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The Beamer | Enemy Concept

The Beamer | Enemy Concept

3rd July, 2017

The Beamer is an enemy concept being considered for The Worldmap portion of Abadon's gameplay.

With players having to wait for their jammer/disruptor signals to turn green before interacting with the world below, these enemies are being designed to make staying within the disruptor area particularly difficult by emitting laser beams that block player navigation.

Seen in the demonstration above are only prototypes of The Beamer with all art assets being temporary placeholders subject to change.

Abadon: Guardians Rise is currently having its various characters, levels and populating assets developed with a potential demo release due for later this year.

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Ship Missions & a Potential Stealth Character

Ship Missions & a Potential Stealth Character

9th June, 2017

Currently being explored and programmed is the concept of ship missions; dedicated levels generated by The Worldmap, that yield control of mothership Aegis for the purpose of completing various objectives in 2D top-down, shoot 'em up fashion.

With the reveal in April, developer Ummagumma Games had described how The Worldmap would serve as a connect between the game's various platformer levels.

Lead Designer Scott Bowser now explains that while The Worldmap will be an in-game mission in and of itself, some of the points of interest it generates will be missions playable only via Aegis.

'While The Worldmap has objective points and treasures, these separate missions have their own objectives and even different, randomised enemy layouts.' he explains.

'Objectives may involve extracting enemy Intel, where they fend off waves over a point, and much more.'

One such sample mission is seen in the prototype game-play video above, that uses a metallic tilesheet to display multiple enemy outposts.

'Some of the individual pieces you see here are ship hubs that spawn enemy ships, barracks that spawn ground soldiers, auto turrets, shield generators and rocket pads.' continues Bowser.

'You'll want to figure out the best pieces to take down first when destroying these bases!'

Ship missions, along with The Worldmap, are expected to be included in Abadon's upcoming playable demo later this year, further adding variety to the existing set of platformer missions.

Moreover while existing playable characters and enemies continue to be tweaked, Lead Artist Andrew Restrapo is also working on several potential character concepts while developing assets for the game's City level, Worldmap and UI.

One such playable character, a potential stealth-type soldier, is seen attached herewith. Don't hesitate to leave your suggestions/feedback via the game's Sub-Forum, while signing up for e-mail updates via this page's sidebar.

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Previewing New City Tilesets, Noba & Melee Character Prototypes | May 2017 Progress

Previewing New City Tilesets, Noba & Melee Character Prototypes | May 2017 Progress

26th May, 2017

Following The Worldmap reveal last month, development of Abadon's City level is now beginning to show progress in terms of finalised tileset designs.

The City Level with an older version of building tilesets.

The City has been undergoing a redesign since December, last year, when the development duo of Bowser and Restrapo had found existing level assets to be clashing excessively with the background.

New Tileset renders; exterior view.

Progress renders of the re-designed tilesets were subsequently shown off on social media earlier this month; demonstrating higher levels of contrast and detail, the outside walls of each building disappear on player entrance as have been with previous City designs.

New Tileset renders; interiors. More level assets to be added.

In addition, two new playable character concepts are being actively considered. The first is Noba; a beast that uses enemies and wall objects to engage, escape, or strategize its attacks.

Noba Prototype Gameplay Using The Lion King Sprites/Animations

'Right now, he attacks with incredibly sharp claws, and his roar is powerful enough to stun nearby enemies.' explains Lead Designer, Scott Bowser.

'If you build up enough fall speed, he glows with built up energy, allowing for a ground pound attack.'

In a second prototype clip Noba is seen using even more of his climbing abilities -- staying above enemies while waiting for the right time to pounce.

Provided enough speed is built-up during a fall, the character is also capable of dispersing a shock wave on landing.

The second character meanwhile derives its mechanics from that of a stealthy ninja; slightly goofy, the developers are still deliberating on whether a more serious design is required.

Please note, that all the above concepts are subject to change with their inclusion in the game's upcoming playable demo being tentative.

Official announcements of each will be made in due time; for now, don't hesitate to leave your suggestions/feedback via the game's Sub-Forum.

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The Worldmap | Prototype Gameplay

The Worldmap | Prototype Gameplay

19th April, 2017

Introducing The Worldmap, a top-down, shoot 'em up game-play mode that will serve as a connect between Abadon's various side-scrolling, platformed levels.

As Vanguardians tasked with liberating the planet of Abadon from an extra-terrestrial invasion, players must visit multiple locations/levels and complete specific objectives therein to advance the game's narrative.

With players granted control of their mother-ship, Aegis, The Worldmap essentially lets one traverse the planet in top-down view, explore randomly generated locations and choose to complete them or head to a different level altogether.

Breaking down a functioning prototype of the new mode in the video above, Lead Designer Scott Bowser explains --

'We wanted it to offer a unique and engaging way to choose next levels/objectives that feels significant and entertaining, without being too much or overly hard on the player -- which the objectives of the platformed sections of the game tend to be.'

The Worldmap will additionally feature its own set of missions, collectables, enemies and system of progression apart from Abadon's 2D platformed levels.

Furthermore although the prototype demonstrates placeholder art, the mode will eventually feature updated scenery, variations of enemies and visually diverse locations in the vein of the game's primary art style.

'Artist Andrew Ganzales will be working on that, as well as the next level we have in the queue,' continues Bowser, 'but only after we finish the City level which we're currently having issues getting to look right. Hopefully, we should have the Worldmap playable by the summer.'

With Ganzales replacing Charles Ferguson-Avery as Lead Artist Illustrator on the Ummagumma team preceding the game's co-op teaser reveal last year, development pace had admittedly hit a speed-bump through the holidays.

'We've also gone through multiple iterations of the City Level because we can't seem to get something that we like. ' Bowser admits.

'Since then, there has been a lot of bug fixing, testing, and working on the Worldmap. The Worldmap, being its own game essentially, has taken up most of the development time in order to lay the foundation to build the rest of it upon. We've also been designing new characters and how they will be playing.'

Abadon: Guardians Rise will as a result not be making its planned demo release period of Q1 2017 but has instead been postponed to an unannounced date.

'Work continues regardless.' the development duo assures. 'If we're not developing, we're designing, if we're not designing, we're brainstorming, if we're not brainstorming, we're developing. '

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Worldmap - Teaser

Worldmap - Teaser

19th March, 2017

As development of the game's various City level assets progresses, Abadon: Guardian's Rise is also working on an all new game-play mode; The Worldmap.

In top-down view, players must fend off enemy ships, scout for treasures and protect Aegis, their own craft, as they make their way to the next mission.

More information arrives in the form of a full video demonstration by Ummagumma Games, soon.

Abadon: Guardians Rise is currently having its various characters, levels and populating assets developed en route to a potential Q1 2017 demo release. For prior updates, scroll right on this slider!

To interact with the Ummagumma team, post queries and/or associated feedback, please visit the game's Sub-Forum.

Play-testing The Crawler, Zombdoge & Zombull as City Level Undergoes Redesign

Play-testing The Crawler, Zombdoge & Zombull as City Level Undergoes Redesign

23rd December, 2016

Abadon: Guardians Rise is now in the process of having three new enemy additions play-tested for its City Level.

Accompanying the previously introduced Zomborgs, Zombie Cyborg enemies that function by converting civilians into one of their own within the Level, are Crawlers, Zombdoges and Zombulls.

Crawlers function by clinging onto walls, lunging at players, exploding and causing damage on contact. 'The Crawler video demo shows it crawling towards the player, lunging as soon as they get close.' explains Lead Designer/Programmer Scott Bowser.

'The player then starts attacking the Zomborgs, but gets hit by the Crawler because he wasn't paying attention!'

Zombdoges on the other hand are far more vicious; one of these are seen trapping the player's movements in the above demonstration, enabling Zomborgs to pin them down for massive damage as a Crawler looks on.

This is all while Zombulls smash through an area's destructible objects, subsequently leaving civilians (that must be protected for points/XP/mission objectives) and the player open to a Zomborg attack.

'When you put a Zombull in a room full of civilians and Zomborgs, your enemies can multiply real quick!' adds Bowser.

'Add in trying to dodge a raging bull, wall crawling cyborgs, and anything of the other planned enemies, makes the City Level VERY challenging at higher difficulty levels.'

'It's still undecided if all of these tested enemies will be going into the game, but after playing around with them, they definitely do a great job of keeping the player on their feet in different ways.'

The City Level itself appears considerably different from its introduction in June. 'Per Lead Artist Andrew Restrepo's comments, the color palettes of the City Level were clashing, where the assets on the player's layer were mixing with the background, making it hard to distinguish background from foreground. ' Bowser continues.

'So he went in and completely changed the color palettes of ALL backgrounds as well as added more detail. He also made brick tilemaps for me to use that have more detail and look like true brick buildings.

The duo is still evaluating how they want the tilemaps to connect, how to add greater detail, as well as how to present players with navigation Cues.

Each time the existing tile-map is changed, the level has to be completely redrawn, turning the Level's configuration into a time consuming endeavour.

'Once we're done, we'll also be looking into ways to potentially randomise buildings by color, enemy layout, and maybe even size/shape.' they surmise.

The City Level is one of several that will be making an appearance in Abadon: Guardians Rise's upcoming demo, another being the now completed Nuke Cave level seen its Co-Op Teaser, offering up to 2-3 unique variations of themselves for players to experience.

Attached are GIF's of The Crawler, Zombdoge and Zombull in action, followed by a demonstration of the Zomborgs on an older version of the City Level respectively.

Abadon: Guardians Rise is currently having its various characters, levels and populating assets developed en route to a Q1 2017 demo release. For prior updates, scroll right on this slider!

Abadon: Guardians Rise, Co-op RPG Now In Development By Ummagumma Games

Abadon: Guardians Rise, Co-op RPG Now In Development By Ummagumma Games

12th December, 2016

Terra-Force, Ummagumma Games' upcoming 2D roguelite, co-op RPG is now Abadon: Guardians Rise!

After several months of a hiatus that's seen them reassess their vision & roadmap, the developers officially announce the game's PC/Xbox One directed development.

Featuring an OST by Mr.Reeves and a 2017 demo release, come grab all the details here.

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New City Environment Play Test+ Zomborg/Civilian Interaction

New City Environment Play Test+ Zomborg/Civilian Interaction

21st June, 2016

Soon after the brief preview of co-operative gameplay from last month, work moved towards Terra-Force's city based environment.

While naturally exuding an ambience different from that of the Nuke Cave that has been the subject of all prior preview material, the new environment also proceeds to unveil Zomborgs, basic game-play within the City, destructible objects and the team's current direction with respect to its layout.

With Not a Hero and Ronin cited as design inspirations, the City's most notable feature lies in the disappearance of buildings' player-facing walls as soon as one enters them, depicted in this Play Test GIF.

Seen running amok for the first time therein are the Zombie Cyborgs, enemies that have been planted within the City to wreak havoc. 'On the first play-through, the reason they are there is unknown to the player,' explains programmer Scott Bowser.

'They aren't really sentient, since they are controlled by something else -- perhaps the same higher power that is responsible for the game's focal bug infestation.'

As Zombies do, the Zomborgs also function by converting civilians into one of their own; this is illustrated in the same GIF, where humans hiding behind destructible boxes and desks are swiftly converted into Zomborgs as they flock towards the player.

'We added destructible objects for the civilians to hide behind', continues Bowser. 'The real problem though, is that those running around and getting turned into enemies can multiply on screen right in front of your eyes.'

When asked if there will be mechanics inserted to prevent this, he divulges that a button driven system is being implemented to allow players to save civilians. 'If you don't kill the Zomborgs and start to run away though, you run the risk of civilians getting in the way', he adds.

Note than the entirety of what is seen here is still very much in its crude, prototype form and subject to change. Also attached along with the GIF, is a concept image of the city environment the developers are tweaking and building upon.

'We want each level to have it's own uniqueness and resemblance to other platformer styles', explains Bowser. 'This is our first dip into showing that to the players -- where no two terrains are the same. Yes, we only have 1 enemy shown but multiple in mind.'

Ability Upgrades

5th May, 2016

In its first brief preview of co-operative gameplay, Ummagumma Games illustrate how Terra-Force enables two players to independently purchase & upgrade abilities without having to take turns.

Captured within the game's Home Base, the footage also depicts one of the player controlled characters selecting the next mission while the other tends to its abilities, before both move to the mission launch area.

Every playable character will have up to four abilities unique to them, each with three upgrades that will be purchasable via a blend of 'skill points' and 'in-game' currency that is still being worked on by the developers.

HUD | Developer Statement

HUD | Developer Statement

2nd April, 2016

A week ago Ummagumma Games had shared a screenshot from their 2D Rogue Lite Terra Force, illustrating their idea of character specific HUDs.

They'd done so to gather Community opinion on whether the HUDs that were meant to provide various character specific info within the users' line of sight, as opposed to having them on the edges of a screen, seemed obtrusive to gameplay.

In response to all the feedback they've received since, the developers have issued the statement seen here in gratitude while also expressing their final decision pertaining to the HUDs.

HUD | Feedback

HUD | Feedback

8th April, 2016

Do you find these floating HUDs above each character obtrusive to the eye and potentially, gameplay?

The HUDs seen here are tentative additions to Terra Force -- each illustrating characteristics respective to a character such as attack cool-downs, attack charges, health and more.

Unlike games such as Risk of Rain, Awesomenauts and League of Legends from which Terra Force draws inspiration, wherein HUDs specifying all the aforementioned information were aligned to the edge of a screen and hence, forced players to look away during combat,

Terra Force aims to compress and make available all that information above each character at all times.

The developers however are looking for your feedback in determining if their decision is valid or if the screen appears too crowded as a result; let them know in the comments below.

The Prophet - Boss Battle

27th March, 2016

Making yet another appearance after its debut on the Community a few days back is Queen of the planetary bug infestation, The Prophet.

Seen performing her roll attack this time around, the focus of this snippet of gameplay however lies in the boss battle itself. As The Prophet's minions chase after The Predator, one of the game's protagonists, he's seen unleashing upon them his arrow volley -- upgraded to pierce up to three baddies at a time.

Also illustrated is the use of his boomerang upgraded to shock/stun enemies, before he uses his grapple to avoid the incoming beast.

The Prophet

25th March, 2016

Enter The Prophet; leader of the enemy bug colony and perhaps one of the toughest opponents players will face off against in Terra-Force.

Still under development, The Prophet serves as the Queen Bee of the bug infestation that seems to have enveloped Earth, and against which the game's protagonists have been seen fending off in prior game play snippets.

The Prophet is currently being designed with two primary attacks that change depending on game play difficulty; the first being a spiked roll attack which evolves into it shooting spikes at players on higher difficulties.

The second attack on the other hand, involves it hurling eggs that cling to walls -- and which hatch to bring out other bugs in an attempt to distract the player.

Also seen here is one of the game's many playable protagonists, The Predator, as was introduced in the game's first prototype game play.

He is of course, shown moving to confront The Prophet after battling through his lair ; note that the environment, animations and all other visual aspects seen here are subject to change.

Tera Force (working title) Gunslinger character test

17th February, 2016

Ummagumma Games debuts The Gunslinger; one of their upcoming 2D Roguelike, Terra-Force's many playable protagonists.

With upto 4 lethal attacks in his arsenal, The Gunslinger will be perhaps one of the game's deadliest characters; equipped with the Laser Pistol attack, a light Whip, the Roll and the DeadEye Shot

Besides showing them all in action, the character test footage seen here also goes on to illustrate a few of the character upgrades that will be made available to the player.

The first being a 'Cooldown Reset' upgrade added to the whip, that lets the character's 'roll' & 'whip' meter cool down instantly on killing an enemy with the 'tip' of the whip that resonates a 'Crack'.

This is followed by the landmine upgrade that lets the player deploy mines mid-roll, and the Dead Sight attack that does double damage to any enemy within the Gunslinger's crosshairs.

Also noticeable, are tweaks made to the game's SFX, animations and blood display -- seen smeared across the platform every time an enemy is attacked or killed. Dig it? More snippets to follow.

Home Base

Home Base

10th February, 2016

Terra Force's Home Base is shaping up nicely.

Still being actively designed, the Home Base will be a regular retreat for players, letting them save progress, upgrade characters, purchase items & more.

Illustrated in the preview here, is the Entrance bay at the top left corner where players return from their missions. Below it is the upgrade center, allowing players to deck up in a variety of enhancements that influence capabilities & strategy.

At the bottom level, is the training bay for practice sessions -- with a massive world map adjacent to it, letting players choose their next objectives/missions before heading out. More on the pods above & trophy room beside it to follow.

Co-Op Preview

Co-Op Preview

30th January, 2016

Exactly a month ago, Ummagumma Games brought you a peek at game play footage from Terra Force(Working Title).

Today, they bring us a sneak peek of how that co-op is shaping up; the first image shows players laying their wrath down on a 'Deacon', a tougher version of the bug-like enemy known as the 'Scribe' seen in the prototype game-play.

The image below it shows players attacking yet another Deacon and a green 'Martyr' -- a type of suicide bomber 'bug', whose partner waits to get the drop on unsuspecting players at the top right of the level.

As of now, Ummagumma are preparing yet another piece of footage showcasing the game's co-op mode in action.

Rogue-Lite Platformer - Ummagumma Games

31st December, 2015

With the tale of a Planetary Defence Task Force striving to protect world peace, while drawing inspiration from the 2D Roguelike platformers of old, this is upcoming 4-player couch & online co-op Terra-Force(Working Title).

Conceived in October '15 and developed by Ummagumma Games, Terra-Force(Working Title) is still very much in its prototype stage -- with programmer Scott Bowser & artist Charles Ferguson-Avery burning the midnight oil to flesh out several mechanics, both single player & co-op, daily.

Henceforth, the duo will be sharing every bit of their progress starting with this piece of footage from the game's early prototype, with every intention of gathering candid feedback from the community here and beyond.


14910443_930407037064438_1717842384915082109_n-1Set against the backdrop of a mysterious extra-terrestrial infestation, Abadon: Guardian’s Rise is a 2D platformed, Roguelite tale of an elite planetary defense task-force in development by Ummagumma Games.

With features such as that of uniquely customizable characters and dynamically structured levels, vicious enemy design, co-operative game play and a demanding narrative comprised of multiple play-through’s, players must rush to restore their decimated squad of Vanguardians and recover the Planet of Abadon from the clutches of alien originated violence.


prophet_deathIn the year of 2225, the Planet of Abadon finally stands united. War among nations has effectively been solved with the One People One World (OPOW) act of 2060, while any visible threat to world peace that does exist, comes in the form of radical terrorist groups.

As it always has. And yet, the growing technological power of the world’s United Nations has left Abadon convinced that even these will perish with time. Until now.

After a routine reconnaissance run leaves Abadon’s special task force, the Vanguardians, in disarray, multiple unknown threats begin to crop up over the planet. Their sources are unknown although definitely extra-terrestrial, with civilian casualties rising per the minute.

As these Guardians rush to neutralise the enemy and salvage the missing remnants of their task force, a larger conspiracy unravels; one inclusive of branching timelines, parallel universes, suspense and an overarching theme of vengeance that will have players coursing through Abadon: Guardian’s Rise several times.


shipWith the nearly destroyed space HUB of Aegis and its partly functional, on board AI plus World Map serving as the only connect to the rest of Abadon, players must navigate to multiple on and off planet locations, rescue civilians, pulverise enemies and complete various sets of objectives therein to urge the narrative forward.

The level of difficulty encountered while doing so is entirely dependent on a location’s Threat Level, which not only fluctuates with time but is also directly influenced by the number of objectives successfully completed therein.

gunslinger_attack3_128_02-1To this end players might make use of several surviving Vanguardians, each of which arrive with their own set of attacks, insanely stackable upgrades and a steep learning curve, in either single-player or 4-player local/online co-operative modes.

Successfully taking down the variety — often mobs — of enemies the extra-terrestrial invasion has to offer, facilitates the repair and modification of Aegis, as well as the purchase of character-specific upgrades.

Although these upgrades might persist through multiple play-through’s, level settings, navigation and correspondent enemy behaviour is dynamically altered with each iteration of the narrative, calling for multiple play-styles and experiences throughout.


The preliminary soundtrack and audio base of Abadon: Guardian’s Rise will comprise of the cinematic, ambient and heavy-metal infused Synthwave sensibilities of Van Reeves, a Philippines based freelance musician affiliated to Higher Eclectic’s own network of independent game talent.


predator_run_128-1Abadon: Guardians Rise is currently in development for a PC release, with an Xbox One launch envisioned as well.

Development of the game began in October, 2015 under the moniker of Terra-Force. Drawing inspiration from various Roguelike/Roguelike classics in the vein of Rogue Legacy, Risk of Rain and Nuclear Throne, the months thereafter witnessed the development of several of the game’s core game-play mechanics pertinent to Aegis, character upgrades, the World Map, base enemy classes and other underlying fundamentals.

The team then proceeded into a short hiatus from the public eye over the summer of 2016, wherein several aspects of Terra-Force’s existing design, concept and future progress were evaluated, before resurfacing with the newly finalised name of Abadon: Guardians Rise, its first teaser, a development blog and more.

As it stands, Abadon: Guardians of the Rise is currently having its various characters, levels and populating assets developed. The team is currently aiming for a release of the game’s Vertical Slice — demonstrative of its base mechanics, a fraction of its character and level roster — sometime during 2017, with the intent of garnering crucial player feedback therefrom towards further development.

About Ummagumma Games


Ummagumma Games is a two-man development team populated and co-founded by Lead Designer/Programmer Scott Bowser and Lead Artist/Illustrator Andrew Restrepo Ganzales.

The duo had first met over You Can’t Escape, a 2D platformed runner originally created by Bowser and then programming partner Nuno Nunes under the banner of Out Of The Box Entertainment in the early months of 2014.

Restrepo had been hired as one of several freelancers to assist with the development of the game’s art, before it was relaunched under the Ummagumma banner in November 2014.

Following You Can’t Escape’s release, the duo of Bowser and Ganzales would go on to develop and release Godsmash Armageddon over winter, the same year, before commencing development on their third mobile arcade title Soul Samurai.

With the same due for a release soon, Abadon: Guardian’s Rise will mark Ummagumma’s fourth collaborative venture and first PC-directed release.

Functioning as an ode to Bowser’s love for couch co-op games, the 2D Roguelite will also include the work of Charles Ferguson-Avery, whose contributions to the pixel art department have helped facilitate over 500 hours of development time thus far.


On Higher Eclectic Ground

Sean Braganza assisted with various aspects of Abadon’s community management and press/public relations between December, 2015 and July, 2017.

This originally meant maintaining a steady flow of social media posts relevant the game across Higher Eclectic Ground’s own channels, before branching out to more PR intensive tasks. Since September, 2016 however, this involved —

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with various gaming news websites, while progressively encouraging coverage of Abadon’s development.
  • Successfully assisting Ummagumma Games in the development of a format for the Abadon’s co-op teaser, that marked the official announcement of the game’s development in December, 2016.
  • Aiding Lead Developer Scott Bowser in the drafting of a preliminary Game Design Document and formal development plan in 2016.
  • Providing for Abadon’s soundtrack by establishing a collaboration between Ummagumma Games and music composer Van Reeves, who helped develop various music tracks and sound effects for the game’s initial build in 2016.
  • Providing Lead Developer Scott Bowser with  weekly strategy tips/suggestions to bolster Abadon’s social media presence.
  • Providing Lead Developer Scott Bowser with quality assurance feedback pertinent to Abadon’s various preliminary builds.
  • Constructing written development updates, issuing press releases of the same and generating social media blurbs, with the intention of growing Abadon’s audience on a monthly basis.

These updates, blurbs and press releases are generated and logged by Sean Braganza, in the Updates section at the head of this page and the Recent Press Releases tab of the sidebar. All press coverage that has resulted from the same meanwhile, is seen embedded under the What’s been Said About Abadon: Guardians Rise tab of the sidebar.

From Ummagumma Games

‘Sean goes above and beyond not just getting your game noticed, but also in keeping you on track with your social media requirements.

He is knowledgeable, professional and really helped me understand the social media game of getting Abadon: Guardians Rise noticed by the appropriate audience.

Not just on Facebook, but also on all the other social media platforms. Consider yourself lucky if he reaches out to you to help promote your game.’ Scott Bowser, Ummagumma Games.


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