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Play The HyperParasite Prototype on

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The preliminary build of Troglobytes Games’ upcoming frantic, rogue-lite SHMUP is now available for free.

Letting players operate as a body-snatching organism in a dystopian rendition of the 1980s, the action-packed prototype offers access to –

  • Downtown, a fully-playable level that randomly differs in layout with every play-through.
  • Eight Playable Characters to Body-Snatch. Wield bats, bottles, rifles and explosives as you wage all-out war against martial law.
  • Unlockable Levels, Secrets & Future Add-ons. Currently inclusive of one hidden level and multiple items to discover.
  • Hi-Res Cover Artwork & an Original Synth-wave Soundtrack. Featuring Guerilla and Space Marine by Mr. Reeves.

Despite not being representative of the complete HyperParasite experience, the prototype’s purpose is that of encouraging player involvement in the game’s ongoing production process.

‘The prototype will progressively be updated with playable characters, collectibles and an assortment of game-play features that we as a team will be mulling over henceforth,’ states Lead Developer Luciano Iurino, addressing retro-SHMUP enthusiasts and game developers alike.

‘We’ll naturally need your feedback more than ever during this period; being avid users of the platform ourselves, is the perfect means to provide you with early access.’ 

Not ruling out the possibility of Steam Early Access preceding the game’s full release next year, the team prefers to consider the same only once HyperParasite’s more advanced game-play features are implemented in their entirety.

Following multiple event appearances through the course of this year, the game’s core mechanics continue to be worked upon as focus shifts towards implementing local co-operative game-play support.

‘We intend for HyperParasite as a SHMUP to be played with friends, and trust that co-op will only enhance the current prototype experience,’ affirms Iurino.

Graphical assets are also being reworked, with major character design updates expected over the forthcoming weeks.

Those wishing to download the HyperParasite prototype and partake in its going development, are encouraged to leave the development team with regular feedback and/or queries on its, Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram pages.

For a complete kit of images/GIF’s from HyperParasite, social media profile links and other media, visit the game’s profile here on Higher Eclectic Ground. For any additional press/media enquiries, or to request addition to the game’s mailing list, please e-mail

About HyperParasite

A top-down, rogue-lite shoot ‘em up at its core, HyperParasite pays homage to an era that developer Troglobytes Games considers itself heavily influenced by.

With players picking up the titular role of a parasitic organism bent on world domination –

  • Being able to dynamically snatch and switch between the bodies of nearly every weapon-wielding Homo sapien they encounter, ensures bullet hell almost never ceases.
  • Persistent wit and dexterity is demanded with multiple character classes to consume, host-specific abilities to exploit and a skill-based progression system to overcome.
  • HyperParasite takes its rogue-lite mechanics very seriously. Procedurally generated levels, multiple game-play objectives, gruelling waves of enemies, deranged bosses and perma-death make it nigh-impossible to beat in a single run.
  • All while Troglobytes’ in-house dungeon-generation technology, Vania, ensures the seamless randomisation of visuals, sub-levels & secrets.

HyperParasite will also feature local co-operative multiplayer, letting players cherish its characters, urban legends, items and pop-culture references with a mullet-wielding friend. In development for a late 2018 release on PC and Consoles.

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About Troglobytes Games

Troglobytes is a small independent video-game development studio based in sunny Southern Italy, founded by both veterans and young talents.

As every developer should, it loves both playing and making video games, going so far as to maintain an original arcade gaming cabinet at its HQ to return to for repeated inspiration.

Its mission is to create innovative, high-quality games across a variety of platforms using the latest in technology, while focusing on storytelling and aesthetics.

Additionally, the team’s members are known to frequently take on freelance contracts and outsourced projects within the industry; from game design to 2D/3D artwork & animation, a complete roster of the titles they’ve contributed to so far can be seen on the studio’s website.

HyperParasite is being worked upon by Troglobytes Games’ core members in association with select external collaborators. Besides being a certified Playstation® developer, the studio is also a part of Microsoft’s ID@Xbox Program.

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Sniper Rust VR Demo Now Available on Steam, Oculus Store

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A demo of Zatun Games Studio’s virtual reality sharpshooting experience, Sniper Rust VR, is now playable via the Steam and Oculus digital marketplaces for free.

Functioning as an elite marksman employed by a covert Agency, players are called to embark on a first-person campaign against an armed militia uprising across international borders. The complete, 18-level Sniper Rust VR adventure features –

  • An Immersive Virtual Reality Experience, with up to four uniquely designed, photorealistic environments to explore.
  • Realistic Weaponry. Each mission begins with one of four real-world guns, locked and loaded with special features.
  • Adaptive Enemy AI. Diverse enemy classes, well-concealed snipers, air/group assaults and traps behind enemy lines make every level a challenge.
  • An Easy Learning Curve. A Sniper Training Area keeps Sniper Rust VR fun to play, minus the nausea and dizziness associated with VR games.
  • An Action-packed Soundtrack of intense orchestral sounds for thrilling, edge-of-your-seat action sequences.

Sniper Rust VR is due for an 8th December 2017 release compatible with the Oculus Rift virtual reality system. Serving to gather user feedback as finishing touches to the full game are implemented, the demo meanwhile includes a singular game-play level with the rest of its features unlocked.

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‘Zatun began work on Sniper Rust VR in the month of January this year when we first got out hands on the Oculus device.’ states CEO Abhinav Chokhavatia.

‘We were already working on a mobile version of Sniper Rust at the time.  With no sharpshooting VR games available and Oculus tech. being relatively new, we believed creating a virtual reality version would be a good idea.’

Also in active development, the mobile version of Sniper Rust will differ largely from its VR counterpart in terms of offered level design, game-play modes, enemy AI and player arsenal. An official announcement of its upcoming release is due soon.

As a freelance content writer, Sean Braganza assisted in the creation of multiple game descriptions of varying character lengths for Sniper Rust VR’s Steam and Oculus store pages in the month of August, 2017.

For images, videos and additional information, please visit Sniper Rust VR’s profile here on Higher Eclectic Ground. Press inquiries meanwhile may be forwarded to biz[at]zatun[dot]com.

About Zatun

Based out of Gujarat, India, Zatun is an award-winning mobile, VR, and cross-platform game development/art studio.

It offers external art production and game development services across multiple genres and platforms, including but not limited to PC, mobile and Virtual Reality devices.

In addition, its own stylized, innovative and award-winning IP’s are enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. Visit the company’s profile for an illustrative overview of projects, clientele, and game releases.