Coffee Crisis

Coffee Crisis

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The Smurgliens have tapped into Earth’s Wi-Fi long enough yet strangely, all their planned invasion seems concerned for is the planet’s supply of internet, the absurdity it calls music and cat videos.

Don’t bother making sense but join Black House Coffee House’s playable baristas Nick Miller and Ashley Corts as they attempt to restore balance with this Pittsburgh-inspired brew of arcade action.


Featuring flings, breakables, power-ups, mini-games and attacks hand-picked straight from the original 16-bit HD Sega Genesis/Mega Drive edition, Coffee Crisis’ PC and Xbox One specs further allow for —

  • Death Metal Combat, where the lights turn ‘disco’, the enemies spawn erratically, cheat codes don’t work, and random modifiers unexpectedly hurt/help/distort the player for increased difficulty level maximum. Play through the single player campaign once to unlock.
  • Twitch/Mixer Integration. Silent coffee-house type? Call the shots on your favorite streamers instead by deciding which modifiers are applied to their publicly-broadcast sessions.
  • Coffee Beans. Mash those buttons with enough dexterity per level and you just might earn yourself a discount on a Coffee Crisis cartridge.

A Skinny Chestknee cameo with reinvigorated sound effects, reworked animated sprites, dedicated support for the Razer Chroma keyboard, Level FX, dual controller compatibility with adequate rumble and an in-game backer-celebrating Hall of Fame are all extras.


Coffee Crisis on PC/Consoles is plenty of exclusive guitar riffs with equal parts double-bass drums, breakdowns and melody that’s apparently meant to both crush and spill coffee beans, relates the music producing duo of Mitch FosterAJ NOE.

The Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive meanwhile features a 11-track original score by Greywalker.



Coffee Crisis proper and a playable demo is now available on Steam for Windows/Mac/Linux, while the successfully crowdfunded Genesis/Mega Drive box sets may be availed of via the Mega Cat Shop. 

An Xbox One release is due for late-July, 2018.

About Mega Cat Studios

Encompassing game collectors and enthusiasts first, Mega Cat Studios is an independent attempt to breathe new life into old video game consoles with exclusive projects one won’t find anywhere else.

From the original Nintendo to Virtual Reality ports, find a complete roster of their attempts via the official website.

On Higher Eclectic Ground

From April 1st to May 31st 2018 , Sean Braganza is assisted the Mega Cat team as an independent contractor with tasks pertinent to —

  • Content Writing/Editing,
  • Press Relations, Marketing & Outreach

Work successfully completed in this regard includes —

  • Establishing relationships with up to 40 online entertainment outlets that have covered Coffee Crisis to some extent,
  • Co-ordinating interviews, twitch streams and a giveaway, the latter of which was organised in conjunction with Destructoid,
  • Creating two distinct promotional articles that were subsequently pitched as guest/contributor posts to online gaming outlets pre-release.
  • Providing feedback pertinent to general PR practices and workflow.

Content generated by Sean Braganza in this capacity are logged in the Recent Press Releases/Announcements tab of the sidebar. All press coverage that has resulted from the same meanwhile, is seen embedded under a What’s Been Said About Coffee Crisis tab of the sidebar.

From Mega Cat Studios

‘Sean was attentive, creative, and helpful from day 1. If you want someone to hit the ground running, Sean’s worth consideration for any indie team. He brings plenty of industry knowledge to the table and was a pleasure to work with! — James Deighan, Mega Cat Studios.


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Out Now For PC, Genesis/Mega Drive; Xbox One Release Late-July