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Daath Origins, Sci-Fi Space Opera Arrives September 15th, 2017 On Steam


Through this month and the next, I’m assisting Black Lodge Games, LLC with the PR and Community development of its upcoming Steam release Daath Origins.

Set over a millenium in the future, Daath Origins is an open world, space RPG that places humanity under the clutches of a totalitarian alien rule.

Players find themselves as the captain of an Earth-life sustaining starship, with over a million souls that have escaped to forge a path of their own among the stars.

With a massive 36-sector galaxy, 500 handcrafted planets, over 75 playable quests and infinite strange encounters to explore the game is coming to Windows PC’s on the 15th of September.

It will also feature a 31-track OST and a physical Collector’s Edition, all developed by a single sci-fi nut, father and programmer by the name of Jeff Quindell. And really, that’s only scratching the surface.

A profile for the game has now been set up on the Catalog, which should provide one with a complete overview of the game’s setting, features and various other aspects.

Besides any development/post-release progress during my tenure on the game, the profile will also document my contributions to Daath Origins — press releases, coverage and/or similar. Should you choose to stay updated, be it as an RPG enthusiast or member of the press, I encourage you to sign up for e-mail updates via the profile or follow Daath Origins on the forums.

I can also be reached for any media queries pertinent to the same via e-mail. Will you be playing Daath Origins on release? What of its open world adventure appeals to you the most? Don’t forget to let loose in the comments after visiting Daath Origins here on Higher Eclectic Ground.