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Stay in the Know with Reviews, First Impressions, and the Early Access Report!

NeedtoKnow is a small channel comprised of Niko and Dawn, long-time gaymers dedicated to sharing indie games of all sizes, scopes, and genres (except horror >_<).

It was created *by* gamers *for* gamers and we cater to players of different skill levels from casual to hardcore. We're a friendly lot, working hand-in-hand with indie developers to make sure you don't miss those gems in the rough.

If you love all things indie, you're in the right place. 

So what makes us different?

The NeedtoKnow Early Access Report (or EAR) is a running tally of Early Access games and what they offer at the time of the report. We typically check back every couple of months to keep you on top of what changes the developer has made and whether investing your hard-earned dime seems like a good idea based on content, developer interaction with the community, and frequency/quality of updates.

We actually revisit our EARs and update them after the game has (or has not) left Early Access.
We strive to keep "abandonware" out of your library.

Follow our YouTube and Steam Curator Page to get the scoop about indie games in all states of development--particularly in Early Access.

 ❤️❤️ And remember: Stay in the Know! ❤️❤️

 - Niko & Dawn -

Steam Curator Page | NeedtoKnow Gaming
Twitter | @_NtK_Gaming
YouTube | NeedtoKnow Gaming 


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Stars in Shadow


Ram Boe


Dev Connect | Interview with Noè Lecombre of Kurb Studio (Dungeon of Zaar)


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Impressive! Welcome to the community, girls; looking forward to seeing a lot more.

-- For all things Higher Eclectic Ground.

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Thanks for inviting us! 😀

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Great  just followed on Twitter and will do on YT .


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