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This Sub-Forum has been created for independent video game writers, journalists and storytellers that bear NO AFFILIATION to Higher Eclectic Ground,  to document the growth, progress and build a community/audience around their craft/blogs/outlets.

A writer is permitted a maximum of ONE THREAD/TOPIC within this Sub-Forum, that they may then update as frequently as they'd like with their latest written pieces, news items, blog posts and so forth. JOURNALISTS are permitted to share original news pieces, features, reviews and opinion articles from websites/blogs they write for -- PROVIDED their threads are not used to PROMOTE the activities of their websites (contests, giveaways etc.) per se.

It is also advised to give the THREAD/TOPIC a self-explanatory name that grabs the attention of viewers; a good TEMPLATE of this would be -- The RST Gaming Blog |

Eg: Twisted-Gaming | Original Reviews & Gaming Opinion

Once created, ensure to keep your THREADS/TOPICS active by frequently posting content within the Rules & Guidelines of our established forum etiquette. Forum participants are further encouraged to partake in the threads of others just the same, stimulating a creative exchange of ideas and feedback in the process.

Game developers may NOT use this thread to post job openings; If at any time they would like to announce a job opening pertinent to their game's development, they must do so within Higher Eclectic's Classifieds to alert the Network's Member Catalogue.

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