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The Straw Man In: The Old School Diner | Revisited & Re-textured

The Straw Man In: The Old School Diner | Revisited & Re-textured

31st October, 2017

In the fall of 2016 Indigo conceived The Strawman, a character concept based off a straw dispenser while waiting for an order of fries.

Weeks later the artist decided that the character needed an environment to sit within, leading her to progressively develop a typical Diner.

Renders of these can be seen by scrolling right on this slider but recently, Indigo revisited the Diner and her Strawman in favor of creating a re-textured render of higher quality.

Results of which are seen here. To explore the scene in 3D, visit her ArtStation.

With Indigo open to creating 3D props, assets and environments, feel free to reach out with your individual requests by mailing sean.b[at]highereg[dot]com.



6th October, 2017

With a love for Autumn, Indigo finally manages to render a scene appropriate to the season.

Software used include Autodesk 3DS Max, Blender3D, Marmoset Toolbag and Adobe Photoshop.

Indigo is actively looking for freelance 3D prop, asset and/or environment design openings. Connect with her or leave feedback via the contact form on this page.

City Sudoku

City Sudoku

25th September, 2017

Goat Memorial Park

As a 3D modelling floater, Indigo had partnered with game programmer Jason Ko and Chris Pauley for 2012's iteration of the Toronto Game Jam.

Residential Block

Shopping Center

The project that amounted from the trio's efforts was City Sudoku, one that combined game-play principles of both Sudoko and Bingo.

Solar Power Plant

Power Plant

One Generic Building

Indigo's role was that of creating multiple tile sets in the cute, low-poly fashion seen here.

Residential Block #2

Generic Farm

While the tile-sets can be examined in high-quality, 3D via Indigo's ArtStation, City Sudoku is playable on

Fancy the designs? Looking for a 3D prop, asset and/or environment artist of the same calibre? Come connect with Indigo via the contact form on this page's sidebar.
Fantasy Castle | Work-In-Progress Renders

Fantasy Castle | Work-In-Progress Renders

16th May, 2017

With Fantasy Castle, Indigo yearns to create an environment of much larger scale than previously attempted before.

Using one of digital artist Svetoslav Petrov's many concept pieces (attached) as inspiration, she continues to tweak her ongoing 3D render of the same.

In development since the 23rd of March, this year, seen below are its current and various other prior stages.

Renders from March; 'The lion head will hopefully look more like a lion soon.'

4th April, 2017; 'No major updates to the model but I finally got around to trying out the updated version of Marmoset Toolbag. This new progress render is more so how I've set up the scene so far. '

24th April, 2017; 'Had a hard time trying to match the camera angle with the one from the concept image but I think it's finally getting close.'

Having worked out her desired render settings, angles and lighting, the artist has since returned to tweaking the model on 3DS Max.

More updates to follow; meanwhile, the Castle even has its own development thread on our forums that one may subscribe to or leave feedback on.

Need Indigo to develop props, assets and similar environments for your own games? Please feel free to reach out to us by mailing team[at]highereg[dot]com.

Updated Menus & Crisps | A Home For The Strawman Progress Render

Updated Menus & Crisps | A Home For The Strawman Progress Render

3rd February, 2017

Despite previously deeming The Old School Diner complete, Indigo decides to revisit the environment in pursuit of added detail.

While her latest progress renders of the same show off a wide angled view of the now textured counter, the most notable additions to the scene happen to be the menu boards and various bags of crisps.

More such assorted props are likely to be added soon.

The Old School Diner is a 3D modelled environmental setting created for The Strawman, a straw dispenser based character concept that was developed by the artist over the past few months.

View more of the same and various other WIP renders of the scene itself by scrolling right on this slider.

Also be sure to leave Indigo Doyle with your feedback and/or any job/commission requests you might have on her Sub-Forum.

The Strawman | Complete

The Strawman | Complete

27th January, 2017

Over a month since its inception, Indigo's Strawman character concept finally reached completion over the holidays.

Textured and rendered via her usual workflow of Marmoset Toolbag and Adobe Photoshop, the 3DS Max model now sits atop the counter of The Old School Diner -- a Fast-Food Restaurant themed environment that was also developed by the artist alongside.

Various finished & wireframe renders of the same can be seen attached herewith.

The development of both, The Strawman and various elements ofThe Old School Diner have been documented by Indigo previously; view them by scrolling right on this slider.

Leave Indigo Doyle with your feedback and any job/commission requests you might have on her Sub-Forum

Crisps & Till At The Old School Diner | A Home For The Strawman Progress Render

Crisps & Till At The Old School Diner | A Home For The Strawman Progress Render

13th December, 2016

Indigo's 3DS Max modelled, Fast Food Restaurant home for The Strawman has now been christened The Old School Diner.

Picking up from the non-textured base setup of the scene seen previously (scroll right), the artist illustrates renders of its various elements that she's been enjoying putting detail into.

These include the bag of chips behind the counter in three distinct flavours of Original, The Spice is Real and Salt and Pepper, along with the Till from the counter itself.

'I had some fun creating its menu items, from The Headless Chicken and the Beer Batter Bacon Bastard, to The Worst Burger You Will Ever Order.' she writes.

Attached are renders of the textured crisps, the front and rear of the Till with a peeling-sticker of the diner's name upon it.

Introduced last month, The Strawman is a random 3D character concept currently being shaped by the artist. Scroll right on this slider to learn of its latest render and her inspirations behind its design.

The Fast Food Restaurant - A Home For The Strawman | Progress Render

The Fast Food Restaurant - A Home For The Strawman | Progress Render

28th November, 2016

Having taken a break from texturing The Strawman, Indigo decides to draft up an environmental setting for the peg-legged straw dispenser.

'I came up with the idea of developing a Fast Food Restaurant as a setting for the Straw Man, and now I'm having fun with it!' she writes.

Modelled on 3DS Max, the Restaurant too is still in the process of being textured, with corresponding WIP and ID color-mapped snaps attached herewith.

Introduced earlier this month, The Strawman is a random 3D character concept currently being shaped by the artist. Scroll right on this slider to learn of its latest render and her inspirations behind its design.

The Strawman | Progress Render

The Strawman | Progress Render

14th November, 2016

'A straw dispenser that wobbles around on its little peg legs with bendy straw arms, spitting out straws every time it wants to talk.'

Still in the process of being textured, the idea behind The Strawman came to Indigo while waiting for her order of fries at a restaurant.

Noticing a straw dispenser labelled 'Straw Boss' and realising that it would make for an entertaining character, the artist was quick to sketch out its concept over lunch.

'I have been texturing it for a little while now; have to admit I'm being a little picky with this one,' she writes. 'I can't wait to finish it up. I think it will turn out pretty entertaining.'

Missed Indigo's 'Loot' from earlier this month? Scroll right on this slider!



1st November, 2016

Flashback to when Indigo stood obsessed with the Assassin's Creed franchise; acting upon the urge to model and render a chest full of loot, the artist sought to set it against a minimally stylised scene.

Trying out a fantasy-themed direction of art for the first time, she then proceeded to develop the backdrop of glowing flora and illuminated vines that is seen here.

Also attached is the render of the chest itself; all produced using her standard workflow making use of 3DS Max, Photoshop and Marmoset.

Missed the JVC boombox from last week? Scroll right on this slider!

Old School Boombox

Old School Boombox

24th October, 2016

Based off an old JVC reference image (attached) and Indigo's want for a retro-themed asset, this Old School Boombox falls within the artist's roster of personal projects.

It makes use of her typical workflow of 3DS Max for modelling, Photoshop for texturing and the Marmoset Toolbag in rendering.

Missed the Old Gas Pump from last week? Scroll right on this slider!

Old Gas Pump

Old Gas Pump

12th October, 2016

Fascinated by a vintage Gas Pump paper model she happened to find on PAPERMAU, Indigo attempts to reproduce the same on 3DS Max.

The artist claims to have taken special interest in texturing the dirt and grime that arrives with its weathered appearance, before rendering the model via Marmoset.

'It was a fun project that I was quite in love with when I finished it,' she writes. 'I still like it a lot even though I sometimes forget that I made it. '

Images of the original paper model can be seen attached herewith.

The Canteen

The Canteen

5th October, 2016

The Canteen draws inspiration from a real-life structure situated within Indigo's hometown.

'I saw it situated by the waterfront one year when I was home for a visit,' she recalls.

'Something about the way the light hit it that one summer night made me think -- I should model that. And so it began after taking copious amounts of photos.'

The model then proceeded to take shape on 3DS Max at its own pace, before being textured on Adobe Photoshop and rendered using the Marmoset Toolbag to materialise into what isn't far from the real thing, the artist admits.



18th August, 2016

'Unlike most of my other projects, I found it rather easy to get most of the modelling done on this piece of Mech in a day or two', writes Indigo.

While describing how she decided to base her first, whimsical attempt at modelling advanced robotic machinery on a set of styles & designs discovered online, the artist reveals that its texturing was anything but easy.

'I was so picky about what I wanted it to look like. After about 5 iterations I finally settled on its current state; and even then spent a long time tweaking the little details that will probably only be noticed by me -- it took me about a month.'

Her primary focus throughout he entire texturing and rendering process lay in having light glint off the Mech's arms and artillery appropriately. Said texturing was conducted on Adobe Photoshop while rendering involved the use of Marmoset Toolbag.

The Katana | Proposal

The Katana | Proposal

11th August, 2016

The Katana was Indigo's second sample sent in to the independent developer seeking Japanese art inspired 3D assets last month.

Much like the Face Masks showcased previously -- which of course were her first set of created samples -- the Katana too was conjured using 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, Marmoset.

The artist claims that she remained unsure of her direction throughout its creation, hoping that it would in some way turn out satisfactory at the end.

'As it happened though, it rendered looking pretty good if I do say so my self,' she writes.

Face Masks | Proposal

Face Masks | Proposal

24th July, 2016

Earlier this month Higher Eclectic Ground connected Indigo with a potential collaborator, who at the time sought 3D artists eloquent in a timeless, traditionally Japanese inspired style of art that bordered on low-poly.

With both parties agreeing to attain a feel for her capabilities in the same before anything, Indigo put together this Face Mask as one of two samples she'd sent in.

Modelled and rendered using a combination of 3DS Max, Photoshop and Marmoset, the mask also served as a means for the artist to return to creating more 'organic' objects.

'I don't think I've done any kind of character modelling or anything close to it that was actually semi decent since college,' she adds. 'This piece was kind of a fun test of my rusty skills.'

What are your thoughts on the Mask?

Low Poly Art | First Attempt

Low Poly Art | First Attempt

11th July, 2016

Indigo's developed quite the affinity for a low-poly style of art. Here's a final render of her first, quick go at it.

Suggestions? Be sure to leave them in the comments below.

The Shop Around The Corner

The Shop Around The Corner

3rd June, 2016

In its completion, Indigo's 3D modelled Shop that was previously seen in progress render finally attains for itself vivid colour and texture.

The artist attributes the delay in wrapping it up to her procrastinating from providing it with an apt name and assortment of textures, a combination she now states she's pleased with.

Making use of 3DS Max, Photoshop CC and Marmoset Toolbag all the way till the final render, Indigo reveals that she'll now be looking to challenge herself with her next model that should debut over the next few weeks.

Till then, be sure to leave her your feedback in the comments below.

The Shop - Progress Render

The Shop - Progress Render

14th May, 2016

In the weeks after her debut on Higher Eclectic Ground, a string of work commitments led to Indigo having to draw away from her own personal projects.

This balancing act of a busy schedule finally culminated in her participating within the Toronto Game Jam weekend from May 6th to the 8th, wherein the artist played Art Floater -- independent of team, offering artistic assistance to participating game development teams that needed it.

One of the games Indigo was assigned to during the event's course was 2.5D, retro Wild West themed, towards which she contributed in terms of the design and modelling of up to six buildings that were to populate it.

She continued to remain fascinated with the development of architectural structures much after the event ended, leading her to begin work on her own 3D modelled building.

Titled The Shop, the model sees Indigo pursue a Pixar/cartoon resonant flower shop (subject to change) -- the progress of which is attached herewith. A final render of the same arrives soon.

Editor's Special | New To The Community: Textures, Models, Character Art & Weekly Twitch

Editor's Special | New To The Community: Textures, Models, Character Art & Weekly Twitch

March 11th, 2016

Texture Artist Paul Evans of CraftyTextures, 3D Artist Indigo Doyle Modeler, Character Artist Jesse Staples of Jesterdog23's Character Design Emporium & Twitch Video Games streamer Potshotpete.

In case you missed each of their debuts, here's what Higher Eclectic Ground's latest March additions are bringing to the Independent Gaming community's table here.

Introduction & Demo Reel

Introduction & Demo Reel

March 8th, 2016

A professional 3D modeler whose chance play-through of the original Halo led to her opting for a lifetime in the Video Games industry, Indigo Doyle is now an active member of the Higher Eclectic community.

With a work record that spans 3D Environment & Prop Design for studios such as Liquid Melon & Pointless Button Studios, Indigo will be sharing her forthcoming creations amid the independent gaming gathering here.

This she hopes, will not only help her develop an audience that guides her in her artistic discovery, but also enable her to work with other gaming talent in need of her skill as well.

Currently accepting commissions & requests, as she debuts with a Demo Reel of her recent mixture of high & low poly assets, feel free to extend your welcome's and learn more about her via her newly created Space herein.


11145159_399627256893929_8308268308649703210_nBorn in Ontario and currently based around Etobicoke, Canada, Indigo Doyle is a professional 3D Modeller pursuing her passion for creating art with a personalised, uniquely stylised flair.


Doyle specialises in developing 3D environments, associated props and their associated textures in nearly any required style, inclusive of low-poly and high-poly work. Stylized art styles however remain of primary interest to her.

Work Process & Software Used

Her work process involves the gathering of sufficient reference material relevant to a required concept, before creating several iterations of it based on her study of the client’s requirements.

Once this client’s approval is received, sufficient detail, time and energy is channelled into the final product’s creation. Autodesk 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 3D are software Doyle’s well versed in making use of for the same.


All rates are flexible, negotiable and subject to project size; revenue share agreements are also considered depending on a project’s goals and likelihood of being finished in the near future.

Terms & Conditions
  • Indigo Doyle prefers that clients permit her to share created artwork on her own portfolio and social media profiles. Temporary periods of non-disclosure are accepted.
  • All use of her work, especially in gaming media, must be credited in all instances.
Notable Clients & References

Pointless Button Studios Prison AirModelled & Textured Assets.



IndigoDoyleA Video Games enthusiast since being forced by her brother to play Halo at an early age, the lure of the Gaming Industry arrived in Indigo Doyle’s life at but 16 — when the artist stumbled upon an ad for a local design academy.

Enrolled & loving what she did therein many years later, a teacher’s suggestion that Doyle was a natural 3D artist led the young modeller to conclude that this field was of work was indeed her life’s calling.

In the years since, Doyle has gone on to earn an Honours in Video Game Design & Animation,  play the role of a 3D Environment & Props Artist at Liquid Melon Studios from 2014-2015, followed by that of a Lead Artist at Pointless Button Studios for the entirety of ’15 — where she worked on slapstick comedy game, Prison Air.

Now, when not creating art independently or honing technique, Doyle enjoys volunteering, rollerblading and soccer.

On Higher Eclectic Ground

Sean Braganza of Higher Eclectic Ground has been serving as a manager and representative of Indigo Doyle’s 3D modelling services since March, 2016.

Making use of his community management/PR services, Sean is also responsible for providing successful clients of Indigo Doyle with perks such as  —

  • Relentless, complementary press and social media coverage of those games to which Doyle has contributed to and worked upon. Have a trailer launch, alpha/beta test or crowdfunding campaign coming up? Sean will issue a press announcement on your behalf across Higher Eclectic Ground’s various channels.
  • Mediation. Correspondence and progress of all jobs are monitored, while steps are taken to ensure proper legal procedures are followed and that both parties uphold their ends of the agreement in a timely, professional manner.
  • Networking Opportunities. With Sean routinely following the progress of various games Doyle has worked upon, he also attempts to service any other freelance personnel needs that might arise during the games’ development.

And more. To get started then, simply use the contact form attached to this page’s sidebar introducing Indigo Doyle to your game project and describing how you believe he could contribute. Alternatively, you may e-mail sean.b[at]highereg[dot]com for queries and/or requests.

Etobicoke, Canada
3D Environments, Props & Other Assets
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