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This Sub-Forum has been created for independent YouTube/Twitch gamers and podcasters that bear NO AFFILIATION to Higher Eclectic Ground,  to document the growth, progress and build a community/audience around their channels/outlets.

A video/podcast creator is permitted a maximum of ONE THREAD/TOPIC within this Sub-Forum, that they may then update as frequently as they'd like with latest episodes, requests of feedback, discussions and so forth.

It is also advised to give the THREAD/TOPIC a self-explanatory name that grabs the attention of viewers; a good TEMPLATE of this would be -- The RST Gaming Podcast |

Eg: The Game-blings Podcast | Erratic Video Game Ramblings

Once created, ensure to keep your THREADS/TOPICS active by frequently posting content within the Rules & Guidelines of our established forum etiquette. Forum participants are further encouraged to partake in the threads of others just the same, stimulating a creative exchange of ideas and feedback in the process.

Game developers may NOT use this thread to post job openings; If at any time they would like to announce a job opening pertinent to their game's development, they must do so within Higher Eclectic's Classifieds to alert the Network's Member Catalogue.

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