June 2018

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Fart or Flight? Pixel.lu Wants Your September Spent Doing Both


I found pixel.lu making some rather odd jokes on Facebook the other day and really, I do not for a moment question where Sigi gets his from.

Must I Borrow an Oculus for Synth Riders?


There are days however when I wish I did and yet, of what use would it be?

I Like You, MindSeize, But You Need to Tell Me More


As one unassuming Facebook prowler commented, another Metroidvania?

And What Would You Like to Know About the Orphan Age?


Studio Black Flag is in fact doing quite a fair bit more than play upon the world orphanage.

HyperParasite DevLog #4 – The Parasite Has Officially Infected Our Xbox One, Nintendo Switch


Here’s your first look at a very different beast.

Post-Modern Seraphim Are Coming to The PlayStation


Attempt to decipher Seraphim and you will, most likely, be met with terms akin to nebulous, cosmic, celestial and astral.

Victorian-era Brimstone Brawlers is Hunting for Early Interest Alpha Testers


Full of industry, fear and an assortment of peculiar characters roaming its streets with a very keen interest in getting into fights.

Urtuk: The Desolation Previews Dark, Tactical Combat in First Demo


The low-fantasy tag doesn’t mean it speaks of elves or dragons either. Rather giants, now extinct.

Let’s Get Armaura off Eagle Island This Year, Yeah?


Anything promising a breath of fresh air this week is likely to grab my attention.

Grimshade Settles on Ree’Fah


What makes Grimshade’s unusual setting ‘unusual’ as Talerock Studio touts it to be?