Beats of Fury To Feature Rock The Rooftops, a Caleb Cuzner Composition

Beats of Fury To Feature Rock The Rooftops, a Caleb Cuzner Composition

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Video game background musician, sound designer and member to Higher Eclectic Ground’s network of independent game talent, Caleb Cuzner, is now one of five global musicians that have contributed to the Rhythmic Bullet Hell of Bubble Head Games’ upcoming Action Music game Beats of Fury.

Cuzner adds to a 13-track OST spanning the Electronic, Trap, House, EDM, Dubstep, Post-Rock, and Metal by means of Rock The Rooftops — a three-minute composition of the Heavy Metal genre that will constitute a singular level of the Rhythm Game – Bullet Hell blend.

Due for an early 2017 release, Beats of Fury is the tale of two brothers — Rock & Electronic — confronting the forces of evil musical beats over 13 levels of melodic chaos.

Each of these combine the Rhythmic genre of games with that of the Top Down shooter, tasking players to synchronise their Mouse, Keyboard or Xbox Controller assigned triggers to the barrage of enemy notes that continually fall within predetermined target areas.

Doing so successfully keeps a level’s designated electronic/rock tune going, hence challenging players to make full use of their musical sensitivities and trigger-happy tendencies in creation of what developers Bubble Head are calling the rave of the independent game scene.

This will come supplemented with local, co-operative plus online multiplayer, alongside an Endless Mode that has players compete with the rest of the world in establishing their highest in-level scores across a global leader-board.

At the core of this experience of course is an original soundtrack comprising 13 diverse musical tracks, each of which corresponds to a set level of the game. Higher Eclectic Ground’s introduction of Caleb Cuzner’s prolific portfolio of musical work to the development team as they sought a Rock-based composition earlier this year, was quick to materialise into Rock the Rooftops. 

Beats of Fury was Greenlit by the Steam Community on the 20th of October, 2016, barely ten days since its posting on Valve’s popular platform.

It has also previously garnered awards in the form of Casual Connect Europe ’16’s Best Audio Game and the Audience Choice Award at Egypt’s Run Double Jump ’16.

‘We wanted to add another dimension to how you experience music, and that’s why we are making Beats Of Fury. Thank you to everyone that has supported us so far! This is only the beginning!’ state the three-man, internationally based development team spearheaded by Egyptian Aly Ameen.

‘It was a pleasure for us to work with Caleb Cuzner, he could not only deliver all the samples that we needed on time — but also our specific needs for the track. We needed the Rock tune to possess certain features to fill a specific point in the hierarchy of the level design of the game, while also being affordable for us as a team of indie game developers.’

The collaboration with Bubble Head Games is the first Higher Eclectic Ground has helped effect for its member Caleb Cuzner, a United States based freelance audio artist that has to his name well over 900 compositions written for games, film and live performances since 2007.

A vast majority of this has been coordinated via the Game Maker Community forums through the years, wherein he often operates under the moniker of Nijgall while studying music composition at Brigham Young University, Utah.

Complementing this experience is an eloquence in a wide variety of musical genres, that he renders available to independent developers of games both commercial and non-commercial in scope.

He does so either by crafting individual tunes pertinent to the requests he receive, or by directing them towards his self-maintained library of royalty-free music.

While more on his modus operandi, his musical prowess and services continue to be recorded on his Higher Eclectic Space, a closer look at Beats of Fury and all development progress henceforth may be kept track of via Bubble Head Games’ official website.

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