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Daath Origins


Cubed Gamers Announces, Graal.Fr Plays

Cubed Gamers Announces, Graal.Fr Plays

11th October, 2017

Ahead of sharing his thoughts on the game later this month, Samuel Gilzean of Cubed Gamers pens a quick announcement of Daath Origins' Early Access release.

Meanwhile, Chris of french independent gaming blog Graal.fr shares his honest opinions on the game's current build.

While applauding the size of Daath's open world and developer Jeff Quindlen's single-handed efforts, the writer expresses disappointment against the game's visuals and lore.

'If you like science fiction games, if you are not afraid to play a badly balanced game, if you love evolving in a huge world, if revenge is not your only motive and finally if you like a good price, then, buy it!' says his current verdict.

In development by one-man Black Lodge Games, LLC, the game's humongous, hand-crafted open world galaxy requires your feedback for a stable full-release.

If you've already been playing the game, do leave us a review/report of your experience on its Steam page.

I'm In Love With a Shooting Star | Gaming Trend

I'm In Love With a Shooting Star | Gaming Trend

27th September, 2017

Elisha Deogracias of Gaming Trend​ has developed quite the fancy for Daath Origins!

Impressed by the one-man development team's ambition, he reports on the game's Early Access release while looking forwards to a complete review.

Reports by Two Credits, Graal.Fr, Creep-Score & GamingLyfe

Reports by Two Credits, Graal.Fr, Creep-Score & GamingLyfe

18th September, 2017

From last week: Graal.fr reports Daath Origins' Early Access launch in french, while Jake Smith of Creep-Score sets the tone for his upcoming preview of the epic.

Meanwhile as GamingLyfe recounts the official press release, Matt Chelen of Two Credits deems Daath Origins an ambitious indie RPG ahead of his upcoming preview.

More to follow.

RPGamer - Indie Update: Fifteenth Edition

RPGamer - Indie Update: Fifteenth Edition

14th September, 2017

Alex Fuller, Managing Editor at RPGamer, features Daath Origins upcoming release on the fifteenth edition of its Indie Update column.

The SML Podcast - Episode 313: Til Daath Do Us Part

The SML Podcast - Episode 313: Til Daath Do Us Part

13th September, 2017

'Black Lodge Games, LLC's dedication to wanting a Collector's Edition for Daath Origins is what got me interested in the game.'

With Daath Origins going live on Steam Early Access this Thursday, I got solo developer Jeff Quindlen on host Joe Cammisa's 313th episode of The SML Podcast.

Together, the duo discuss Quindlen's three-year obsession, potential console ports, what's currently wrong with the industry and preview tunes from the game's OST.

Take a listen or download it for later, here.

-Sean B.

Work Begins!

Work Begins!

28th August, 2017

Through this month and the next, I'm assisting Black Lodge Games, LLC with the PR and Community development of its upcoming Steam release Daath Origins.

Set over a millenium in the future, Daath Origins is an open world, space RPG that places humanity under the clutches of a totalitarian alien rule.

Players find themselves as the captain of an Earth-life sustaining starship, with over a million souls that have escaped to forge a path of their own among the stars.

With a massive 36-sector galaxy, 500 handcrafted planets, over 75 playable quests and infinite strange encounters to explore the game is coming to Windows PC's on the 15th of September.

It will also feature a 31-track OST and a physical Collector's Edition, all developed by a single sci-fi nut! Really.

Grab all the details on the page below and stay tuned to this Space. If you'd like to stay updated with the game's development, announcements or any of my work on it, feel free to subscribe for e-mail updates via the sidebar.

- Sean Braganza, Higher Eclectic Ground.

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With humanity under the totalitarian rule of a multi-dimensional, shape-shifting alien race, take responsibility of over a million survivors as the captain of an interstellar starship destined to roam the multiverse.

A sci-fi space opera crafted by a lone developer, Daath Origins uniquely combines classic turn based elements of the SNES-era with various other enhancements and mechanics of its own to add new flavor to the classic RPG formula.


Following humanity’s fall to Draconian rule circa 2114 C.E., the Kanikulæ race of aliens took up the onus of crafting an Earth-life sustaining starship, naming it the Matronæ Otroci Mortales (M.O.M) and providing for it a near-perpetual energy source that allowed a million human souls to escape totalitarian rule and forge a path of their own among the stars.

Daath Origins takes place a whole millennium later; when a routine investigation into an energy build-up on an artificial planet leads to the obliteration of Senior Bridge staff and over a thousand unwary heads, players find themselves promoted to the ranks of Captain of the starship, now U.S.S. Verum.

What ensues is a dark, brooding, open world tale that will have players exploring the deepest reaches of a 36-sector galaxy, 500 handcrafted planets, over 75 playable quests and strange encounters with spatial anomalies, black holes, criminals and perhaps, enforcers of the Draconian rule themselves.


Driving Daath Origins’ inter-dimensional narrative is decision-making at every turn.

Player actions against the entities and scenarios they encounter influence how the universe perceives them; play the good Samaritan and reap rewards, or have the crew mutiny against your injustice

That of course is apart from the managerial skills one will have to exercise as captain of a million human souls; choose to promote crew members, foster Away Teams to send on missions, align the remnants to intergalactic factions,  mine resources, collect items or recharge at space stations when away from battle.

Aiding one in this battle against the ordinary enemies and/or Ultra bosses they encounter meanwhile, is a systematic turn-based system. With advanced strategies to adopt, detecting and targetting your foes’ weak points is fundamental to victory.

And even once you’re done exploring every nook and cranny of the galaxy plus its accessible centre, post-Main Quest content, an elaborate Online Strategy Guide and a lore-friendly New Game+ plus mode ensures there’s more to return to every time.


Daath Origins’ opera is composed of a two-disc, 31-song soundtrack that is also available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play. Use the Find Daath Origins On Social Media tab on this page’s sidebar to avail of your copy.

Collector’s Edition

Accompanying Daath Origins’ Steam release will be up to 100 handcrafted Collectors Editions, each of which include –

– Daath Origins on DVD-ROM
– Daath Origins Case, Map, and Manual
– Daath Origins Original Soundtrack 2 CD Set (31 original songs)
– U.S.S. Verum Starship figurine (a plastic figurine of the ship you command in the game.)



Daath Origins is available now on Steam Early Access at a price of $9.99 USD, playable on operating systems running Windows XP or higher. The game is in fact feature-complete and was originally set for a full-release via Steam Direct.

‘However this is a huge open-world RPG, created by one person, and beta tested with only a limited number of users. There are stability and ease-of-life issues that I need players’ help and feedback to properly solve. ’ explains Black Lodge Games LLC.’s founder and developer Quindlen.

‘I am open to feedback during Early Access, which may resulting in adding, tweaking, or otherwise altering features or gameplay.  It would be irresponsible to release this game in this state without a fully implemented beta period, and so Early Access seems like the perfect way to allow players to experience the content early, while allowing me to collect the necessary feedback I need to refine the release candidate.’

Consequently each of the space opera’s 100 Collector’s Edition discs will go on sale only once stability is no longer an issue, and all actionable feedback has been duly implemented.

About Black Lodge Games LLC.


Formed July 3rd, 2015, and based out of Spokane, WA, USA, Black Lodge Games LLC. is owned, managed and operated by J. Allen Quindlen, a lifelong computer programmer and game developer.

With a vision to inspire game players across the world through immersion in fun, diverse, artistic, and philosophically driven role playing game franchises, Daath Origins is Black Lodge’s flagship title.

Quindlen’s goals also involve expanding into other areas of interactive entertainment, with his second project, an open world RPG by the name of Arcana Kira, Greenlit on Steam as of 2015 and currently in development.


On Higher Eclectic Ground

From 28th August, 2017 to 30th September, 2017 Sean Braganza assisted Black Lodge Games LLC. with community management and PR tasks that involved —

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with 30+ various gaming news websites, to encourage coverage of Daath Origins’ Steam Release,
  • Drafting of a press release to announce the Early Access release of the game.

All updates, blurbs, press releases and content generated by Sean Braganza in this capacity are logged in an Updates section at the head of this page and the Recent Press Releases tab of the sidebar.

All press coverage that has resulted from the same meanwhile, is seen embedded under a What’s Been Said About Daath Origins tab of the sidebar.


Black Lodge Games LLC
Washington, USA
Turn-Based, Open World Space RPG
Out Now on Steam Early Access