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Synospsis of an Odyssey | Steam Early Access Theme

Synospsis of an Odyssey | Steam Early Access Theme

28th January, 2017

The Original Soundtrack of The Young Socratics' upcoming scientific puzzle adventure, Odyssey, is being developed by Alfredo Sirica.

In commemoration, the musician previews his ongoing work with the theme that backs the game's recently launched Steam Early Access trailer. He writes --

'The track is called "Synopsis of an Odyssey", as it's supposed to resemble the structure and cyclicity of a full voyage.'

'It starts with a calm piano (preparation for the journey to come), then flows into a full orchestration (the beginning of a journey), gets to the climax (the resolution of the quest) and finally returns to the calm piano (the end of the voyage).'

The track's significance is further illustrated by the Steam Early Access trailer seen below.

Successfully Kickstarted in the month of November, 2016, Odyssey aims to blend history, scientific reasoning and argumentation with an intense narrative centred on the rescue of a 13 year old and her family from The Wretched Islands.

With it due for a Steam Early Access release this February, one may learn more of the game via its Steam page.

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Porches & Private Eyes - Main Theme

Porches & Private Eyes - Main Theme

30th November, 2016

Alfredo Sirica's first portfolio entry on this here Higher Eclectic Space of his arrives with profound sentimental value.

With him having jumped into a full-fledged career as an orchestral composer of classical music only in 2013, Running Wild Films and 5J Media's Porches & Private Eyes became Sirica's first full-length film project when it released earlier this year.

'It symbolises what I've been able to reach through all the hard work.' he writes.

This main theme is of course only one of Sirica's contributions to the film's soundtrack, the entirety of which can be heard on Running Wild's Bandcamp.


logoWith skills previously showcased in the fields of theatre and the English-Italian translations of various media, Orvieto (TR), Italy based Alfredo Sirica utilises his expertise in the composition and orchestration of classical music to create high quality soundtracks for games and film.


These orchestral compositions are prone to utilising a mix of traditional instruments, played or recorded live against a professional studio setting, and high-end synthesizers.

Minimal electronic sounds are also included despite the musician’s majorly classical background. Depending on a project’s budget, Sirica often goes so far as to include, hire and conduct an entire orchestra of professional performers for purposes of the assigned task.

Work Process & Software Used

Once convinced of the suitability of his musical style for a potential collaboration, Sirica proceeds to develop a thorough understanding of his clients’ vision and scope by requesting visual material and/or other resources pertinent to the game project.

A period of brainstorming then ensues wherein Sirica attempts to merge the instructions and vision of his clients with his own ideas, in order to provide them with an initial draft of the project’s first audio sample within a few days. Once the general direction and style of this audio is agreed upon, work on the rest of the assigned roster of music continues on a per-track basis with the musician developing relevant handwritten/printed notations, recording them live or via high-end synthesizers, before shipping them to his employers in an orderly fashion.

Changes and modifications are further applied over continuous dialogue if needed. Whenever the assigned budget doesn’t provide for the hiring of a full-fledged orchestra, Sirica’s library of virtual instruments and sounds bases itself on the virtual instruments of Kontakt, amplified by the use of tools such as Albion, Symphobia, Orchestral Essentials, Swing!, Cinewinds, Cinestring, East/West Quantum Leap Orchestra, Cinemorphx, Alicia’s Keys and more.

These are often mixed with the sounds of real instruments played and recorded live within a professional studio, before being merged into a singular track via the use of software such as Cubase, Audacity, Traktor Pro 2 or Reaper.


All rates are negotiable and are subject to the following aspects of a project –

  • Genre
  • Degree of Promotion
  • Project Budget & Potential

Sirica is often willing to make do with modest rates, provided a client’s game manages to capture his interest sufficiently. Similarly revenue shares are considered based on the project’s determined potential; employers are free to choose when the musician’s fees are paid, provided an agreement is made via written contract.

Terms & Conditions
  • Before discussing a potential collaboration, Alfredo Sirica will require an accurate description of the game project, the amount of music needed, the genre of soundtrack that’s requested and the available budget the creators are able to spend on said soundtrack.
  • Sirica prefers to begin work only after a written agreement is established between both parties.
Notable Clients & References

Having begun composing professionally around 2013, Sirica has already contributed to the soundtracks of short films, video games and since recently, full-feature films and TV shows.

A few of his previous clients and their games he’s contributed to include —

More references provided on request.


profileHaving begun learning the Piano at the tender age of nine, Alfredo Sirica looks back at his early relationship with music to once be detrimental to his creative growth.

Constantly forced to play tracks that weren’t his, the artist yearned for musical experiences that would be unique to himself.

Thankfully this angst would soon draw Sirica to the art of composition, immersing him in its study over several years that would take him all the way from Italy to Germany.

Once satisfied with his craft and knowledge, the musician would begin his professional career circa 2013 — competing with various other freelancers to secure job postings online.

This in turn led to the Italian to score some of his first soundtracks, most of which were to back short films and independent games. Sirica has since then gone on to play at various concerts in Italy, introduce podcasts featuring popular Italian writers à la Corrado Augias and as of 2014, score the soundtracks of full-feature films and cartoons.

He also harnesses a past in acting, having studied it for nearly seven years before performing at various theatres and making minor appearances on local TV. Alternate trades continue to include that of English-Italian translations, with Sirica having previously played translator on several online comics and the sci-fi war game Warhammer 40k: Regicide.

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