A Tryst With The Humanoid

A Tryst With The Humanoid


Post two intricately crafted Graphic Art projects in quick succession back in October-November last year, community member and digital artist Kevin Andrews had dropped off the radar — resurfacing only intermittently to put on display his written prowess via prompt-based Short Stories.

This momentary break, was largely brought about by the large number of private portrait requests (viewable on his Instagram) from friends & peers that had inundated his personal agenda. Notable among these requests, was that by community member and PlayStation YouTuber Zack Swader alias Sonic_X49, which had Andrews construct an Avatar for the YouTuber’s online persona.

Subject X49


The Avatar, christened Subject_X49 by Andrews, sought to encapsulate the best of Swader’s Video Game streaming personality while also deriving from Sonic The Hedgehog’s characteristic traits; notice the large ears and facial structure. By the end of it though, Andrews confessed that he had pretty much reached a ‘burn out’ phase with his true-to-life portraits — suggesting that it would indeed be a healthy amount of time before he returned to taking requests on the same.

Halfway through Swader’s request though, Andrews jumped back to doing what he did best — challenging himself to a Graphic Art projects centred on a subject he hadn’t dabbled in before; that of Steampunk, Cyborg and Dystopian art based humanoid robots.


Patchwork Companion – WIP #1, uploaded 22nd January ’16.

Inspired by the works of Deviants begemott and bluefley, the Art project — titled Patchwork Companion — will have Kevin take his time through a multitude of weeks, constructing what he describes his first ever attempt at designing a humanoid robot.

‘I’ve Never done things like cybernetic parts before so… it’s slow going’, he adds. ‘I’m probably gonna watch a million speedpaints and tutorials on the subject on the way there.’ The project’s Album on the Community’s Facebook page in the interim, has been set up and will document Patchwork’s development over the forthcoming weeks. To keep track of its progress then, be sure to keep stopping by Andrews’ Higher Eclectic Art Space, which also holds previous art and written projects showcased by him within the community.

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