32% Funded

32% Funded

Thank you for your support!

The Rainswept Indiegogo was 32% funded, accumulating roughly $1,250 USD in funds off its $4,000 USD goal. Among the special features I helped organize for the campaign include --

• A giveaway of official Rainswept merchandise, copies of the game, OST, art book and digital wallpapers with Destructoid.

• Developer Q&A's/interviews with Cliqist, The Indie Ranger and Orange Bison.

• A guest article by developer Frostwood Interactive's Armaan Sandhu on Orange Bison.

• A recorded podcast between Sandhu and Game Wisdom's Josh Bycer.

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Christopher Green and Diane Miller may have made for themselves a bit of a reputation across the idle town of Pineview.

But does that justify a brutal murder-suicide?


Join Detective Anderson and Pineview Officer Blunt as they sift through slander, memories and Anderson’s own history to uncover the truth in Rainswept, a cinematic murder mystery game featuring —


  • A Cinematic Approach to storytelling emphasizing dramatic cut-scenes, branching dialogue, dream and flashback sequences.
  • Multiple Perspectives. Can Anderson’s delusions be trusted? Or the gossip? Find out by reliving key moments off Chris and Diane’s love affair as they get to know each other and fall in love.
  • An Opinionated Cast of interactive small-town personalities, persons of interest, uncooperative government officials, choices of dialogue and a few personal demons.
  • Surreal 2D Artwork to complement Pineview’s part-rain swept, part-sun washed exterior of smooth camera movements, closeups, gradients and parallax lighting.
  • An Original Score to drive in the rain to.
  • Coffee, cigarettes and pines.



With Anderson’s stay in Pineview divided into multiple days, players will further find themselves exploring Pineview’s busy Market Street, inspecting leads, interrogating suspects, solving puzzles and nightmares in point n’ click fashion, all after a few cups of coffee at Mark’s Cafe of course.

Pay attention to the clues jotted across the Detective’s journal, and they just might solve the case before he does.


Fundamental to the experience is Rainswept’s soundtrack, that has been designed to cover an expanse of emotions, move and impact the player emotionally. Created by Harvester Games regular micAmic (The Cat Lady, Downfall, Lorelai).


Rainswept is scheduled for a January 2019 PC, Mac and Linux release on Steam, Itch and Gamejolt. The game is complete in terms of its gameplay and story, and is playable from start to end.

An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign ran from the 25th of July to the 15th of August, 2018, amassing $1,250 out of a $4,000 USD goal. All contributed funds are being used towards —

  • Completing missing scenes, levels, dialogues and other accessories to make the game world feel even more alive,
  • Polishing various aspects of writing, animations, graphics, user interface,
  • Testing for quality assurance.

While other localization oriented tasks will follow. A playable demo was released to fairly positive reception in the month of January, 2018, and can be played via itch.io or Gamejolt.

About Frostwood Interactive

Frostwood Interactive is independently run by Armaan Sandhu, Indian architect and film maker with a passion for creating emotionally compelling, narrative driven video games.

Rainswept will be its first commercial release.

On Higher Eclectic Ground

For the duration of Rainswept’s Indiegogo campaign, Sean Braganza assisted Frostwood Int. as an independent contractor with tasks pertinent to —

  • Planning, drafting and editing Rainswept’s Indiegogo campaign pitch,
  • Social Media & Community Management.
  • Press Relations, Marketing & Outreach.

Work successfully completed in this regard includes —

  • Creating a structure/design for Rainswept’s Indiegogo pitch. Also developed and edited textual content for the same.
  • Establishing relationships with up to 20 online entertainment outlets that have covered Rainswept to some extent,
  • Co-ordinating interviews, podcasts, twitch streams and a giveaway, the latter of which was organised in conjunction with Destructoid,
  • Maintaining and building user engagement across the game’s Facebook and Twitter pages for the duration of the campaign,
  • Providing feedback pertinent to basic social media and community management practices.

Content generated by Sean Braganza in this capacity are logged in the Recent Press Releases/Announcements tab of the sidebar. All press coverage that has resulted from the same meanwhile, is seen embedded under a What’s Been Said About Rainswept tab of the sidebar.

From Frostwood Interactive

‘Sean took on the duties of designing the campaign, reaching out to the press and managing social media, and did all these tasks exceptionally well.

Not only did his experience come in handy, but his work ethic and diligence meant that I had a great weight taken off my shoulders and the whole process went by very smoothly. Waking up to see multiple mails from Sean informing me of things he’d worked on overnight that were ready to be executed on for the coming day was great. Looking forward to working with him again in the future!’ Armaan Sandhu, Frostwood Interactive.

Frostwood Interactive
Cinematic Point n' Click Adventure
Q1 2019 Release on Steam, Itch.io and Gamejolt