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Announcing The Higher Eclectic Forums – Now Open

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Higher Eclectic Ground commences a new year of operations with the public unveiling and opening of its Forums. Created primarily to facilitate the interaction between its own affiliated game development & freelance talent, their audience of press outlets and other gaming enthusiasts, the Higher Eclectic Forums also invite game developers and other creators of gaming media to set up shop therein; interact, discover creativity and promote your own.

Conceived over the summer of 2015, the Network for independent game talent that is Higher Eclectic Ground functions by providing an array of PR and QA based services to independent developers of games, also playing agent to freelance gaming talent in the form of Musicians, Writers, 2D/3D Artists & more by working to garner them exposure and employment opportunities within the industry.

While nearly two years of this public activity have been spread out over numerous game development-oriented and social media platforms with this website at its core, all of Higher Eclectic Ground’s inter-member interaction, discussions and network-related announcements have since been centralised within a dedicated Facebook group called The Higher Eclectic Bulletin.

The onset of 2017 however has initiated several updates to the Network’s general policy, modus operandi and web presence, with the addition of a dedicated public forum to its daily functioning being the current highlight. As has been the norm, all of Higher Eclectic Ground’s presently affiliated game development and freelance talent is indexed within the intuitive Member Catalogue.

Each listing within this Catalogue directs to a Higher Eclectic Space; Spaces being dedicated pages/profiles maintained by Higher Eclectic Ground for members, that serve as dynamic press-kits for its game developers by integrating all development progress and other public/social information associated with their games’ activity in one place — and as dynamic portfolios/curriculum vitae’s for its freelance talent that the Network uses in interactions with potential clients and collaborators.

Now, each Higher Eclectic member’s Space additionally links to a dedicated Sub-Forum allocated to themGame Developers maintain within their Sub-Forums a MAIN DEVELOPMENT THREAD for their games, that they now use to document all official & unofficial progress, events, announcements and development activity. Followers & members of the press may further interact with these developers by creating their own threads of queries within the respective sub-forums.

Similarly, video game musicians, 2D/3D artists and writers affiliated to the Network maintain MAIN PORTFOLIO THREADS within their own sub-forums, narrating their creative processes while inviting potential clients to reach out to them via the same. Game Developers further looking to work with specific freelance talent on a project or fill positions on their teams may let Higher Eclectic Ground know of their job openings via the Classifieds Sub-Forum.

Take note however, that activity on the Forums is not limited to Higher Eclectic Ground’s members alone. Non-affiliated independent game developers may set up threads to document the progress of their games, artists to exhibit their portfolios of video game creations, YouTubers/Twitch Gamers to build communities around their channels and even independent game journalists to create constructive discussion.

To get started, one may simply head to highereg.com/forums, register themselves and navigate to the sub-forum of their choosing. Sticky posts therein should instruct one with the typical forum guidelines on how to get started.

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Other notable additions to the website include a newly established Press Room — consolidating all of Higher Eclectic Ground’s press activity and information in one place — and an updated About page that more clearly describes the Network’s current purpose, portfolio of work and modus operandi. Several member-related shifts in policy are to further transpire over the course of the following year, leading Higher Eclectic Ground to temporarily halt the acceptance and consideration of all applications for membership until further notice.

While all existing applicants have been personally informed of the same, feel free to periodically check in on when the application process does resume via our Contact page or our sub-forum for official/unofficial network related announcements. Thank you for your continued support; here’s wishing you the very best of gaming creativity for 2017.