Welcome to Higher Eclectic Ground.

I’m Sean Braganza, a 23-year young Computer Engineer, that takes special joy in exploring and writing about video games as opposed to physically programming them.

Since August, 2015, I’ve combined this passion for virtual exploration, creative writing and a native command over the English language to provide a variety of community management/public relations services to independent game developers and freelancing media creators, under the Higher Eclectic moniker.

Should you wish to learn more about me and my services, I encourage you to pick through the links below.


Contained in the News & Notes section are important announcements pertinent to Higher Eclectic Ground’s evolution and the games I’ve contributed to/am contributing to in various PR/Community Management capacities.

In addition, developers that successfully collaborate with the media creators I manage are also provided with complementary news coverage throughout their projects’ cycles – highlighting various milestones, development history and the contributions of these artists – all of which can be seen therein.

The Features section is more so reserved for introductions to new additions to Higher Eclectic Ground and other special reports (reviews/previews) on the games I contribute to.


The Catalog provides a complete overview of the freelancing media creators I’m currently affiliated to as Manager, along with a list of games I’ve providing/am providing Public Relations and Community maintenance support to.

The Games – Active/Games – Completed tabs should help with the latter.

Sorting and clicking through any of the freelance professionals listed will yield a centralised profile of their services, portfolio of work, professional history and the nature of our relationship. If you’d like to collaborate with any of these professionals on your own game projects, a Contact Form present on their profiles should enable you to get in touch.

Similarly, clicking through any of the games’ profiles will provide a portal to their descriptions, development history/status, the press coverage I’ve brought them and an elaborate breakdown of my contributions along with any recommendations made by the developers themselves.

Should you feel like following these freelance creators and/or games I’m actively contributing to more closely as a journalist or enthusiast, a mailing list is maintained on each profile for you to sign up to.


Here you’ll find not only threads dedicated to the games and media creators Higher Eclectic Ground is affiliated to, but also space for you to share your own projects/services, interact with the others and build communities around your craft.

Updates and noteworthy content from members’ threads often make their way across Higher Eclectic Ground’s social media channels, so don’t hesitate to jump in!



The Press Room holds every press release issued by Higher Eclectic Ground in relation to its affiliated media creators and affiliated games, while also linking to the forums it maintains profiles on and the gaming news outlets I commonly associate with.


Higher Eclectic Ground stays active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram with not just blurbs from the games/freelancers I’m working with, but with snippets from interesting independent game projects I encounter online on a daily basis.

I’d love for you to join me on either and hope you find value in my contributions.