J.M.D – Jovanotti Must Die

J.M.D – Jovanotti Must Die

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In-Game Music 2 | Bridge Strike

In-Game Music 2 | Bridge Strike

16th March, 2017

A second in-game track from Bridge Strike, an Amiga homebrew game by Project R3D that pays homage to 1982 Atari side-scroller River Raid.

Just as its predecessor, the track makes use of only two of the available four audio channels provided by Amiga hardware, leaving the rest for sound effects.

It weighs a 111k in its Milkytracker composed .MOD format.

Simone of course plays musician on Bridge Strike, having previously showcased his Top Gun inspired compositions for the game's Title Theme, High Scores Menu and In-Game settings herein.

While the first two can be heard in context of game-play in the video below, be sure to scroll right on this slider for more of the artist's homebrew work.

All feedback, queries or job/commissions requests are welcomed, and may be left on J.M.D's dedicated Sub-Forum.

Heroes of Might and Magic II Amiga Port | Snowy Plains Theme Remake

Heroes of Might and Magic II Amiga Port | Snowy Plains Theme Remake

2nd March, 2017

In the year of 2014, Simone was tasked with creating the soundtrack to an Amiga port of classic turn-based strategy game, Heroes of Might and Magic II.

With the original soundtrack comprising 20 tracks that play a significant part in setting the game's atmosphere, the musician has since been working on developing .MOD versions of each from scratch.

Now while he continues to share and document his progress with the same on his Sub-Forum, Simone illustrates his completed remake of H.O.M.M II's Snowy Plains Theme.

Here's the original for comparison --

With only a YouTube playlist of the OST for inspiration, the .MOD remake of the theme weighs a humble 188K. WIP versions and a more in-depth analysis of its creation process can be found on the musician's Sub-Forum.

For more information on H.O.M.M II's Amiga port, visit its EAB development thread.All other feedback, job and commission requests pertinent to J.M.D meanwhile, may be conveyed by creating a new thread here.

Drivin' In Da Rain (1994)

Drivin' In Da Rain (1994)

15th February, 2017

From the archives of Simone's musical work of the 1990's, Drivin' In Da Rain is a snazzy tune created to capture the brooding essence of a drizzly day with a beat.

It was composed using an Amiga 500 version of ProTracker in the year of 1994.

Like it? Be sure to let J.M.D know by leaving a note along with any job/commission requests/feedback at his dedicated Sub-Forum.

Art: Rolly Rocket by the extremely talented Valenberg.

In-Game Music | Bridge Strike (2016)

In-Game Music | Bridge Strike (2016)

6th February, 2017

An in-game tune from Bridge Strike, an Amiga homebrew game by Project R3D that pays homage to 1982 Atari side-scroller River Raid.

Composed using Milkytracker, the original .MOD file sits at 99K; it further makes use of only two of the available four audio channels provided by Amiga hardware, leaving the rest for sound effects.

Simone of course plays musician on Bridge Strike, having previously showcased his Top Gun inspired compositions for the game's Title Theme and High Scores Menu herein.

While both tunes can be seen in context of game-play in the video below, be sure to scroll right on this slider for more of the artist's homebrew work.

All feedback, queries or job/commissions requests are welcomed, and may be left on J.M.D's dedicated Sub-Forum.

Space Level Theme v2 | Powder (1992 - Unreleased)

Space Level Theme v2 | Powder (1992 - Unreleased)

15th December, 2016

Composed on an Amiga 500 version of Protracker in the year of 1992, the above track was well on its way to be the final theme backing Powder's Space Level.

As was with various other elements from the game however, the level was ultimately canned due to lack of time.

Verkosoft's Powder was a 2D side-scrolling shoot 'em up released for the AmigaCD in 1998. It was also Simone's first commercial game project, with him having previously showcased up to seven different compositions from its OST herein.

Scroll right on this slider for more!

Ruins Boss Theme | Powder (1993 - Unreleased)

Ruins Boss Theme | Powder (1993 - Unreleased)

29th November, 2016

'The Ruins level was originally of two phases; at first the player's ship had to avoid falling debris from a mined ceiling, before then having to fight a mole-like robot device hiding under junk.'

While Simone's theme for Powder's third level titled Ruins went on to be regarded by peers as one of his best pieces of work, his composition for the level's planned Boss never made the cut.

The reason, as was in the case of the Factory Boss Theme seen previously, being constraints on development time available. An attached GIF depicts how this boss's debut would have looked in-game regardless.

Verkosoft's Powder was a 2D side-scrolling shoot 'em up released for the AmigaCD in 1998. It was also Simone's first commercial game project, with him having previously showcased up to six different compositions from its OST herein.

Find the others by scrolling right on this slider!

Factory Boss Theme | Powder (1992 - Unreleased)

Factory Boss Theme | Powder (1992 - Unreleased)

16th November, 2016

This was meant to be the big boss fight for the stage, with a little prelude of the player's ship entering a huge elevator. Players would then find themselves in a huge underground complex where, in the end, they'd fight a massive assembly robot.

Sized at 70K in its original Protracker developed .MOD format, this track was originally meant to serve as the boss theme accompanying the Factory level of Amiga game Powder.

Time constraints however had led to the boss' omission from the game, rendering the theme unreleased along with it.

Verkosoft's Powder was a 2D side-scrolling shoot 'em up released for the AmigaCD in 1998. It was also Simone's first commercial game project, with him having previously showcased up to five different compositions from its OST herein.

His theme for the Factory level did make it into the final game however. Listen to it by scrolling right on this slider!

Factory Level Theme | Powder (1991)

Factory Level Theme | Powder (1991)

8th November, 2016

A chip-rock tune for a complex of war ships.

This composition from Simone's retro archives was created for the second stage of Amiga game Powder.

Weighing 75K in its original ProTracker composed .MOD format, the track's playing environment involved that of a large industrial complex at night.

Verkosoft's Powder was a 2D side-scrolling shoot 'em up released for the AmigaCD in 1998. It was also Simone's first commercial game project, with him having previously showcased up to four different compositions from its OST herein.

Listen to them all by scrolling right on this slider!

Brujo Boss | The Dream of Rowan (2016)

Brujo Boss | The Dream of Rowan (2016)

27th October, 2016

Brujo Boss is Simone's proposed theme for a boss fight included in The Dream of Rowan.

Given that the boss in question resembles what the musician deems a 'Luna Park fortune teller', the tune itself comes off as a Luna Park fanfare.

Sized at 113K in its original .MOD format, Brujo Boss is Simone's fifth composition for The Dream of Rowan, an upcoming Jump n' Run Amiga homebrew game.

He's previously proposed themes for various in-game levels and even the final boss, all of which can be viewed by scrolling right on this slider.

High Score Theme | Bridge Strike (2016)

High Score Theme | Bridge Strike (2016)

20th October, 2016

After last week's display of Bridge Strike's title theme, Simone takes his Top Gun inspirations a step further with High Scores.

Set to play over the roundup of scores at the end of every in-game level, the composition of High Scores pays obvious tribute to Harold Faltermeyer's Memories from the Top Gun OST.

Composed using Milytracker, its sized at 123K in its .MOD format.

Developed by Project R3D, Amiga homebrew game Bridge Strike pays homage to 1982 Atari side-scroller
River Raid.

Simone plays musician on the project, having previously showcased his composition for the game's Title Theme on his portfolio herein.

Both tunes can be seen in context of game-play in the video below.

Title Theme | Bridge Strike (2016)

Title Theme | Bridge Strike (2016)

11th October, 2016

Placing second at this year's Retrokomp/Loaderror GameDev Competition, held between the 24th-25th of September in Poland, was Bridge Strike.

Developed by Project R3D, Amiga homebrew game Bridge Strike pays homage to 1982 Atari side-scroller River Raid.

With Simone playing musician on the project, the first of his contributions to the game is its title tune.

'With Bridge Strike involving a jet flying low over a river bed, shooting ships and bridges as was in River Raid, it was almost natural for me to draw inspiration from the plethora of 1980's films that involved jet fighting,' he writes.

'Including Top gun; his title tune has been shaped to resemble the Hollywood classic's own title sequence.'

Weighing 123Kb in its original Milkytracker composed .MOD format, the tune can also be heard in action within the following Bridge Strike game-play video.

This is Simone's second collaboration with the Project R3D team, having previously contributed to their February 2016 release Tanks Furry.

Sweet Luxury (1992)

Sweet Luxury (1992)

27th September, 2016

In the year of 1992 Simone sought to develop an anime-themed variation of Strip Poker using AmigaBasic.

His intended course of action at the time was to translate a ZX Spectrum based BASIC Poker program, while injecting it with Strip Poker logic. Sadly at the end of it all, the musician was to find his AmigaBasic disc too corrupted for use.

This tune of Sweet Luxury meanwhile, composed using an Amiga 500 compatible version of ProTracker. was developed to serve as a portion of the game's soundtrack.

Star Highway (1994)

Star Highway (1994)

19th September, 2016

Composed in 1994, Star Highway was well meant to serve as the soundtrack backing Lendam Planet; a Fractal Generator utilising animation by friend Marco Maltese.

The project however never made it past the concept stage, causing the near 5 minute long, 173K sized Protracker composed .MOD file to be shelved within Simone's lost music archives.

Maltese was previously seen mentioned with Deimos(v3.2), a music module composed for a separate3D animation by Maltese in the same year, that also ended up being canned.

'Maltese and I were living in close proximity so it was easy to refer each other when trying to do stuff together,'Simone explains. 'Plus we were working together on the game Powder; so most of this stuff was like side projects'

Powder was Verkosoft's 1998 side-scrolling AmigaOS shooter that also served as the musician's first commercial music work.

Various compositions from the same can be seen from prior entries to his portfolio herein.

NGC-1731 (1996)

NGC-1731 (1996)

8th September, 2016

In the year of 1996 a friend of Simone had sought to develop a Space Encyclopedia for the Amiga system.

Although the same ended up being canned much later, the musician had devised for NGC-1731 to be the Encyclopedia's primary soundtrack.

Composed via ProTracker, the track originally weighed an unusual 643K at the time due to its length of 8 minutes and 42 seconds.

This however was not an issue, given how the Encyclopedia was meant to be directed towards CD-ROMs and Amiga systems with the Advanced Graphic Architecture chipset onboard.

Starflying (1993)

Starflying (1993)

30th August, 2016

Composed using an Amiga 500 compatible version of Protracker in 1993, Starflying originally served as the introduction to an unnamed slideshow disk.

While weighing only 64K in its original .MOD format, the track was used over an Amiga Intro Maker developed sequence.

Interestingly, Starflying was also Simone's entry into an Italian non-Midi music competition held during the course of the now defunct Pixel Art Expo's first edition in Rome.

'Where it placed 8th,' he writes. 'I had the misfortune of competing against a couple giants of the Amiga demo scene, that were like light years better than me.

A Robin is Super [Super Robin v3_03566 - 2016]

A Robin is Super [Super Robin v3_03566 - 2016]

21st August, 2016

Created by Chris Clarke, alias amigaPD of the English Amiga Board, Super Robin is a homebrew Amiga CD32 game originally conceived as a demo on the Reality Game Creator engine.

Simone's role on the project involved developing music for the entire game, including its disk version, the titular theme of which is showcased here. Given the game's size constraints, the musician pursued an 8-bit theme using the micro-sampling technique to render a .MOD file size of 39K.

'There is a bit of a stir on the Amiga community due to the fact that the game is of a lower quality than more recent homebrews', he writes.

'Amiga enthusiasts are a weird breed of retro users;, always vocal and complaining. I honestly wish to continue fostering the homebrew scene -- regardless of how good or bad a game turns out. I believe that the more people work on something, the better they get at it.'

Rowan Final Boss Theme | The Dream of Rowan

11th August, 2016

The Rowan Final Boss Theme is Simone's fourth contribution to Amitten Software's upcoming jump n' run Amiga Classic game The Dream of Rowan.

The musician is known to have contributed to the game's Cemetery, Candyland and Final levels as well; compositions for which were put on display here previously.

Created on MilkyTracker in 94K sized .MOD format, this latest track's audio dynamic aims to impress upon the player feelings of tension and uncertainty. As Simone explains --

'The syncopate pace of the tune, which differs from my previous compositions for the game, hopes to invoke conflicting responses within a player -- while it's feet-tapping on one hand, it also conjures tension on the other.'

Dylan Dog - Remix

23rd July, 2016

Besides being based on one of Italy's best-selling comic series of all time, 1992 Amiga game Dylan Dog: The Killers bears significance in the fact that it was developed by Simulmondo.

Simone had introduced Simulmondo back in May via the track 'A Proposal for J-Japan', wherein he had explained how while serving as a voluntary graphic designer for the software house -- he had also attempted to have himself noticed as a potential musician on a few of their projects.

While among these was a concept titled J-Japan, the other was Dylan Dog: The Murderers; Simone had proceeded to conjure a remix/cover of an existing in-game track from the latter in exhibition of his talents.

'The soundtrack in the game was that same track of like two patterns repeating over and over in different styles,' he recalls. 'I used that as a start point and went free-route from there -- using a mix of normal and micro samples in a Five minute/70k piece that I sent to the company as a sample.'

Just as was in the case of J-Japan however, the company never answered back. Regardless, the musician retrieves the track from his lost archives to prop it on display here -- along with a snippet of game-play from the game itself that plays the original tune in the background over its course.

Blocky Skies In-Game C [2016]

12th July, 2016

In-Game C marks Simone's third and final track that makes up the OST of Blocky Skies, an open source Amiga game released by one Alex Brown last month.

Unlike the prior compositions however, In-Game C attempts to adopt a more relaxed stance while still trying to retain the spirit of retro Japanese console games.

Sized at 46Kb, the track was composed using MilkyTracker. Those willing to download and play the game for themselves can do so via the 'View More' section below.

Blocky Skies In-Game A [2016]

29th June, 2016

The next piece of retro from Simone's work on open source Amiga game, Blocky Skies' OST, comes in the form of a track merely labelled In-Game A.

With an original size of 42 Kb, the track along with two others from the game has led Indie Retro News to quip positively about its OST shortly after In-Game B's posting on the 18th of June herein.

Be sure to backtrack to Simone's previous update for a listen of the same, and catch the Indie Retro News article via the View More section below.

Blocky Skies In-Game B [2016]

18th June, 2016

Simone now finds himself working on an all new project; Inspired by the Android game of Sky Hoppers, Blocky Skies is an open source Amiga game program programmed by Alex Brown.

Said to run on any expanded Amiga machine, the game has the musician contributing to its soundtrack; this being one of his in-game compositions.

Composed using Milkytracker, its inspirations lie in the music styles of Japanese consoles while weighing only 46k. Those interested in learning more of Blocky Skies on the other hand can do so via the 'View More' section below.

Deimos(v3.2) - 1994

8th May, 2016

A music module composed using Protracker on the Amiga platform, Deimos(v3.2) was originally intended to be the soundtrack behind friend Marco Maltese's Real-time 3D animation project in 1994.

The animation however, which was said to focus on a catastrophic spaceship docking accident on the Martian moon of Deimos(v3.2), was eventually abandoned due to lack of time and resources.

In description of the unused track, Simone points out that the version number of 3.2 is actually indicative of the number of renditions he'd gone through before arriving at this final piece.

'The animator's primary suggestion at the time was to follow the rhythm of the initial sequence of Alien 3,' he explains. 'Therefore when I was composing the module, I'd play the movie on my VCR in sync with music to see if it matched the movie sequence.'

'It was there where I'd developed my own method of syncing music with images on a shoestring budget; might be not have been 100 percent effective but it did the job. Now though, I might as well use a Media Player in another window.'

The size of the original module was 266K in the absence of any project related memory constraints.

Kingdoms of Steam [2015 - proposal]

29th May, 2016

Released in 2015 by AmigaPD, Kingdoms of Steam is a horizontal shoot 'em up inspired by the likes of 1992's Sega Genesis/Megadrive video game Steel Empire.

With the intention of having it featured within the game's Amiga CD32 version, Simone had rendered the music composition audible here in proposal of the same.

The tune unfortunately never came to be featured, leading the musician to hope of its use in a different game altogether.

Abiding by the game's Steampunk, shoot 'em up aura, the tune attempts to conjure a retrospective military vibe.

Composed on Milkytracker, its original .MOD file weights a 109Kb. More information on Kingdoms of Steam for those interested meanwhile, can be found via the AmigaPG blog linked within the 'View More' section below.

The Proposal For J-Japan (1992)

20th May, 2016

Yet another studio Simone was involved in as a graphic design & music artist back in the 90's was Simulmondo, an Italian software that house developed and sold episodic games at Italian news stands on a monthly basis.

News stands were where a majority of the Italians bought their games at the time and Simulmondo was one that capitalised on this trend, by basing their episodic games on various popular Italian comics such as that of Dylan Dog.

Among the original story concepts they pursued for their games was dubbed J-Japan, said to have been geared towards the rising number of Japanese manga fans. Despite Simone's task in relation to the project at the time being that of Map Environment design though, he also sought to be recognized as a musician.

In this attempt, the Italian composed the proposal that is heard here. Unfortunately J-Japan never took off, rendering the track pretty much useless and lost.

Influenced by japanese console games at the time and the works of Ryuichi Sakamoto, the tune was composed on Protracker using the musician's Amiga 500. It's original .MOD size was 82K.

Happy Sunday - 1994

11th May, 2016

One more from the lost tracks' archives!

Alongside work as a music composer on his first commercial project, the 1998 Amiga OS game Powder, Simone was also responsible for the design of several static and Goal animations on Manyk Software's 1994 Amiga football management game, Euro League Manager.

Despite there being no explicit request from the developers and given that the team lacked a musician, the Italian had put together the tune of 'Happy Sunday' in the hope of having it used as the game's main theme.

As he recalls though, the fact that the team was dispersed all over Europe meant that its members were prone to misunderstandings, which he deems responsible for the track never making it to the game's official soundtrack.

Regardless the tune that was composed using Protracker sought to capture the feeling of fun that viewing a round of football on TV or at a stadium brings about. Admittedly, it also borrows from the themes of popular Italian sports broadcasts such as Domenica Sportiva and the like.

Those interested in following up on Euro League Manager itself can do so via the 'View More' section of this update.

Vampire Curse of The Night | In-Game Track 2016

5th April, 2016

Developed by Amiga Board user Nobody on the Backbone Toolkit, Vampire Curse of The Night is a short Castlevania inspired game that is currently available in Amiga Disk File format for Amiga computers & emulators.

As an in-game theme, Simone composes this rather straightforward chiptune befitting the game's setting using .MOD music composition software MilkyTracker.

The musician explains that since the game is intended to fit within but a single floppy, his track uses only small looping samples of 100/200 bytes to emulate chiptune generators while also maintaining a size of 12K.

The derivation of its style from JS Bach's organ compositions meanwhile, is also purely intentional. Those interested in learning more of the game or even downloading it can visit its EAB thread linked within the 'View More' section below.


24th April, 2016

Taking a leaf out of the influential 1980's electronic, new-age music of French Composer Jean-Michel André Jarre, Desertika was composed by JMD in the year of 1994.

Months earlier, popular British Video Game composer Richard Joseph had announced in the midst of a Cannon Fodder centric interview with an Italian magazine, that he was looking to work with new and upcoming independent music talent.

As a sample of participants' abilities, he'd proceeded to invite submissions of a demo 'Egyptian Level' themed track from those interested. Naturally, among those that decided to try their luck was JMD.

The Italian quickly put together the Synthpop tune heard here that despite his efforts, was never received. Originally sized at around 85KB, the track lay forgotten in JMD's archives as he, in his own words, 'never went back to learn of the contest winner.'

Powder - Ruins

11th April, 2016

The third level of Verkosoft developed Powder, a 1998 AMIGA​ shoot 'em up that turned out to be JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die​'s first commercial music project, is backed by the musician's Protracker​ composed theme.

Titled 'Ruins', as is the level, the track continues to garner the musician praise from his peers till this day since its composition in 1993 he admits, with one of Powder's programmers going so far as to even compare it to the work of popular German Commodore 64 composer, Chris Huelsbeck​.

This track marks the fourth from Powder's OST to be shared by the musician here. Those interested in learning more about Powder can do so by visiting it on Hall of Light linked within the 'View More' section below.

Rowan Flame Corridor Theme | The Dream of Rowan

April 6th, 2016

With tracks already composed for two of The Dream of Rowan's levels, contributing musician to the project, Simone shares his work on the upcoming AMIGA jump n' run's final level.

In composition of the level's background theme that is heard here, the musician drew his inspiration solely from the intense imagery of fire pits and harrowing obstacles that plague the stage which interestingly, is set in a Castle.

Conceived in 2014 by Amiten Software Inc., the game is stated to still be in development with upto 3 demos already made available. More on Club Amiten's site linked below.


March 23rd, 2016

Taking hints from Japanese console games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis/ MegaDrive, retro game musician JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die had composed the tune 'Dhertetia' in 1993.

While not used in any released game itself, this particular tune was composed by the musician as an 'exercise' while looking for inspiration for the 1998 AmigaOS game Powder, on whose OST he'd worked and of which multiple tracks have been showcased in the past herein.

Interestingly, JMD admits that Dhertetia derives quite a bit from the SNES shoot 'em up, Super Aleste's soundtrack. The result hence, is a fast paced, non-invasive, almost dance music vibe.

As for the preview image seen here that was created using 32 bit colors on Deluxe Paint III, JMD reveals that it comes from one of the demo disks that he would to send to various companies back in 1991 -- attempting to sell his skills as a Graphic Artist and Musician.

Candyland | The Dream of Rowan

March 12th, 2016

The Dream of Rowan is a jump-and-run style 2D platformer for the Commodore Amiga, the soundtrack to which is being contributed to by our resident video game musician JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die.

Followers of his work may remember the Cemetery level theme from the same game, that we brought you last month.

This time, check out the funky circus-themed track composed for the Candyland level, now being used in the new demo for the game.

The game is still a WIP, but those interested can check out its progress at developer team Club Amiten's site linked below.

Clouds (Powder Boss Fight Theme)

March 2nd, 2016

Followers of musician JMD’s work might recall ‘Powder’, a 1998 AmigaOS game for which the Video Games musician has created a plethora of music tracks, two of which have been showcased here within the Community.

This week, he brings you yet another composition from the game’s OST titled ‘Clouds’. Intended for the final boss fight, the track derives its hard rock vibe from the samples of an electric guitar played by one of JMD’s friends.

While the game itself has been released, JMD provides a demo of one of the game’s underwater levels on his blog linked below.

Cemetery Theme | The Dream of Rowan

February 23rd, 2016

Developed by Amiten Software, 'The Dream of Rowan' is a jump-and-run style 2D platformer for the Commodore Amiga.

Here'a the background theme accompanying its cemetery levels, a spooky sounding track composed by member Simone Bernacchia alias JMD using MilkyTracker.

Conceived in 2014, the game is stated to still be in development with upto 3 demos already made available. More on Club Amiten's site linked below.

Powder Sea Level Theme

February 18th, 2016We already brought you some of our Retro VGM composer JMD's work on 'Powder', a 1998 sidescrolling shooter for the AmigaOS. This week, JMD shares a track that didn't make the final cut.

Check out the Sea Level Theme, composed for a cancelled level of the game when it was known by its working title, 'M1 Prototype'.

It was made using NoiseTracker, an ancestor of the modern ProTracker. It blends chiptune sounds with rock guitars and melodies, to produce what has now come to be known as 'chip-rock'.

The music 'reacts' to certain situations by changing depending on the amount of remaining player energy, with three main movements in the song - one for the fully functional player, one for less than 50% energy, and another for less than 20%.

While the game is already out, if the demo (which features this track) interests you, JMD has uploaded a copy and instructions to play it on his blog linked below.

Crazy Priest - Theme

February 7th, 2016

'Crazy Priest' is an Amiga/ECS game that placed 7th at the Retrokomp / Loaderror in Danzig on October 2015.

It was the comeback project for our community retro VGM musician JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die, who joined the development team to provide the music, working with coder Sordan and graphic artist Aszu. The spooky theme music was created by JMD himself.

Started in Spring 2015, the game is still under development. A playable demo has been released though, which can be availed of via the Gryretro website linked below.

Devilballs (Theme)

January 30th, 2016

Our community Amiga 500 musician JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die satisfies this week's retro music requirement with one of his earlier compositions, an electronic drum-heavy BGM for a 3D animation and contest submission, 'Devilballs'.

In 1997, J.M.D got the opportunity to work with Leonardo Fischiagrilli, founder of the Rome-based cultural association Technopolis, and promoters of the CG and animation contest Pixel Art Expo.

He composed the music and SFX for one of Fischiagrilli's animations, the aforementioned 'Devilballs'. The animation was submitted to the Imagina contest in Monte-Carlo, Monaco, but unfortunately did not make it past the penultimate phase.

Created well before the advent of high-speed internet, J.M.D composed the track on Protracker while syncing the music to a VHS tape of the animation sent by Fischiagrilli from 300 km away.

The animation itself was first created using an Amiga 4000, but rendered on a more powerful PC using Vlab Motion, one of the first non-linear editing cards.

Powder (Main Theme) - J.M.D

January 23rd, 2016

We've brought to you many retro game tunes from J.M.D - our community's Amiga 500 VGM composer. This week, let's check out one of the tracks that helped get him started!

His first commercial work was the main theme for a 1998 game 'Powder', for the Amiga OS, composed using ProTracker. The track itself was composed in November 1991, but a "troubled development trip" stalled the game's release, says J.M.D.

Still, the game still had several innovative approaches - each level having its own 'full' 16-color pallete and style, new game dynamics, and a unique power-up system.

'Powder' was released in the final years of the Amiga mainstream platform, by Verkosoft on floppy and CD. You can learn more about it on Amiga Hall of Light linked within the View More section below.

Tanks Furry Menu Music

January 9th, 2016

Take a step into Tanks Furry -- an upcoming multi-directional shooter for the AMIGA personal computer by Project R3D -- with this little retro composition for the game's menu, by Amiga (Commodore Amiga) music composer JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die!

Inspired by the Amiga 1200 shooter Battle City, Tanks Furry is scheduled for a free/Donationware February release this year post bagging second place at the Retrokomp / Loaderror 2015 Party in Gdansk, Poland. The game's intro theme will also be composed by JMD himself.

Those interested in learning more, can check out its fantastic trailer by Pixel Nation linked within the 'View More' section below.

City Nights

January 2nd, 2016

Amiga VGM composer JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die's got his own little new year's treat for us; a brand new retro composition - a groovy dance tune.

Named 'City Lights,' the track was made using MilkyTracker for a retro racing game called Amiga Racer, created by Michael St Neitzel of AmigaTec, available for AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, Linux and Windows platforms.

The game is still in development, but has already several features added in. Furthermore, financial contributors to the game's development have the added privilege of accessing the game's own procedural track generator!

To learn more and support Amiga Racer, visit the AmigaTec Inc. website linked below.

Dylan the Spaceman versus the Green Smelly Alien from Mars

December 26th, 2015

With some fresh modern music up this week, why not a little more of the retro?

It's Amiga 500 VGM composer JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die, this time presenting one of the tunes composed for "Dylan the Spaceman versus the Green Smelly Alien from Mars," an original game by Amigapd made using the Reality Creation Engine.

One of the several games being developed by Amigapd for the Amiga 500, since the game's plot revolves around that of a spaceman - the tune deliberately borrows from space themed classics such as Elton John's Rocketman and David Bowie's Space Oddity.

For those interested, a demo of the game is available as an ADF file for use on the Unusable Amiga Emulator and real Amiga diskette's as well, linked in the 'View More' section down below.

Rygar (Title Theme)

December 18th, 2015

Everyone loves them some good ol' 8-bit music. Ready for a rush of retro?

Introducing the newest member to our community, Simone Bernacchia alias J.M.D - Jovanotti Must Die; a video game music composer specializing in composing music for retro game platforms such as the Amiga 500.

Let's kick it off with a metal and rock-inspired chiptune, the title theme to an Amiga port of the arcade game Rygar. Quoting the author, it is 'more or less a faithful reproduction of arcade music,' the key to accomplishing this being using actual samples from the original music to recreate this tune.

In case you're interested in following the development of Rygar's Amiga port, visit its official thread linked below. Meanwhile, as J.M.D continues to compose for homebrew retro games and other projects, he will be sharing his latest 8-bit compositions with us, so expect more blasts from the past coming soon!

Los Angeles, California based Simone Bernacchia, also known by his stage name Jovanotti Must Die (J.M.D), is a Milkytracker utilising music composer with a work history that spans various Amiga homebrew games, animations and commercials since 1989.


While his favourite genres of music are that of Electronic and Ambient, J.M.D can and often likes to shift towards other genres such as Classical, Rock, Traditional, Instrumental and Industrial. He also doesn’t shy away from experimenting.

Work Process & Software Used

J.M.D is one to request screenshots, video footage and any other visual material associated with a game or its level that he’s tasked with creating music for. After envisioning the ideal audio canvas for the same, he then proceeds to create multiple drafts which act as base references for an evolved composition.

Milkytracker is used for both Amiga based and more modern music compositions; Audacity helps in editing, while Awave and similar software aid in file conversions.


Rates for commercial independent PC and console games are negotiable and subject to project size. Amiga homebrew games and non-commercial projects meanwhile are handled on a free/donation basis.

Terms & Conditions

All compositions for Amiga homebrew and non-commercial projects are provided under a Creative Commons license; the musician retains the right to sell, resell, distribute and display them as he sees fit.

Notable Clients & References


12528525_1268044533222519_1131297410_oSimone Bernacchia discovered his passion for video games at a young age; he first began producing graphic and music assets for games with the purchase of an Amiga 500 in 1988.

Writing beep sequences for games on the ZX Spectrum, moving to Sonix on the Amiga and then to SoundFX  — he finally settled  on NoiseTracker and Protracker which quickly became a staple of his professional work.

Working by himself on a shoestring budget, Bernacchia also considers himself a ‘bedroom musician’. He loves the feeling of bringing his ideas into reality, and hopes to make what is now his hobby his full-time career someday.

His work primarily draws inspirations from Tangerine Dream, Jarre and Pink Floyd, while also alluding to the work of Huelsbeck, Follin, Whittaker, Iveson, Barnabas, Joli, Lizardking, Moby, Dr Awesome and others that grew in popularity with the Amiga Demo Scene.

Apart from being a video game musician, graphic artist and animator, J.M.D is also a full-time front-end web developer for a radio station cluster in LA. His achievements include being on the development team of the shoot’em up game ‘Powder’ published in 1998, creating its entire soundtrack and partly, its graphic assets. This had further led him to other graphic design opportunities and the composition of tunes for numerous animations and commercials.

Simon loves to bicycle and swim in the summer while also taking pleasure in reading and travelling. He speaks Italian and English fluently, while also dabbling in decent Spanish, a little German, French and Japanese.

California, United States
Retro Chip Rock, Electronic & Ambient
Negotiable Rates, Revenue Shares For Commercial Projects; Free Requests For Non-Commercial Projects