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The following sub-forum has been created to allow for all things of and related to the portfolio of Paul Evans, a freelance 3D prop and texture/material artist to whom Sean Braganza is providing various Management services. Of course, all official updates to his portfolio, details pertinent to his modus operandi, rates and relevant press releases will primarily be documented and centralised on his profile accessible via the Catalog (Embedded below).

That being said, Evans will be seen utilising this sub-forum to share snippets of work-in-progress, gather public opinion and engage in job/commissions related conversation with the community, all of which will transpire within his MAIN PORTFOLIO THREAD in these sub-forums.

Official updates made to the portfolio on his Space will be shared on this MAIN PORTFOLIO THREAD either directly by him or Sean Braganza, allowing for respective discussions. Those wishing to stay informed of all things related to Paul Evans' craft then are encouraged to subscribe to the same.

Additionally, followers of the artist and visitors to Higher Eclectic Ground may make use of this sub-forum to -- 

  • Provide constructive feedback and suggestions, 
  • Make & discuss specific freelance job requests related to their own game projects,

by creating New Threads. Please ensure to give these Threads a neat title and elaborate description, carefully explaining your requirements and the role you'd like for the artist to play on your game within our established Rules & Guidelines of forum etiquette. 



Paul Evans

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