Sean Braganza


Hidden Layer’s Inmost Atmospheric Platformer Announced


What’s common to a Knight in shining armor, a Creature that eats pain for breakfast and an overly inquisitive Stranger?

When Do We Leave For Mars, Desert Child?


For a while Oscar Brittain seemed content with a slice of the World’s Fastest Pizza, banana milkshakes and beaches until he decided to step into Indiecade @ E3, 2017.

A Hired Drifter, a Delusional Cabbie and a German Lawyer Walk Into Mnemon City


If you’re interests fall anywhere within the domains of John Wick, Drive, Hotline Miami, Super Meat Boy or Yakuza, you’ll feel right at home with Delusional.

UnderMine’s Reveal Trailer Doesn’t UnderMine The Fun


A tale of gold-mining peasants working to overthrow the yoke of despotism they find themselves under.

Can Sergio Leone Help El Hijo Find Ma?


Spaghetti? The Wild West? Stealth?

What ARE You, One Zero Three?


When the trailer to One Zero Three came out last month, I refrained from talking about it until a later date simply because I didn’t have very much to say although I did have much to say.

Granny’s on Holiday, Bring Out the Garden Paws!


As one who’s poured countless hours on the likes of Runescape in its heyday I can sort of see the appeal in Garden Paws.

This Remote May Have Turned Socketeer, but it Still Can’t Shoot


WHAT Space Station Stronghold? And why would I need to venture deep into its corridors?

When Roadkill Robs Your Homework, Lunch on Little Bug


I’m not sure who’s to blame here.

The Commission: OC Replaces Prohibition Era Glitz With Turn-Based Numbers


In The Commission: OC, there’s no immigrant getting off a boat to throw New York’s boroughs into disarray.