All you need to know about Higher Eclectic Ground’s curated network for independent video game talent.



What is Higher Eclectic Ground?

Founded in August, 2015 and operated ever since by Sean Braganza, Higher Eclectic Ground is a curated network of independent developers and artists involved in the creation of Video Games and Video Game related media. These independent creators are inclusive of but not restricted to –

Game Developers
Audio/Music Artists
2D/3D Artists

This Network’s Role – 


Towards Affiliated Games & Their Developers

Primarily involves the provision of highly personalised Public Relations(PR), Quality Assurance(QA) and general Press-centric services with the goal of functioning and operating as the PR department of their development teams.


Towards Affiliated Freelance Creators of Gaming Media

Entails playing their agent, helping them build a web-presence around their respective crafts and working to garner them freelance employment opportunities within the gaming industry.

Game Releases Higher Eclectic Ground Has Previously Worked On

Modus Operandi



In meticulously embedding itself to the development teams of games from their prototype/alpha stages of creation, Higher Eclectic Ground is seen utilising the entirety of its Network of independent gaming talent to provide  —

  • Layered, Progressively Developed Public Relations

The core of this support lies in first establishing a professional web-based presence for games attached to its Network, enabling potential customers, the press and other industry professionals to follow their progress with ease.

This is achieved via Higher Eclectic Spaces — dedicated profiles constructed by the Network for each of its affiliated games. Besides dynamically stating a game’s mission statement, features and status at any instance of time, these minimally styled personalised Spaces serve as development diaries and eventual press-kits for their respective projects.

Immersing itself first hand in the creation process of every game, Higher Eclectic maintains all responsibility of curating these Spaces — making periodic updates in the form of blog styled posts that served to keep followers apprised and involved in progress at all times.

  • Organic Building Of An Audience & Press Network

By methodically communicating these progress reports across its own constantly growing web and social media based subscriber base, social media communities, targeted public forums, various PR bulletins and gaming outlets, Higher Eclectic further focuses on the building of productive mailing lists throughout the games’ life cycles.

Individual relationships are formed and maintained with each constituent member of these mailing lists there from, while dedicated threads across its own Forum for independent gaming talent enable the inter-personal communication of each affiliated game’s developers, their growing followers and the press.

  • Social Media & Web Based Advice

Higher Eclectic Ground often takes the reins of social media pages and blogs maintained by its affiliated games, providing key feedback, tips and well-documented strategies to ensure developers maintain a quality presence of their own on popular social platforms and blogs.

  • QA Feedback & Testing

Besides offering confidential yet constructive feedback, proof-reading/formulating documents such as publisher or crowdfunding campaign pitches, and carefully testing various builds of each game to help optimise final products from a gaming standpoint, Higher Eclectic also assists in mobilising the rest of its member base towards setting up contests, giveaways, closed alpha/beta sessions and more.

  •  Networking Opportunities

Thanks to the presence of other freelance industry professionals within the Network, developers can easily meet their art, audio and related needs should the same crop up at any stage of the production process.

Freelance Creators of Gaming Related Media

By playing agent to a variety of verified, independent industry professionals involved in the creation of gaming related media such as that of art and audio, Higher Eclectic Ground further strives to nurture the game development process by linking artists to potential clients.

  • Professional Managed, Personalised Portfolios

Higher Eclectic Ground’s affiliated freelance talent is provided with personalised, relevantly structured portfolios akin to the Higher Eclectic Spaces offered to its affiliated game projects — all of which  are categorically classified in an intuitive Member Catalogue.

Dynamically maintained, these Spaces periodically record artists’ independent creations both old and new in a way that serves to provide insight into their thought, creative and work processes at all times.

  • Job Postings, Representation & Classifieds

Higher Eclectic Ground periodically networks with potential collaborators and prospective employers within the industry through a variety of means — sharing with them the portfolios of its media creators in an attempt to set-up partnership.

Linking both parties and monitoring all ensuing discussion as soon as interest is expressed, the Network also makes regular advertisements of its artists’ availability across a variety of channels.

  • Audience & Press Network Building

Dedicated portfolio threads on the Higher Eclectic Forums, curated mailing lists and the constant beaming out of portfolio updates to the press, the Network’s web plus social media based subscribers, targeted social media communities and other classifieds, further enables every member artist to tap into Higher Eclectic Ground’s game development audience.

What’s more, complimentary press-based coverage is also provided to successful collaborators/employers of Higher Eclectic’s freelance talent — highlighting both both the scope/status of the latter’s game projects and the artist’s contributions to the same.