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Basic in design and functionality, The Higher Eclectic Forums have been designed to facilitate interaction between members of the Higher Eclectic Network, associates, potential clients, as well as other independent creators of games and gaming related media.

Below is a listing of General Rules & Guidelines pertinent to the posting of content within said Forums.



  • The purpose of each Forum Category (Higher Eclectic Ground, Game Design & Development, Gaming Media etc.) & their constituent Sub-Forums is briefly stated as sub-titles under their respective headings, as viewed on the Forums' Homepage.
  • Each Sub-Forum contains a mandatory sticky INTRODUCTORY POST at its top, further explaining its purpose and laying out basic guidelines pertinent to that Sub-Forum. Make sure to read these STICKY posts before posting to avoid potential warnings/thread removals by the Forum admin.
  • One may choose to SUBSCRIBE and obtain RSS feeds of all ensuing Sub-Forum activity (Creation of new threads etc.) using the options provided at the top of the Sub-Forum page.



  • Create a New Thread within your desired Sub-Forum using the ADD TOPIC option from the top of the Sub-Forum page. Doing so brings up the TOPIC TITLE field and post editor.
  • Give your Thread a clear, self-explanatory TOPIC TITLE. Titles cannot be changed once set, so ensure to think them through carefully before posting.
  • Use the post editor to render your content with alignments, bullet points, hyperlinks and other formatting to keep things neat.
  • The Forums supports EMBEDDED CONTENT from the following media channels -- 


    Simply paste the corresponding media URL within your post's content to embed.

  • Additionally, media FILE ATTACHMENTS of up to 10MB are supported.
  • Once posted, a TOPIC/Thread may be EDITED or DELETED by its creator only within a period of 24 hours. Those wishing to DELETE a thread thereafter must request the Forum admins to do on their behalf by posting within the same.
  • Links to specific posts within a TOPIC/Thread can be obtained by clicking on the LINK icon situated at the top-right of a post, besides its corresponding time-stamp.
  • Options to REPLY, LIKE, QUOTE or REPORT a post are situated below the posted content at all times.



A Forum Member might choose to edit their profile avatar and other personal details using the MY PROFILE tab on the Forum's Title Bar. Similarly, members might even choose to track the activity and details of other members by clicking on their respective PROFILE NAMES or by using the MEMBERS tab situated on the Forum's Title Bar.



In its current state, the Higher Eclectic Forums do not support personal messaging. Those wishing to speak with a specific game developer or freelance creator of gaming media affiliated to Higher Eclectic Ground are required to post within their respective Sub-Forums.



  • The posting of indecent, sexual or generally offensive content and media.
  • Trolls and visitors that operate with motives to hurt, torment or arrogantly criticise the work and/or sentiments of others in a manner that's neither constructive nor helpful. 

Disregard for the above and basic forum etiquette will quite easily result in a ban from the Higher Eclectic Forums; members are hence encouraged to REPORT any and all content they deem offensive, responsibly.



All queries and issues encountered during one's interaction with Higher Eclectic Ground or its Forums may be left within the appropriate Sub-Forums of the QUERIES, SUGGESTIONS, GUIDES & FEEDBACK category. Frequently Asked Questions will automatically be sorted and indexed with time.

Thank you and do enjoy yourselves.

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