Antonio d’Amore

Antonio d’Amore

2D Artwork


Character Portraits

Character Portraits

22nd January, 2018

The most recent of doodled characters from Antonio's 2D sketchbook include --




Dungeons & Dragons

And your pick is? Responses and requests welcome at sean.b[at]highereg[dot]com.
The Zombie | Frisky Business Ep. 2

The Zombie | Frisky Business Ep. 2

15th January, 2018

Antonio adds life to this un-dead member of hospital staff by means of a quick animation test, performed on 2D Nima.

The Nurse is among four character concepts developed by the artist for K-Bros Inc.'s Frisky Business 2 last year.

Also included within Antonio's 2D animation software repertoire are Spine2D, Dragonbones and Moho; multimedia design requests may be left at sean.b[at]highereg[dot]com.

Otto Frank | Rigging, Meshing & Animation in Dragonbones

Otto Frank | Rigging, Meshing & Animation in Dragonbones

21st December, 2017

The character of Otto Frank stems from Antonio's recent experiment with Dragonbones' skeletal animation tools.

The entire process of his rigging, meshing and animation has further been documented by the artist in a YouTube video.

Also included within Antonio's 2D animation software expertise are Spine2D, 2DNima and Moho; multimedia design requests may be left at sean.b[at]highereg[dot]com.

Tuscany Countryside | 2D Cartoon Animation

Tuscany Countryside | 2D Cartoon Animation

7th December, 2017

A taste of Tuscany's many sunsets, brought to life in a 30-second clip from Antonio's repertoire of 2D animated work.

The clip originates from the pilot of a planned TV cartoon series that the artist was tasked with.

His role involved everything with regards to branding, screenplay, character design, environment design, animations, scouting for actors/directors, editing, and post-production.

A month later the result was a 2-3 minute pilot episode; ambitious as it might have been though, the project ultimately failed to garner traction due to a lack of sufficient marketing.

Antonio has regardless preserved his workflow for this scene, from concept to the post-processed final form.

Should this have colored you impressed, hesitate not to get in touch with Antonio for your game projects' own 2D art requirements by mailing sean.b[at]highereg[dot]com.

All art is the property of Media Engineering s.r.l.



6th July, 2017

Various illustrations developed by Antonio d'Amore in recent months, exploring a variety of themes and subjects on his graphic tablet.

The artist of course is open to developing similar or uniquely styled illustrations for new and upcoming projects.

To discuss the same, reach out via the contact form on this page's sidebar or by writing to us at team[at]highereg[dot]com.

Lost On Moon Kul-0

Lost On Moon Kul-0

19th June, 2017

At 1D4, a software/game development startup co-founded by Antonio d'Amore, the artist has been helping sketch the concept of a space survival game.

Based on an inhospitable remote planet, the game's narrative will explore that of a survivor of a crashed spaceship with game-play focusing on science-based exploration, choice-making, resource farming and management.

Titled Lost On Moon Kul-0 and developed on Adobe Photoshop, here are various stages of a concept/cover art piece developed by the artist.

Antonio d'Amore is also open to creating 2D illustrations, characters, assets/props, environments, storyboards and animations for new and upcoming game projects.

To discuss the same and/or get in touch with any job requests, please use the contact form on this page's sidebar or mail us at team[at]highereg[dot]co.



22nd May, 2017

In his study of The Legend of Zelda's Link, Antonio attempts to render the Nintendo icon in a slightly altered light.

'The idea was to create the mood of a man always ready for a fight; always ready to end trouble, always alone, living in a forest without friends.' he writes.

Far from what Nintendo intended.

Antonio d'Amore continues to be open to work on new and upcoming game projects, although he's only considering flat-fee paid work rather than revenue share offering tasks at the moment.

To discuss the same and/or get in touch with any job requests, please e-mail us at team[at]highereg[dot]com, or even visit his Sub-Forum.
Fantastic Traveler

Fantastic Traveler

5th May, 2017

While Antonio served Media Engineering s.r.l as a Multimedia artist, an Italian Pharmaceutical Company had approached the firm with a need to educate its employees in the use of a particular software.

With them intending to do so in a way that was both amusing and non-traditional, Antonio had crafted the Fantastic Traveler as a representation of the generic employee.

Apart from effecting the design, animations and environments of the Traveler, the artist was also responsible for crafting the storyboards of the short that would feature the character at the time.

Seen below are various stills and snippets from his work process.

Character Study

Final Character Design That Was Used as a Reference

The Adobe Flash Version of The Character

Ready To Be Animated

Other Featured Characters

Adobe Flash Vector Design of One of Many Environments

Adobe Flash Render of The Environment

A Snippet of The Storyboard

An Adobe After Effects Post-Processed Scene

Although Antonio d'Amore continues to be open to work on new and upcoming game projects, he's only considering flat-fee paid work rather than revenue share offering tasks at the moment.

To discuss the same and/or get in touch with any job requests, please e-mail us at team[at]highereg[dot]com, or even visit his Sub-Forum.

All images are the property of Media Engineering s.r.l.
Oliver, For Extravoglio

Oliver, For Extravoglio

22nd March, 2017

In 2016, Antonio was tasked with creating a character mascot for Extravoglio by Rome, Italy based digital agency B-eat.

Developed by olive oil connoisseur Piero Palanti, Extravoglio is a guidebook to all things extra virgin olive oil.

Antonio accordingly christened his mascot design Oliver, drawing inspirations from Palanti's competence, passion and love for the oil. Oliver is used both in the guidebook and across the Extravoglio website.

Seen below are various stages from Antonio's Adobe CS-based creative process.

Draft & Study

Color Study

From Draft To Final Pose

Antonio is actively looking to contribute to your own games. To discuss job requests or to let him know what you think of Oliver, please feel free to stop by his Sub-Forum.
An Educational Cartoon

An Educational Cartoon

23rd February, 2017

Various preliminary and completed stills from an educational, animated short developed by Antonio during his years as a digital artist in Rome, Italy.

Developed for Media Engineering, the primary purpose of this cartoon was to involve and sensibilize its employees to a particular aspect of their job.

Starting with a brief from the client that served to direct actors for various character voices, the artist went on to develop the entirety of the short's storyboard, characters and environments, while further facilitating editing and compositing.

'I didn't have much time to work on the project, so I'd to make it as simple as possible,' recalls Antonio. 'It was a huge task but I am really proud of the result; the customer was too, they asked for another episode!'

Got feedback? Stop by Antonio d'Amore's Sub-Forum to leave him your suggestions, queries and/or job requests.


Originally a Flash animator and illustrator by trade, Antonio d’Amore’s career has since involved the creation of diverse visual content for a variety of e-learning applications, casual indie games, fables and animated cartoons, as both a freelancer and multimedia designer within the digital art industry.


His specialties lie in both, the 2D and 3D design of illustrations, characters, assets/props, environments, storyboards and animations. With regards to the production of 3D models, aspects of texturing and rigging are also known to him.

Work Process & Software Used

While d’Amore’s work process is largely dependent on the task at the hand, his general workflow demands an exchange of ideas, suggestions and considerations with clients once guidelines pertinent to the job are received. These guidelines are usually expected in the form of documents enlisting the various aspects and nuances of the role assigned.

If a client’s requirements are simple, discussion is kept to a minimum and work begins almost immediately. In the case of jobs involving more professional figures and entire teams, however, the artist prefers to check-in regularly with his progress, make more frequent inquiries with regards to his adopted direction of work, and to integrate his workflow with that of the group if possible.

Either way, d’Amore might utilize both the traditional pencil-paper and digital tablet as required. Well versed in the Adobe Creative Suite, he makes use of Photoshop for the rendering of initial drafts, digital illustration and for retouching/compositing.

Animate CC meanwhile facilitates the development of character designs, environments, props, cutout & frame-by-frame animations, multimedia designs, user interfaces and sprite sheets, while Illustrator helps produce vector art. Spine 2D, 2DNima and Dragonbones are further included for the generation of sprite animations, alongside Moho for a more professional 2D animation toolset.

With regards to d’Amore’s 3D workflow, models may be developed on Autodesk Maya or Cinema 4D, the latter of which is also often utilized for Motion Design. Although all created textures were originally developed on the Adobe Suite by the artist, he’s now begun transitioning to the use of Substance Painter/Designer for the same.  An enthusiastic ZBrush and 3D-Coat user, the artist is also familiar with the basic use of the Unity3D and Unreal game engines.


All of d’Amore’s estimated rates are flexible, negotiable and subject to project size; revenue share agreements are also considered depending on a project’s goals and likelihood of being finished in the near future.

Terms & Conditions
  • Although Antonio d’Amore can provide the rights to created artwork, he prefers that clients permit him to share the same on his own portfolio and social media profiles.
  • All use of his work, especially in gaming media, must be credited in all instances.
Notable Clients & References

Valerio Valentini, CEO & Founder of Mind The Head srl — JokerManiac, Digital Artist

Flavio Fulciniti, Art Director at Media Engineering srl Art Oblivion, Game Designer, 3D Artist, Animator


Born 15th March, 1980 in the southern Italian town of Aversa, Antonio d’Amore was quick to develop a fascination with the art of storytelling, comics, animations and video games.

Post attaining a degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design at the Consorzio Editoriale Fridericiana in 2000, followed by a study in Illustration & Animation at the Scuola Italiana di Comix in Naples thereafter, the artist moved to the city of Rome to employ his newfound qualifications up until 2016 — following a brief period of employment at Aversa based communication agency Mau.

While in Rome, d’Amore would go on to work at establishments such as that of Pragma (Multimedia Designer & Flash Animator, 2006), XCorsi, StaffMedia, Pubbliedi (Illustrator & Flash Animator, 2007-2008), Biogroup (Illustrator, Character Designer, 2D Animator, 3D modeller and Animator, 2008-2009) and Media Engineering (Senior Designer & Art Director, 2009-2016), even nurturing a freelance career in the years between 2002 and 2005.

Having served as a Beta Tester for Nomad GamesTalisman in 2014, d’Amore has been looking to employ his expertise within the gaming industry as a freelance 2D and 3D artist based within the United Kingdom since 2016. A wealth of other interests include photography, travel, social networking, technology, application testing, ping-pong, live music and tabletop gaming.

On Higher Eclectic Ground

Sean Braganza of Higher Eclectic Ground has been serving as a manager and representative of Antonio d’Amore’s multimedia services since February, 2017.

Together, both parties have successfully contributed d’Amore’s talents towards game projects such as —

  • Are We In This Together? d’Amore is currently functioning as a UI/UX artist on Pointless Button Studios’ upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure.
  • Frisky Business: Episode 2. Up to four character concept art pieces have been developed by d’Amore for K-Bros Games’ forthcoming sequel to Frisky Business.
  • Old Grizzled Gamers. d’Amore is currently assisting in the design of a mascot/theme and other visual elements for the official OGG games website.

Making use of his community management/PR services, Sean is also responsible for providing successful clients of Antonio d’Amore with perks such as  —

  • Relentless, complimentary press and social media coverage of those games to which d’Amore has contributed to and worked upon. Have a trailer launch, alpha/beta test or crowdfunding campaign coming up? Sean will issue a press announcement on your behalf across Higher Eclectic Ground’s various channels.
  • Mediation. Correspondence and progress of all jobs are monitored, while steps are taken to ensure proper legal procedures are followed and that both parties uphold their ends of the agreement in a timely, professional manner.
  • Networking Opportunities. With Sean routinely following the progress of various games d’Amore has worked upon, he also attempts to service any other freelance personnel needs that might arise during the games’ development.

And more. To get started then, simply use the contact form attached to this page’s sidebar introducing Antonio d’Amore to  your game project and describing how you believe he could contribute. Alternatively, you may e-mail sean.b[at]highereg[dot]com for queries and/or requests.

3D Artwork


The Treehouse

The Treehouse

1st December, 2017

As a demonstration of its services, 1D4 is currently developing an advergame that functions as a walking simulator.

One of the game's primary purposes lies in illustrating the team's ability to craft highly complex 3D games that function on nearly every modern-spec web & mobile browser, without having to install additional software plugins.

Antonio's role thus far has been that of constructing the various low poly assets required for its environment, with interactable 3D characters in the pipeline.

Best enjoyed via the 1D4 website on a full-screen desktop, the advergame is also compatible with VR devices. It's working name is The Treehouse.

1D4 is a software/game development startup co-founded by Antonio. Among the other projects the team has been working on is Lost on Moon Kul-0, a space survival game whose art concepts can be seen in the 2D Artwork section of this page.

Impressed? Let Antonio know and/or reach out with your games' own multimedia design needs by mailing sean.b[at]highereg[dot]com.

Project E.X.E

Project E.X.E

6th June, 2017

One of several game developers that had learned of Antonio's art via the Higher Eclectic Network this year, had expressed interest in tasking him with creating several 3D character models for the prototype of a game project of the MOBA genre.

The artist first sought to demonstrate the entirety of his modelling-animation workflow to ensure that it aligned with the developer's requirements.

He of course did so by developing, texturing and rigging one such sci-fi character named The Warrior from the ground up, working purely out of a 2D concept created by another artist.

Character concept




Animated - Idle

Animated - Running

Animated - Showboating

Shortly after completion of the character however, the developer decided against making use of original in-game assets for the prototype due to lack of resources.

The Warrior as a result, exists purely as an addition to Antonio's portfolio while the future of the project per se remains unknown.

Regardless, Antonio d'Amore continues to be open to new and upcoming game projects to commit to. Simply reach out by mailing us at team[at]highereg[dot]com.
Theoreo, Application Mascot

Theoreo, Application Mascot

29th March, 2017

Theoreo was designed to be the official mascot of a management application for Game Room Leaders. It's concept is that of a robot with four visibly coloured dots representing brand identity.

The clients initially wanted the character to be 2-dimensional, leading Theoreo to be shaped like an android in raw-concept form. Antonio wasn't too pleased with his initial drafts however; he needed something that'd be easy to pose and animate.

The artist was much more satisfied with Theoreo's redesigned legs and proportions. He decided for the head to appear too heavy for its body when animated.

Facial expressions would correspondingly appear on the display attached to its head.

Antonio loves his superhero poses.

Theoreo subsequently appears in various guides, signage, prints and packaging related to the application

All images are the property of Media Engineering, s.r.l. Note that Antonio is actively looking to contribute to your own games. To discuss job requests or to let him know what you think of Theoreo, please feel free to stop by his Sub-Forum.

Reading, United Kingdom
2D illustrations, character designs, assets/props, environments, storyboards & animations; 3D modelling, texturing, rigging & animations
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