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Durandal Debuts ‘Space Cruisin’ As Isle Of Bass Spotlight Ends


In conclusion of the month of February, one that saw his work featured extensively as the Isle of Bass’ music artist of the month, Deep, Dark & Minimal Dubstep musician Steve Philips Durandal debuts a snippet of Space Cruisin’ — an upcoming collaboration with fellow Dubstep producer, The Widdler. Starting its life off as a beat & baseline mix by Durandal that was sent to The Widdler to build on, Space Cruisin’ derives its name from the ‘honking sounds’ that lie within; after Durandal realized they conjured a whole ‘cruisin’ in space while bumping to some beats’ vibe. That is of course, when its not sampling the character McLovin’s ‘What’s up guys!’ from the 2007 comedy, Superbad.

The exact date or period of its release still remains highly uncertain, given the musician’s want for building hype around the track by playing it at musical events first. While the track may or may not be available as a free download later this year, members can still get in touch with Durandal should they wish to use it in any of their projects.

Introduced to Higher Eclectic Ground on the 7th of February this year, Durandal ‘s tenure within Higher Eclectic Ground thus far has brought its gaming community a rather creative selection of Minimal dubstep, ranging from Classic Horror inspired undertones to Conspiracy themed pensive tune,s each of which are available as free downloads. ‘Despite his easy going demeanour, you can really tell he takes his music very seriously,‘ states Isle of Bass co-founder Craig Evans. ‘He wants to help others just as much as others help him! And as we’ve seen & heard from him in the last month, he has very interesting ideas which he turns into music. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him!’


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As March draws in then, its time to shift the spotlight to the Isle of Bass’ next tending talent — House music infused with lovely vocals, as Evans hints — who will be making his presence known with the Community later this week. Rest assured Durandal’s Space here on Higher Eclectic will continue to exist, showcasing not only the musician’s latest compositions but also the ones featured during his spotlight tenure. Members looking to make use of any of his musical talent in their gaming projects, are always invited to get in touch with him via the same.

Durandal & his work was made available to Higher Eclectic Ground’s independent gaming community by the Isle of Bass; an independent music label promoting underground electronica from around the world. As Higher Eclectic Ground’s music partners, the label provides our independent gaming talent with access to a variety of electronic music by having us feature their most trending artists for a month. Learn more about the label & the artists featured prior by visiting their Partner’s page.

Isle of Bass’ February: Deep Dark Beginnings


With the month of January well past us, Community music partners Isle of Bass send in yet another artist to bask under February’s spotlight. And just as last month — where they spruced things up by sending the Community its first vocalist in the form of the beautiful, Kathryn MacLean — things are to turn rather eclectic with the arrival of a rather uncommon genre.

Meet Steve-Phillips Durandal, better known by his stage name, Durandal. An American music producer since 2011, while Durandal harbours both affinity & talent within the Bass & Hip-Hop genres, his biggest draw lies in Dubstep, which he infuses with a sound so specific that it transforms itself into a sub-genre not too known amidst causal EDM circles — Deep or Dark Dubstep. And yet still, that hasn’t stopped his work from picking up within a label that is known primarily for its feet-tapping EDM, Drum, Bass & traditional electronic mixes.

‘Deep Dubstep is not a genre we feature often and so naturally, I am surprised by the positive response his music has received’, explains label co-founder & executive Craig MacLeod Evans. ‘He emailed me a few years back asking to promote a remix of Six Underground’s Sneaker Pimps & our relationship grew from there. Not only did he end up bringing a few more of his friends onto the label but also caused our audience to ask for more of his style. That remix ultimately became one of his most popular tracks within the label as well.’

With Durandal’s presence on the Community of course, comes the opportunity to collaborate with him. Every Sunday until the end of February, the Isle of Bass will be bringing you one of his top original compositions to either use for your own projects or enable you to grab an understanding of his capabilities — beginning with an ode to one of classic Horror’s renowned tales, Stephen King’s Carrie.

Titled Deception, Durandal’s first exhibit on the community was part of his 2014 released, 5-track Night Terror EP — wherein every track sampled bits and pieces from the producer’s favourite horror flicks. ‘I wanted to make it deep and dark, while telling the story of Carrie’s friends deceiving her’, explains Durandal in reference to Deception.  ‘I felt like that was the best way to portray the story in her eyes.’


Intrigued? Should you wish to use this track or commission him for any Dubstep, Bass or Hip-Hop compositions for your forthcoming projects — Durandal has for himself his own Higher Eclectic Space that brings you the latest from not only his Soundcloud, but also contains all the information one would require to get in touch with him in addition to the original compositions we feature. Be sure to tune back in next week for even more Dark.

Isle of Bass is an independent music label covering genres spanning DnB, dubstep and electro, with an ideology similar to that of ours – to showcase independent talent in need of appreciation. Every month, the label brings the Community one of its most trending artists — providing our independent gaming members with access to unique electronic talent. To learn more & even learn of prior artists features, drop by the label’s Partners’ page.


The Sonic Boom; A Channel Re-Launch


This week saw our community PS4 GameTuber Zack Swader alias Sonic_X49 take to his YouTube channel to make a special video announcement – after 2 years in the running, the Sonic_X49 Channel was getting a relaunch.

The last few weeks have had Swader’s videos gaining a significant number of views than before, for which he extends his gratitude to the Community’s members for its support. His affiliation with Higher Eclectic Ground began in December last year with the intention of widening his viewer base and since then, we’ve showcased videos ranging from the Apex Online Racing Project CARS U.S GT3 Elite Series which he’s been a participant of, to headset reviews & impromptu fun. It’s interesting to note that the Sonic_X49 Channel had once begun with Swader pointing a camera at his TV Screen to shoot videos until the PS4’s Sharing feature arrived.

He seemed particularly thankful of Craig Evans – founder of independent music label and long time community partner, Isle of Bass. The Isle of Bass will now also be officially sponsoring the Sonic_X49 channel, by being the official provider of background tracks in Swader’s videos. This is not the first time the Isle of Bass has picked up sponsorship of Gaming Channels, having done so recently with community member & PlayStation 4 writer/streamer Mike Blundell’s blog & gaming channel, Mike’s Pad.

‘We’re happy to be sponsoring Zack!’, explained Evans when asked about Isle of Bass’ new-found interest in sponsoring Gaming channels. ‘IOB is always happy to help people out by providing them with music to fit their needs. Hopefully this partnership will help add to Zack’s channel and give him further creative motivation for future work!’ Besides satisfying his EDM fetish, the sponsorship will also aid Swader in avoiding any copyright issues that might crop up from his extensive us of third-party music.

Community readers might remember the mention of Swader’s new Channel avatar in member Digital Artist Kevin Andrews’ recent project announcement, A Tryst With The Humanoid. It is the very same Andrews that Swader alludes to throughout the course of his Channel relaunch video.


Subject_X49, Swader’s Avatar’s first draft from Andrews’ archive.

Unfortunately, the re-launch also brings with it the cancellation of the aforementioned Apex Online Racing Project CARS series. With Swader’s inability to switch camera angles in-game while maintaining competition and glitches breaking the ability to record suitable replays post-race, Zack had come to realize the resultant quality of the videos were far from that of what he’s striving to bring about in his current work; a point our staff had put forward in the past as well.

Regardless, it’s a big year ahead and Zack has big plans too – he promises a significant improvement in quality in the upcoming videos. While as of now he’s only pursuing making YouTube videos as a hobby, he still maintains that he strives for quality material, stating that if monetization comes along with it, it would as an added bonus. As always, one can always keep track of how that unfolds, view his prior work, pair up with him, or send in review or channel requests via his Higher Eclectic Space here on the community.

Also feel free to leave him your thoughts on his work in the comments below.

Isle of Bass’ January: The Voice of Kathryn MacLean


One of our oldest partnerships is that with the Isle of Bass, an independent music label covering genres spanning DnB, dubstep and electro, with an ideology similar to that of ours – to showcase independent talent in need of appreciation. Founded in 2012 by music enthusiasts Craig Evans and Grant MacDonald, the Isle of Bass has garnered an audience of over 10,000 across social media, and featured almost 500 artists to date.

The collaboration began with this Video Game Community’s best interests in mind – the Isle of Bass would provide the Community’s game developers and game related media creators with access to unique indie music talent, to help with tasks from composing original background scores to simply providing royalty free music for use in YouTube videos and Game trailers.

Over the two months since, the collaboration has brought the community tracks by one EDM musician Ghost With Paranoia and Acid Jazz musician Tanko. This year however, we kicked things off with a vocalist, Kathryn MacLean, as a breath of fresh air and boy, was it a fun month!

Evans put us in touch with MacLean, a Scottish singer-songwriter and definitely no stranger to the underground music scene. She’d already lent her voice to countless tracks prior making selecting her top four tracks to be featured during the month, quite the task. Regardless, as her tenure on the Community as an Isle of Bass featured artist came to an end earlier this week, we thought it best to give you a quick rundown of her showcased creations thus far.

A track by Dead:Lung, a Malvern based dubstep producer, was chosen as her first. An electronic track infused with melodic 8-bit sounds, she also wrote the lyrics on this one.



Electro-Light and Ragequit’s ‘Fire’ was the follow-up track; a fast paced tune with a ‘chill’ drop, and some great melodic work by Ragequit.



What Could Have Been
An energetic electro house collaboration between MacLean and EDM producer Aerodynamic.



The Edge
An EDM track, again by Electro-Light, that MacLean had recorded vocals for. It was the first track she had a hand in — that reached a million views.



‘Kathryn’s vocals give every track a unique twist!’, explains Evans when asked about his experiences working with MacLean under the label. ’I’ve been sent music before, listened to it and immediately thought “I know that voice” and it turns out to be hers. It is just a shame that she isn’t always credited correctly for the work that she does. I hope one day that vocals is something she can do full time as it is something she is excellent at!’

MacLean’s Higher Eclectic Space of course will continue to exist, meaning should any of our members wish to use her voice in any of her creations – a quick overview of her work, social media profiles and contact details can be accessed via said Space.

In the meantime, Evans tells us that he’s hard at work on singling out the Isle of Bass’ next artist to be showcased within the community for February. When asked for a hint of what’s coming up, he teased, ‘Quite possibly House music with lush vocals or the deep dark side of Dubstep!’

As always, to keep in tune with how that develops, learn more of the Isle of Bass, prior artists and even get in touch with them, drop by their Partner’s page.