BSRTC PRO Series Season Nine

BSRTC PRO Series Season Nine

What is the iRacing BSRTC PRO Series?

The British Sim Racers Touring Cars (BSRTC) is an iRacing based, user created league founded in 2013 as a means for sim-racing enthusiasts to avail of weekly, touring car racing that emulated the real world British Touring Car Championship (BTCC).

Over the years, the league has grown from strength to strength,  finally reaching its peak with the Series Ninth Season held over the course of 2015.

The Ninth Season of the BSRTC Series, also known as the BSRTC PRO Series, became the first private iRacing league to feature a $10,000 prize fund that witnessed 50 of the sim-racing service’s most talented drivers compete over the course of nine months in 2015.

Furthermore, the Series also made history by being the first touring car iRacing league to be telecast on MotorsTV International — Europe’s largest motorsport television channel. Despite it being founded by Englishmen and hence ‘British’, the league continues to garner an international audience and membership inclusive of real world professional drivers as well.

On Higher Eclectic Ground

Higher Eclectic Ground’s affiliation with the BSRTC PRO Series began in October, 2015 — when Sean Braganza was hired to construct an elaborate, never-seen-before biography of the British Sim Racers rise from a small league for friends to iRacing’s most popular Touring Car event. This biography was also published in the January, 2016 issue of Sim Racer Magazine.

This written coverage of the Series’ Ninth Season would turn into a regular feature, with Sean going on to provide weekly reports of the Series’ races as the team’s press representative, which would then be showcased across the iRacing website and forums to further build awareness around the Series.

Further building on that relationship in November, 2015 — a deal was struck with the BSRTC’s administration and Apex Racing TV, the Series broadcast & commentary partners, wherein Higher Eclectic Ground was allowed to make use of the Series existing sponsorship structure for the benefit of the games and freelancers Sean was providing Community Management/PR support to.

Specifically, for a small fee of £5 independent game developers & media creators were invited to ‘sponsor’ a Driver within the Ninth Season for the course of one race of three rounds. This granted them spots on the sponsored drivers’ cars to fly their games’/services’ banners, along with 30 second slots during the live-streams’ breaks to debut trailers & animated pop-ups for the International television broadcasts, courtesy of Apex Racing TV.

In addition, the sponsors were also featured in complementary articles written by Sean across Higher Eclectic Ground and This widespread coverage witnessed up to 10 of independent game developers from both within and outside the Community sponsor drivers during the course of the Ninth Season’s final five races.

Eclectic Motorsport

The BSRTC PRO Series Tenth Season ran for 34 races of four rounds each from the 17th of March to the 17th of November, 2016. While the Series returned with its $10,000 prize fund, it was officially sponsored by iRacing, making it a recognized league of the iRacing community. This sponsorship also brought it over 130 hours of MotorsTV International screen time, meaning each of the Series’ races were televised every week, with two repeats each.

During the start of its Tenth Season, Sean had branded the former XLDesign racing team of current BSRTC PRO Series’ Amateur Division Champion John Roberts, 5th place holder within the BSR Winter Series Ben Hackeson, Series veteran Andrew Whitehead and reserve driver George Simmons as his own — making the team of four, Eclectic Motorsport.

Eclectic Motorsport had served as a platform for the games and freelancers Sean was contributing to, as well as for independent game developers and media creators not affiliated to Higher Eclectic Ground in particular, to advertise their Games, Gaming Channels, Blogs & more on a monthly basis, during the course of the Series’ Tenth Season.

By July, 2016 however it was mutually decided by both Sean and the team’s managers that given the joint venture’s lack of success, it would better serve the former XLDesign team to break away and operate independently as boosTED motorsport.

All BSR-pertinent coverage created by Sean Braganza during this time frame meanwhile, can be found under the ‘Relevant Articles & Updates’ tab of this page’s sidebar.

From BSR

‘I have to say Sean was far more in depth than I expected from someone who was completely new to our side of the gaming world. We spoke at length many times about every detail of the series and the people involved, and it added greatly to the series, a pleasure to work with and a great writer. — Kip Stephens, Co-founder.


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