Polandball: Can into Space!

Polandball: Can into Space!



Original Soundtrack Now Available As Free Steam DLC

Original Soundtrack Now Available As Free Steam DLC

1st August, 2016

Polandball: Can Into Space!'s in-game soundtrack is now available as a free-to-download music album via the game's Steam page.

Composed by Alien Pixel's Lex Dumitru, the OST comprises of exactly four variations of the single player adventure's running game-play theme namely,

Track 1: Animals

Track 2: Original

Track 3: Flamenco

Track 4: Polandball World

Track 5: Polandball Wishes

Each of these were subsequently added to the game's PC version over the course of patches 1.01 and 1.02, despite the original release featuring only a single variation.

Add the album to your Steam library by clicking the 'View More' section below; also, how has your experience with Polandball: Can Into Space! been thus far?

Let us know in the comments.

Updates 1.02 and 1.03 | Roundup

Updates 1.02 and 1.03 | Roundup

25th July, 2016

Two patches applied to Polandball: Can Into Space! on the 8th and 24th of July respectively have proceeded to address a good portion of the issues that were brought up in Higher Eclectic's analysis of the game earlier this month.

Bringing Mac OS X, Linux, Steam OS and controller support to the fray, the first of these patches has served to tackle the single player adventure's penchant for repetition by providing in-game Countryballs with all new dialogues.

Several of these dialogues have stemmed from the game's Steam following that was invited to send in their own meme-inspired quips back in June.

After addressing common bugs and fixes -- particularly the issue of friendly Countryballs not boosting players as they should -- the patches have also brought about the addition of greater sound effects in the form of louder explosions (with corresponding animations), characteristic audio and vocal effects for various countries.

The game's primary background musical theme has also been further diversified, while new behavioural traits have begun showing up in certain Countryballs.

For instance, while Greeceball was the only Countryball to interact with players by stealing their collected coins, Switzerlandball now tends to either do the same or lend money to players. More of such Countryball-specific behaviour is to be included in the near future.

One major issue raised by the Network's analysis last month was that the game's earlier build had failed to distinguish between purchasable Rocket 'Attributes' and 'Upgrades' in any meaningful way -- especially when both seemed to perform the same task of improving Polandball's ship stats.

The patches attempt to resolve this by aptly renaming the Attributes and Upgrades to Perks and Parts respectively -- while also throwing in brief descriptions and in-game hints to guide players in the progressive upgrading of their Rockets.

More improvements and additions to follow. Till then, be sure to catch 'Getting Polandball to The Moon' via the 'View More' section while also leaving your game-play feedback in the comments below.

Editor's Special | Getting Polandball To The Moon

Editor's Special | Getting Polandball To The Moon

7th July, 2016

In it’s own quirky way, Polandball: Can Into Space! manages to engage the casual gamer sufficiently for them to return repeatedly.

However it is when one looks beyond this layer of casual frolicking, does the game truly unveil a host of inconsistencies and flaws in its game-play.

We explored Alien Pixel's Countryballs themed pocket-sized adventure; Have you played Polandball: Can Into Space! yet?

Polandball: Can Into Space! Lands On Steam

Polandball: Can Into Space! Lands On Steam

16th June, 2016

Steam users are now grabbing on to their rockets and heading for the moon in Polandball: Can Into Space! that as of this morning, has been released on Valve's digital distribution platform for $2.50.

Grab all the details as the team talk user reception, trials and the future.

Polandball: Can Into Space! [Comic Con 2016 Reactions]

12th June, 2016

With only four days to go until Polandball: Can Into Space!'s debut on Steam, Alien Pixel offer a glimpse into the spurt of engagement and reactions the game's demonstration at the East European Comic Con brought them last month.

The team were present to show off both Polandball's PC version and a preview of all new IP named Torch, which they reveal turned out to be relatively constructive despite fears of being overshadowed by the bigger development teams present.

While the younger crowd derived enjoyment in the game's offering of chaos, older visitors were drawn to its satire. 'Several were also familiar with the game either through Reddit, 9gag or from playing its mobile versions', explains AP Co-Founder Sergiu Crăiţoiu.

'The play test helped pick up a number of bugs, annoyances in the UI and such -- Yet overall, it was an experience I'd recommend to any independent game developer looking to drum up attention around their releases.'

Polandball: Can Into Space!'s Steam page will unlock on the 17th of June, 2016.

Polandball Can Into Steam | Steam Launch Trailer

5th May, 2016

The development of Polandball: Can Into Space's PC version has finally reached its conclusion, as the game's newly created Steam page now stands programmed to unlock on the 17th of this month.

To mark the same AlienPixel have debuted a launch trailer demonstrating for the first time, several of the game's features that have been revamped from its earlier PC build and mobile versions.

These include new background, environmental and elemental art, along with the improved interface that now clads the game's menus, rocket upgrade screen and in-game HUD.

Also noticeable amid the quick, seamless transitions between the rocket-upgrade and general gameplay screens are all new weather effects, whose occurrence the developers state are completely randomised within the game.

Gameplay meanwhile, continues to stay the same at its core. The past month has seen the team split their energy between Polandball's PC version and an all new IP 'Torch', both of which were demonstrated at the East European Comic Con in Romania last month.

Now as the days trickle towards an eventual release, they are seen populating the game's Steam page with a multitude of screenshots, videos and other trivia from the game in an attempt to stoke public interest.

While several of these screenshots are viewable here, also attached is the game's first trailer for one to fathom the transition its visuals have undergone since its first PC build.

Updated GUI Preview

Updated GUI Preview

3rd April, 2016

A preview of Polandball: Can Into Space's ongoing UI redesign in preparation for its upcoming Steam release.

With the arcade adventure's mobile version available as a free download on the Android store, a large number of its Steam Greenlight following had complained against the game's UI stating that it was inappropriate for a PC release.

The original UI of the mobile version is seen at the top left corner of the image.

Taking into account community feedback, developers AlienPixel have surfaced with revamped user interface as is illustrated in the three other images seen here.

While drastic changes made to the game's Rocket Upgrades menu screen are noticeable, the team admits that certain graphical aspects are still in need of work.

This is apart from the other background art and features exclusive to Steam that are being designed and kept under wraps for now.

Rocketship Trivia

Rocketship Trivia

16th March, 2016

As Poland's Countryball in Polandball: Can Into Space, players are tasked with making their way to the moon over one, single-player adventure.

They must do this of course with what is pretty much a heap of junk, that they're tasked with progressively upgrading with spare parts & more junk -- to eventually form a rocket that lasts till Space.

Interestingly, the concept of an 'upgradeable' rocket ship came late in the game's development cycle, following which initial concepts of the same (numbered 1, 2 and 3) turned out to be irregular & disproportionate.

Several no-go iterations later, the team decided to begin with designing the ship's various 'upgrades' instead -- which were soon merged to form the final, 'top-tier' build of the Rocket seen in the centre.

Of course, this version of the Rocket will appear much later in the game -- after players have collected all parts required for the same.

Countryballs Design

Countryballs Design

25th March, 2016

Given how Polandball: Can Into Space is based entirely within the Countryballs meme universe, it was imperative that the game stayed true to the design established by the comics.

To the team at AlienPixel however, the original CountryBalls design was far too sloppy; what they sought instead, was detail and color that would be unique to the game itself.

And so in order to strike a balance, the team compiled an entire list of Country representative balls from the comics, along with the real world images of the apparel & stereotypes they carried with them i.e. clothing, food, mannerisms and so forth.

Digital artist Ingrid Juncanariu was then tasked with rendering a sharp, refined form of the balls as seen in this character art piece from the game here today.

Illustrated from left to right are the CountryBalls representative of USA, Germany & Russia with the game's protagonist -- Poland's ball below them.

Editor's Special | AlienPixel & Their Polandball Trip To Space

Editor's Special | AlienPixel & Their Polandball Trip To Space

4th February, 2016

The community's newest additions -- Romanian Indie Game Developers AlienPixel arrived yesterday with their expansion of the Polandball comic universe, Polandball: Can Into Space.

With the single player adventure now available as a free download on Google Play, the team discusses the its future on Steam while also sharing marketing advice for the indie game development community.

That and being on the lookout for writers and YouTubers from within the community to work with. Come check it out.

Introduction + Trailer

3rd February, 2016

From Bucharest, Romania comes the Community's latest additions -- indie game developers AlienPixel and their expansion of the Countryballs universe, Polandball: Can Into Space.

For those not familiar with the culture, Polandball or Countryballs is a satirical comic series that features spherical balls representative of the world's various countries, mocking each other's stereotypes, beliefs and current issues.

Set within the same universe, Polandball: Can Into Space is a single player adventure game tasking players with landing on the moon as Poland's country ball.

They must do so by progressively modifying their hunk o' junk rocket ship via money & parts picked up en-route to their destination. As one might expect, the other countries will in no way serve as mere spectators during the game's course.

With the game now available on Google Play and currently Greenlit on Steam, its PC version is preparing for an Early Access release by the end of the month -- promising a variety of content & updates coming your way soon.

Till then, to learn more about the game itself, its various features and how Alien Pixel was founded at a local McDonald's, browse through the remainder of its newly created Space here.



1452029977_preview_logoBased on the internet meme ‘Polandball’ or ‘Countryball’ that later turned comic series — wherein the world’s countries are personified as spherical balls clad in national flags, poking fun at each other’s stereotypes, history and current issues — Polandball: Can Into Space is an expansion of the Polandball comic universe by Romania based independent game developers Alien Pixel.


A single player adventure game developed on Unity 3D, Polandball: Can Into Space puts players in control of Poland’s own Country ball on its quest to be one among many other countries that have made it to the moon. With an upgradable rocket at their disposal that starts off as nothing more than junk, players are tasked with progressively building their ship using the money and parts they might pick up en route to their destination.

Of course, it won’t ever be smooth sailing — with up to 25 other intricately designed Countryballs aiming to foil Polandball’s plans at any given time, players will be tasked with avoiding their attempts at doing so and prepare to fail countless times along the way. Its game play features include –

  • Arrows, Touchscreen and Accelerometer type movements.
  • 56 items to upgrade Polandball’s rocket.
  • 33 attributes to enhance the rocket with.
  • An intuitive User interface.



Polandball: Can Into Space was released on Steam on the 16th of June, 2016. While an ad-free iOS version is available on iTunes for 2,99 €, an Android version of the game is available free-to-play on Google Play. 

Polandball: Can Into Space began as Sound Engineer Lex Dumitru’s idea of a Countryballs themed game back in the summer of 2015, whom developer Andrei Jifcovici had convinced friend & developer Sergiu Craitoiu into meeting at a local McDonald’s. The trio was quick to finalize the game’s concept there from and set up team in association with a third artist, calling themselves Alien Pixel.

However Polandball: Can Into Space would take true physical form only after a couple of months — when artist Ingrid Juncanariu would be brought on board post a period of poor luck, that would witness two of the team’s artists leave due to other commitments.

Juncanariu went on to put together the game’s core art in merely 2 weeks, before the team decided to participate in Ubisoft’s Game Jam in November of the same year. It was at The Game Jam where Polandball: Can Into Space’s gameplay concept began to evolve into its current form, leading Alien Pixel to take home a prize for the competition’s ‘Best Polished Game’.

While a large part of the world rested over the holidays that year, Jifcovici and the rest of his crew put together a promo video and a website for Polandball — before eventually taking it to Steam Greenlight & the Google Play Store on the 6th of January, 2016. The game’s Greenlight approval and iOS release arrived within a month, before finally culminating its desktop debut in the month of June.

An assortment of feedback from the Higher Eclectic Network thereafter has helped effect numerous fixes, tweaks and additions that continue to be issued as periodic patches, as the game now sits on the Steam marketplace with largely positive reviews.


About Alien Pixel


13151700_575534339292309_1294131217246353765_nAlien Pixel currently comprises of –

1. Sergiu Craitoiu

Co-founder of Alien Pixel who loves his guitar, video games, hiking and studying computer graphics techniques. He’s inspired by nearly everything & also loves to dabble in a spot of PR and marketing.

Craitoiu has over 5 years of experience in Computer Graphics accompanying his master degree in CG from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. Having built an ATC at his previous job, he currently works for Luxoft Automotive.

2. Andrei Jifcovici

Craitoiu’s friend  from college and also the co-founder of Alien Pixel. A fan of Star Wars & DC Comics, Jifcovici has over 5 years of experience in CG and works as a Software Engineer similar to Craitoiu. He’s also dabbled in freelancing.

3. Andrei Simion

The team’s third developer who currently works at EA Games Bucharest. He is passionate about CG and Blizzard Entertainment’s work.

4. Lex Dumitru

Possessing over 12 years in music composition, Lex Dumitru is Alien Pixel’s music composer.

5. Ingrid Juncanariu

A freelance graphic designer and illustrator for over a decade now, Ingrid enjoys spending her time painting on a canvas. She too has worked with FunLabs in the past.

On Higher Eclectic Ground

Sean Braganza of Higher Eclectic Ground has assisted with various aspects of Polandball: Can Into Space!’s community development and quality assurance since February, 2016.

These have involved —

  • Building social media awareness around Polandball: Can Into Space’s Steam release between February, 2016 and May, 2016.
  • Providing quality assurance feedback post-release, that helped implement several new game-play features in the form of patches.
  • Reaching out to media creators and gaming news outlets to encourage coverage of Polandball: Can Into Space! preceding and post its Steam release in June, 2016.

Updates, blurbs and press releases generated by Sean Braganza during this time frame, are logged in the Updates section at the head of this page and the Recent Press Releases tab of the sidebar. All press coverage that has resulted from the same meanwhile, is seen embedded under the What’s been Said About Polandball: Can Into Space! tab of the sidebar.

From Alien Pixel

‘Sean helped us with a huge amount of feedback and suggestions for Polandball: Can Into Space!, from tiny bugs to core features. Beside this, we have to thank him for his commitment and dedication to helping us expose our game to large audiences.’Sergiu Craitoiu, Alien Pixel.

Alien Pixel
Bucharest, Romania
Casual RPG
Out now on Steam, Google Play & iTunes