Welcome to Higher Eclectic Ground.

I’m Sean Braganza, a 24-year young Computer Engineer, that takes special joy in writing of and about video games as opposed to physically programming them.

Since August, 2015, I’ve combined this passion for virtual exploration, creative writing and a native command over the English language to provide a variety of written, editorial, community and PR management oriented support to artists/developers of games, under the Higher Eclectic moniker.

Should you wish to learn more about me and my services, I encourage you to pick through the links below.


The Catalog  predominantly functions as a portfolio of my workproviding a complete overview of my present and prior clientele with relevant tabs helping navigate through a list of game developers, artists and musicians.

Sorting and clicking through any of the listed games’/projects’ illustrates in detail my contributions and content created (dev-logs, press releases, social media posts etc.) for each.

Similarly the profiles of each freelance professional listed operate as professional multimedia portfolios maintained by myself. If you’d like to collaborate with any of these professionals on your own game projects, a Contact Form present on their profiles should enable you to get in touch.



Contained in the News & Notes section are important announcements pertinent to the games, teams and individuals I’ve come to be associated with over the years.

Developers that successfully collaborate with the artists I represent are provided with complementary coverage throughout their projects’ cycles – highlighting milestones, development history and the contributions of these artists – all of which can be seen listed therein.

The Features section is more so reserved for other special editorials relevant to my clientele.



The Press Room holds every press release issued by myself in relation to my clientele, while also linking to the forums I haunt and the media outlets I commonly associate with.



Lastly, I stay active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram with not just blurbs from the games/artists I’m working with, but with snippets from non-affiliated independent game projects that pique my interest on a daily basis.

I’d love for you to join me on either and hope you find value in my contributions.