfive Team -- the team behind RAM BOE -- had opted for a tiled level design in their pursuit of Sokoban inspired gameplay for their upcoming puzzle game?

If not, shift back to the previous update.

On today's episode of RAM BOE Origins; a look back at the game's development from 2015, the team brings us a look at how that design eventually turned out.

As shown in the image at the top, level design was rather drab with a tad bit too much light. Deciding that the environments needed a lot more depth -- mountains, lakes and even tiny wood houses were added to the game's scenery, among other things.

In this way -- the design of Boe the Ram and the game's 20 odd levels were now complete for Game Dev Fort's 2015 Indie Game Maker's Contest, for which the puzzle game had been conceived.

It's Greenlight page that needs the much needed vote/feedback meanwhile, lies linked to the 'View More' section below.
RAM BOE: Origins | Episode 3 - Level Design

RAM BOE: Origins | Episode 3 - Level Design

28th December, 2015

On to Episode 3 of RAM BOE: Origins; an elaborate look-back at the development of Pointfive Team's upcoming indie puzzle game RAM BOE.

And so thus far we've learnt that RAM BOE was conceived as an entry into the 2015 Game Dev Fort Indie Game Maker's Contest. Deciding to compete with a cute, brain-teasing puzzle game that would primarily function on Windows - the team quickly agreed upon RAM BOE's primary plot.

Soon after, a design of Boe the Ram himself was constructed - and agreed upon nearly immediately - which the team also revealed to us via an image on the 26th of December.

And now, all it needed was a world for Boe to linger in. The team had decided that their puzzle would go the Sokoban route; the retro puzzle wherein players were tasked with moving crates to different storage locations within a warehouse.

Except in RAM BOE, players would apply all their mental strength in moving cubes to a singular spot - the well of revival - to progress to the next stage.

And so, a variety of carefully designed tiles were put together, on which Boe would be tasked with moving cubes around - all of which is shown here in this snippet from the game's early developmental stage.

How did it finally come out? Why, that's for the next episode of course.

Meanwhile, be sure to visit the game's Greenlight page via the 'View More' section linked below.
RAM BOE: Origins | Episode 2 - Boe's Design & Bandanna

RAM BOE: Origins | Episode 2 - Boe's Design & Bandanna

26th December, 2015

Last week, the team had showed us a snippet of RAM BOE's 2015 Game Dev Fort Indie Game Maker's contest build - stating that the competition was where RAM BOE's concept had been conceived.

Quickly post deciding that the game would be playable on Windows first, the team set about designing the puzzle's protagonist - rock climbing adventurer Beauregard Pete turned Ram 'BOE' by an evil Ice Demon.

Boe's design was quick , with the team arriving at its first design of the character as seen on the left. With it already abiding by their desire to conjure a fluffy, cute puzzle game - no changes were made except the addition of a Red bandanna as seen on the right.

RAM BOE was here to stay. And now he needed a world to live in - What kind of world, you say? More on that on the next episode of RAM BOE: Origins!

Till then, be sure to visit the game's Greenlight page linked within the 'View More' section of this update.
RAM BOE: Origins | Episode 1 - The IGMC Build

RAM BOE: Origins | Episode 1 - The IGMC Build

23rd December, 2015

Did you know - the upcoming Sokoban inspired indie puzzle game by Pointfive Team, RAM BOE, started out as an entry into Game Dev Fort's 2015 Indie Game Maker's Contest?

A week ago we debuted RAM BOE's brain-teasing little game play trailer, announcing at the same time that the game was well beyond completion and currently gathering votes on Steam Greenlight to make it to its PC Release.

But Pointfive realised that throwing in a mere trailer wasn't enough, no. And so beginning today, the team wishes to walk you through RAM BOE's entire Origins story - from how it started out as a challenge to how turned into something they would devote the rest of their year to - bringing all the visual material it can along with.

Beginning of course with a little peek at RAM BOE's IGMC entry build. Careful observers will notice several differences from the aforementioned gameplay trailer - a crude UI, the absence of detail and scenery to name a few.

Competition within the IGMC was fierce, admit the team. And yet, they thought it best to respond with 'fluffiness and a strong determination to test the player’s neurons with 20 hard levels at the time.'

Now how did RAM BOE's and the level design you see here come about? That's for the next episode of RAM BOE: Origins!

Till then, be sure to visit the game's Greenlight page linked within the 'View More' section of this update.

Introduction & Gameplay Trailer

16th December, 2015

You're a Ram. But you weren't always one - no, you were once a rock-climbing, tree-hugging adventurer before you decided to take on the Ice Demon by yourself only to have you rear handed to you and your soul trapped in a rune stone for ever. And then along came a Ram that you thought it best to possess.

Now, with vengeance in your heart and fire in your - erm, hooves - you decide to free every other soul that may have been as unfortunate(and foolish) as you. Presenting RAM BOE, an indie puzzle game created by the Pointfive Team and inspired by the retro puzzle game Sokoban.

With 40 levels of mind-boggling puzzle action now fully developed, the game currently lies in its completed state with a fully functioning demo on Steam Greenlight where it awaits your votes to make it to the next step.

And so, in an attempt to build awareness around BOE, the team will be bringing the community exclusive insight into the game's development, updates and more.

Stay tuned for all of that but till then, to have a go at the demo or at least glance at the game on Steam visit, its Greenlight page linked within the 'View More' section of this update.

A detailed history of the game itself, the team's vision and history can be found on their newly created Space herein.




unnamedConceived at the 2015 Indie Game Maker’s Contest hosted by Game Dev Fort and sponsored by Degica, RAM BOE is a casual 3D puzzle game by developers Pointfive Team.


Inspired by Thinking Rabbit’s Sokoban – a retro puzzle wherein players move crates around a warehouse in an attempt to get them to predetermined storage locations – RAM BOE has players control Beauregard Pete, an adventurer trapped within the being of a Ram forever after a failed duel with a vicious ice monster.

Eager to rescue others from the same miserable fate, Beau (Boe) must now pass through 55 levels of brain-bending puzzles, solve them by combining and moving Rune stones that contain trapped souls into a ‘mystical well of revival’ and navigate steep drops — all while the possibility of a second encounter with Thrym, the ice monster, looms.

In addition, the game’s Steam version also features achievements, multiplayer leader-boards, trading cards and a Level Sandbox connected to the Steam Workshop that let’s players build, customise and play on their own levels.


RAM BOE features music from royalty-free producer, Kevin MacLeod.



RAM BOE is now playable on Android and Steam-enabled PC, Mac & Linux devices.

While the game wasn’t up to the standards of the IGMC contest, for which it was conceived with fully functioning mechanics and graphics, the team continued on wards to furnish it in its entirety over the following couple of months.

By November 2015 RAM BOE had earned for itself a Steam Greenlight campaign, before being Greenlit by the 14th of March, 2016. An Android version of the game was made available in the month of January, the same year.

As of 5th April, 2016, RAM BOE was released for PC, MAC & Linux on Steam. A month later the game’s first major update for PC, MAC & Linux devices titled The Awakening of Thrym was taken live, putting into effect game play fixes, 15 more playable levels, a slight narrative expansion and an all-new Sandbox mode.

Efforts are currently underway to attempt to bring The Awakening of Thrym to RAM BOE’s Android version, while an iOS build of the game might potentially be worked upon.

About PointFive Team


12141076_453556161496822_5600188812058297186_oFounded in 2014, PointFive team consists of six members namely Programmers Mike & Chris, 3D artists Alex & Alex, 2D artist Domenico and Storyteller Jane Arvine. RAM BOE is the team’s second game creation, the first being Jetpack Johnny, a free-to-play Android game.




On Higher Eclectic Ground

Sean Braganza of Higher Eclectic Ground has assisted with various aspects of RAM BOE’s community development and quality assurance since December, 2015.

These have involved —

  • Building social media awareness around RAM BOE’s Greenlight campaign between December, 2015 and January, 2016, by creating periodic development recaps.
  • Organising and co-ordinating a giveaway of RAM BOE’s Android version in February, 2016.
  • Reaching out to media creators and gaming news outlets to encourage coverage of RAM BOE preceding and post its Steam release in April, 2016.
  • Providing quality assurance feedback post-release, that helped implement several new game-play features in the form of The Awakening of Thrym patch.
  • Issuing press releases in relation to the launch of tweaks, patches and other minor updates following September, 2016.
  • Organising and co-ordinating a second giveaway across Higher Eclectic Ground, The Zombie Chimp Blog and the Need To Know Gaming YT/Twitch channels, marking the launch of PointFive Team’s website in 2017.

Updates, blurbs and press releases generated by Sean Braganza during this time frame, are logged in the Updates section at the head of this page and the Recent Press Releases tab of the sidebar. All press coverage that has resulted from the same meanwhile, is seen embedded under the What’s been Said About RAM BOE tab of the sidebar.

From PointFive Team

‘PointFive Team has been working with Higher Eclectic Ground (and Sean respectively) for over an year now, and we’ve got to see the Higher Community rise to a Network dedicated to indie developers, artists, writers and gamers all over the world. 

Due to Sean’s extraordinary writing skills, our puzzle game RAM BOE not only gained the indie community’s attention, but also good and honest reviews from the Network’s members and connected media outlets.’

‘Besides the dedication I have personally witnessed from Sean’s work within the indie community, I was also astonished by the warm connections that formed between the Higher Eclectic Network’s members – making us feel like part of a community formed by people with similar interests and goals. We’re looking forward to what Higher Eclectic will bring next and how high it will soar within the indie industry. ‘ — Jane Arvine, PointFive Team.

Pointfive Team
Târgoviște, Romania
Casual Puzzle
Now Available On the Google Play Store and on Steam for PC, Mac & Linux