Beats Of Fury - Caleb Cuzner
Melee Masters - Brandon Crampton
CyberThreat - Van Reeves
Unannounced Project - Sam Oz
Only Human - Van Reeves
Tiberium Secrets - Paul Evans
Are We In This Together? - Antonio d'Amore
Abadon: Guardians Rise
Frisky Business 2 - Antonio d'Amore
HyperParasite - Van Reeves
Slick: Ruff Justice - Van Reeves
Carried Away - Alfredo Sirica
Unannounced Project - Will Phillips
State Of Wonder - Brandon Crampton


As a freelance 2D/3D art designer, music composer, sound designer, voice artist, scriptwriter or what-have-you, independently building an online presence for your services, scouting for new jobs and handling communications with prospective clients while managing current commitments can be a daunting, if not time-consuming task.

For a small commission off successful collaborations I bring you, I help share a considerable portion of the above load by –

  • Managing information pertinent to your online portfolios, professional background, history and references by centralising them in a single, easy-to-access professional hub on this website, that is regularly updated and maintained by myself,
  • Creating media to demonstrate your latest portfolio additions; no time to create videos for your music tracks? I’ll develop an appropriate video using royalty-free footage and media to establish a style unique to yourself and boost appeal, just as an example.
  • Maintaining awareness of your services and availability via creative blurbs posted across Higher Eclectic Ground’s social media profiles, weekend newsletter and dedicated threads created by myself across popular gaming forums,
  • Scouting for freelance openings relevant to your skill-set and current availability, keeping a constant eye on popular classifieds, forums and personally interacting with game developers,
  • Handling all subsequent communication and background checks to ensure smooth sailing, before putting prospective clients in touch with you,
  • Mediating all collaborations by ensuring proper legal procedures are followed and ensuring progress tracking to ensure no disputes arise,
  • Keeping your clients happy and returning for more. Utilising my affinity for and growing experience in Community Management/PR services, your clients are provided with complementary coverage of their games in the form of press releases and social media posts.

Above all, I ensure the relationship we maintain is as transparent, personal and friendly as can be by providing you with monthly reports, weekly/bi-weekly check-ins, discussing promotional strategies and more.

The Catalog should assist in getting acquainted with the talent I currently manage, while LinkedIn offers an updated overview of my Resume.

Think we’d work well together? Let’s talk.